Update: Computer Virus Stops Sun-Sentinel




Hurricanes didn’t stop the presses at the Sun-Sentinel.  Neither did a fire in the printing plant.

But a computer virus kept Saturday’s paper from being printed. The same virus hit other Tribune Publishing newspapers across the country.

“The issue has affected the timeliness and in some cases the completeness of our printed newspapers,” Tribune Publishing spokeswoman Marisa Kollias told the Chicago Tribune. “Our websites and mobile applications, however, have not been impacted.”

The company contacted the FBI about the attack, which caused two California papers to fail to print their Saturday editions, and other papers to produce slimmer editions than is usual.

Check out a replica of today’s Sun-Sentinel’s:


 You won’t see it in print until tomorrow when it is scheduled to be delivered along with Sunday’s paper.

The virus that hit the Sun-Sentinel infected some of the editing software and the phone lines. Apparently out of service were the circulation phone lines, which complicated explaining the problem to home delivery customers.



The virus “is attacking” the paper’s Windows-based servers and an email to staffers identified four software applications that were affected in the newsroom, but “there are likely more.”

Note the words “is attacking” in the lunchtime email, indicating the problem was ongoing at that time.

The Chicago Tribune reported at 6:35 PM Eastern Time that the computer problems still weren’t resolved.

The New York Times distributed in Southeast Florida, which is printed in the Sun-Sentinel’s Deerfield Beach plant, was also affected. Saturday’s New York Times will also be distributed Sunday in Southeast Florida.

The Times did a better job of informing customers. The following e-mail was sent at dawn:

Dear Subscriber,

Today’s copy of The New York Times will be delivered tomorrow, Sunday, December 30, 2018, for the following reason:

Production Issues Printing Today’s Paper

We apologize for any delay and thank you for your patience.

If we can be of further assistance, please contact us at 800-NYTIMES (698-4637) or visit us at myaccount.nytimes.com.

The New York Times
Customer Service



I worked at the Fort Lauderdale News, which became the Sun-Sentinel, starting in the 1970s.  This is the first time I can remember the paper missing a day.

That spotless record includes when a deadly fire broke out in the pressroom on deadline. But, of course, that was before everything was run by computers.

The Sun-Sentinel’s statement ran on Twitter at roughly 11 a.m. It suggested that readers go to Sun-Sentinel.com to read the paper.







12 Responses to “Update: Computer Virus Stops Sun-Sentinel”

  1. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    This is PROGRESS?

  2. No Sun-Sentinel says:

    Who would notice? Does anybody still get the print paper?

  3. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    I get the print paper everyday.I was surprised the Sun Sentinel was not at my convience store this am.Anyhow things happen.365 days a year is pretty good record.

  4. Who cares? says:

    Who cares if they cannot print the paper? They do not allow comments anymore which further removes them from the local scene.

  5. Mexico will pay for if says:

    Hmmm…they have one job to do, to print a paper and they can’t even do that adequately. And their solution? Today’s news will be there soon, in fact hang in there, you’ll get it tomorrow. Good thing this wasn’t a drive-thru restaurant! They forgot part of your order… don’t worry they’ll set it aside and you can get it tomorrow. Who cares if it’s a day old as long as it’s what you ordered right?

    Funny how they’re so quick to heap criticism on Sheriff Israel and on Runcie for their click-bait, self serving agenda and yet they’re the ones who continue to fail miserably at their job. I mean these days who runs a newspaper without adequate, top of the line anti-virus software that a virus can literally bring the paper to its knees?

  6. Ron Gunzburger says:

    It was a malicious foreign cyberattack that hit many major newspapers across the nation. The weak link seems to have been the Tribune company and all the papers they own/print.



    Thank you, Ron. This is the best story I’ve read on the attack, maybe because the LA Times is no longer a Tribune newspaper but still uses their production software.

  7. Dan Ablett says:

    Hi Buddy, I am in Coconut Creek. I did not get any papers delivered today (SUNDAY)…they must still be having a problem.

  8. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Mr Gunzburger’s n Mr Nevins’ reference to the Los Angeles Times solid article should scare the Hell out of American printing plants. There should be a SERIOUS discussion within AND INDUSTRY whether n how much computerization is REALLY necessary. To have huge machinery SOLELY DEPENDANT ON SYSTEMS THAT CAN BE HIJACKED never made sense to me.

  9. All the news fit to print says:

    whole new meaning to “Stop the presses”!
    Miami Herald had issues today and emailed all that print editions will be late to subscribers. Not a print edition of MH at newstand/retailers today in Broward.
    If s-s prints NYT do they also print the WSJ?

  10. Floridan says:

    Perhaps the five billion Trump wants for a wall would be more wisely used to strengthen our defenses against cyber attacks.

  11. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    #10 is RIGHT but UNLESS SOME CYBER Protection firm HIRES EC SENATORS n CONGRESSMEN you know nothing will get done!

  12. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Alone of all US City newspapers the Sun Sentinel website is NOT AVAILABLE IN EUROPE! Ft Lauderdale gets its LARGEST FOREIGN INVESTMENT N TOURIST RESIDENTS FROM THERE!