Breaking News Releases: Broward Heath Officials Indicted with Violating Florida’s Sunshine Law





Dec. 12 , 2017

Fort Lauderdale, FL : On Thursday, December 7, 2017, the Broward County Grand Jury, July through December 2017 term, indicted several members of the North Broward Hospital District (dba Broward Health) Board of Commissioners for violations of Florida’s Sunshine Law. Broward Health Board Chairman Rocky Rodriguez, Commissioner Christopher Ure, former Commissioner Linda Robison, and Broward Health Interim CEO/President and former Commissioner Beverly Capasso were each indicted on two counts of violations of the Florida Sunshine Law and one count of Conspiracy to violate the Florida Sunshine Law. Broward General Counsel Lynn Barrett was indicted on one count of Solicitation to violate the Florida Sunshine Law and Conspiracy to v iolate the Florida Sunshine Law.

  • Count I of the Indictment alleges that the four commissioners met out of the public eye through conduits or intermediaries to hold defacto meetings at a hotel, restaurant, and/or by telephone to discuss a “reportable event” allegedly committed by then North Broward Hospital District Interim CEO/President Pauline Grant, prior to the District’s December 1, 2017 Special Board Meeting
  • Count II of the Indictment alleges that the four commissioners violated the Sunshine Law at the December 1, 2016 Special Board Meeting by not properly noticing to the public the proposition and action they took regarding the termination of Pauline Grant
  • Count III of the Indictment alleges that General Counsel Lynn Barrett solicited the commissioners to violate the Florida Sunshine Law.
  • Count IV of the Indictment alleges that the General Counsel and the Commissioners conspired to violate the Florida Sunshine Law.
All of the charges in the Indictment are 2nd degree misdemeanors . Each count carries a maximum penalty up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. The case is being prosecuted by members of the Special Prosecutions and Public Corruption Unit.



Constance Simmons


Kristi Grimm

/ Broward State Attorney’s Office /


Media Statement From Robert A. Butterworth and Roberto Martínez regarding action taken by the Broward County State Attorney

This is the most misguided prosecution we have ever seen.

 Instead of protecting the new management and commissioners at the North Broward Health District, who have been intimidated and harassed while coop- erating with federal and state law enforcement officers to root out corruption and violations of the federal health care laws, the State Attorney’s Office (SAO) allowed itself to be manipulated by the very same people who were replaced because of their mismanagement and corruption. The SAO deliberately disregarded the reports of the federally mandated Independent Review Organization issued to the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services describing the pattern of obstruction and other potential viola- tions of the laws by some former executives and commissioners.
 This deeply flawed investigation was predetermined, biased, and manipulated from the start.
The SAO’s professed interest about enforcing the Sunshine Laws is contradicted by its refusal to subpoena the most critical witness to the grand jury that has essential exculpatory evidence about defendants’ compliance with the Sunshine Laws.
All the defendants are innocent and will be exonerated at the trial.

Robert A. Butterworth, Counsel for North Broward Hospital District (former Florida Attorney General)

Roberto Martínez, Counsel for Lynn Barrett (former U. S. Attorney for South Florida)

Scott Richardson, Counsel for Beverly Capasso

Bruce Lyons, Counsel for Rocky Rodriguez


9 Responses to “Breaking News Releases: Broward Heath Officials Indicted with Violating Florida’s Sunshine Law”

  1. Doctor Joe says:

    Governor Scott must clean house and throw all of them out. Barrett is the biggest offender here because she is supposed to advise them on the law.

  2. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Listen to Atty.Buttetworth .It is you that state your clients charges are not warranted.Good luck in court convincing a jury.My take give all mentioned above 30 days in the county jail and they give up their comm.seats and vow to never go into a Broward Health establishments.That is what i would recommend Mr.Butterworth(he.s name makes me hungry)to your clients.Same suit Lyons as well.Robert Walsh..

  3. Ira the Alcoholic says:

    Lynn, I told you this would happen. You are going to receive a lot of self serving direction masquerading as advice. Beware. My suggestion is to trade up what you have on Myla, Billy and the Foley firm.

  4. Charlotte Greenbarg says:


  5. Cover up says:

    “same people who were replaced because of their mismanagement and corruption“ David DiPietro?

    Come on, looks like Satz gave a pass to another crony. I am sure this has nothing to do with DiPietro being a former employee, campaign donor and friend of Satz. The guy resigned in the face of a corruption investigation and we are supposed to believe he is innocent?

    Where was the investigation into DiPietro and the Zimmerman 10 mil no bid contract? How about all the money Zimmerman donated to Judge DiPietro’s campaign after the contract, coincidence? Satz gave a pass on that as well. No quid pro quo? Come on

  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

    “The case is being prosecuted by members of the Special Prosecutions and Public Corruption Unit.”

    Mike Satz’s SPPC Unit is very well known for bestowing immunity upon those who fully deserve prosecution but are just too politically connected to actually be prosecuted. Also very well known for conducting show trials in which bumbling, incompetent prosecutors make so many mistakes that the corrupt public official easily escapes conviction. And in the unlikely event that anyone does get convicted (incompetent defense attorney, etc.), they almost always happily walk away with a gentle slap on the wrist.

    So the grand pretense begins yet again, still another episode of smoke and mirrors aimed at creating an ersatz appearance of illusory corruption-fighting, and destined as always for yet another abject failure. Yet again we will hear it: a courtroom tale told by a gang of idiots, full of sound and fury… signifying nothing.

  7. John deGroot says:

    The red light shining from the front porch of former Florida AG Bob Butterworth’s Hollywood mansion has nothing to do with Christmas.
    Horror is, I once pimped for the bum.

  8. John deGroot says:

    All of which makes this former newspaper man, little more than a tired old political whore.
    Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

  9. Inquisitive says:

    Too bad that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in bed with Gov. Rick Scott. If they weren’t the truth about the 21 century continued contract would come out.

    Do you think the Gov will permit the indicted Board to choose the new President/CEO? Or, is it already known?