Commissioner’s Attempt To Topple Colleague Failing…So Far






The name on the ballot will be Alexandra Davis, but maybe it should be Dale Holness.

Because this campaign for Broward County Commission District 8 is really a struggle for power between Commissioners Holness and Barbara Sharief, who now holds the seat.

Since taking office two years ago, Holness has been on a relentless drive to expand his political power, mostly in the Caribbean-American community.

One of the pols who stand in his way: Barbara Sharief.

So Holness is supporting Miramar Commissioner Alexandra Davis in her quest to depose Sharief.


Holness and Davis

Dale Holness and Alexandra Davis


Holness has been dialing for dollars, hitting up the county commission’s lobbying community in an attempt to raise money for Davis.

So far, Holness has been spectacularly unsuccessful.

Davis raised only $13,850 through the end of last year. Very little of it came from the usual suspects — those who do business with the county.

Sharief raised $101,623.

Still, it is a long time until the August Democratic primary that will decide this race.


District 8

Commission District 8

8 Responses to “Commissioner’s Attempt To Topple Colleague Failing…So Far”

  1. Al Lambeberti says:

    Holness is a crook

  2. Voter says:

    Nobody likes or trusts Holness and will not give him money. She would be better off calling herself. Holmes is jealous of Sharief and can’t hold a candle to her. Dale is all about Dale and is nothing but a liar, sneak and behind people’s back stabs them all the time. Do not trust anything Holness says or In other words when Mr.Self Proclaimed Credit Taker of Everything when he’s done nothing, especially when his lips are moving.

  3. Poor Judy says:

    As Sinatra sang…

    But now the days grow short
    Im in the autumn of the year

  4. Aletheia says:

    Lobbyists and the business community don’t have any respect for Holness, nor do they take him seriously. He’s a lightweight and a crook, not too bright and a poor example of a public servant. The sooner he’s kicked to the curb…the better! His misguided attempt to expand what little political clout he has with a nobody like Davis will get him nowhere!

  5. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I like Comm.Holness….

  6. intheknow says:

    You would Robert Walsh. Birds of a feather…

  7. Know The Facts says:

    Wasn’t it Barbara who was just being slandered for embezzled funds? Did the writer of this article not just state in the article she raised over 100k? Let’s count the lobbyists on that contribution list….To sit here and talk about other people when you really don’t know them shows your real knowledge upon the situation. Spend your time more wisely working to empower the community and provide REAL change! Not slanders

  8. ProgressTruth&Change says:

    Its time to change up the status quo…and have responsible government. Barbara has been investigated twice for Medicare fraud paid 100% in first over billing allegation. You don’t pay 100% settlement unless your avoiding criminal charges think about it! Dale’s exercising his democratic right just like any other elected official who has someone they support.