Commissioner’s News Release Defends Wife



Tammy Wynette sang the 1968 country ballad “Stand By Your Man”.

Maybe Dania Beach Commissioner Walter Duke is tone deaf and that’s why he could only issue a news release.

Still, the highly unusual release could be titled “Stand By Your Woman”.

Duke issued the release to rebut allegations that wife Lisa Duke, a political consultant, was behind the voting fraud that is being investigated by the State Attorney’s Office.



Lisa Duke (from her Facebook page)

Apparently there has been a whispering campaign labeling her the target of the probe into phony absentee ballots.

Duke put his foot down and took up his pen…or his computer.

He issued a threat to the media and his wife’s critics:

“There are those in our community who would intentionally misrepresent the facts in an effort to attack me personally. I would remind all of them that my wife ia a private person and those that recklessly slander or defame my wife may face some very serious personal and financial consequences.”

It all stems from a TV report last week by Channel 10 reporter Jeff Weinsier.  He said that Lisa Duke had turned in six absentee ballots in the 2011 city election which were cast by five felons and a dead person.

But according to Walter Duke “at no time was my wife a suspect in this investigation.”

What’s interesting is that for years political gossips have alleged that Dania Beach is a hotbed of absentee ballot fraud.

I once even wrote a story about how Dania Beach had more absentee ballots thrown out for fake signatures and ineligible voters than all the rest of Broward combined. That story was written roughly 40 years ago and it is apparently still going on. Which proves to me there is really nothing new about Broward’s political corruption.

That it is happening in Dania Beach should surprise no one.  Like many small cities, Dania Beach is  a caldron of overheated politics. There are factions  and feuds that go back years.  It is a city hall where age-old snubs never seem to be forgotten.

Here is the unusual news release (click to enlarge):

23 Responses to “Commissioner’s News Release Defends Wife”

  1. Whack-a-mole says:

    I’m surprised that such a personally self-serving defense would be sent out on City of Dania Beach letterhead.

    Does Lisa have the backing of the City, or is Walter speaking for himself? Maybe the investigation should be widened to include all members of the city, if they stand behind Walter’s defense!

  2. Karnack says:

    Absente voter, Mama Salami, Babsey Boo Boo and Tim Ryan….click the link below to maybe get a clue

  3. Truth Wins Out says:

    Mrs. Duke most certainly IS a public figure. She is her husband’s campaign manager and treasurer, as she was for Commissioner Bobbie Grace in 2011 (when the fraudulent ballots were cast). She also sends many emails to city staff, including the city manager, assistant city manager, city attorney, city clerk, and CRA director. Most of these emails issue orders to city staff. She cannot act like a public official (sixth commissioner) to get her way, then hide behind “private citizen” when the press scrutinizes her!

  4. Truth Wins Out says:

    Note that in this election, none of these ballots was disqualified. This begs the question – Is the Supervisor of Elections incompetent – or is she complicit in the fraud?

  5. Really? says:

    Nice letter Walter…..NOT. A pre-existing condition, what does that even mean? I guess you are grabbing at straws now, as your little political dynasty is collapsing around you. Part two of the voter fraud story is on Channel 10 this week (and yes, your wife is up to her neck in it despite your weak denials), I heard that you will be charged with battery by the SAO this week for punching a local activist in the back in Hollywood last month, and an email excahnge between your wife and Commissioner Grace is about to be published where Lisa insists that you only be referred to as “MAYOR”. I guess the amazing treachery displayed by you and your wife over the past 5 years is finally getting the attention of the residents. If you are ever called MAYOR, I am moving out of Dania Beach for good!!

  6. Squathole says:

    Yes, Buddy, but this isn’t about you, is it. It’s about whether Linda Duke did something wrong, and whether or not some teevee reporter is onto something genuine. The statement from her husband that she “was never a suspect in this investigation” isn’t really informative either. Does anybody have some facts to share? If not, how about all of you just STFU?

  7. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Having lived on the edge of libel/slander/defamation/per se defamation for years now, I have to laugh at Wallie’s tough talk.

    What an assclown…

    PS His wife is kinda hot. Wonder what she sees in this douchenozzle.

  8. Gloria Moorwood says:

    The woman knows no shame!

  9. Gloria Moorwood says:

    She wants to be mayor so badly that she will stop at nothing

  10. Just Saying says:

    Interesting that Walter Duke mentions how Lisa is thrilled the under Obamacare being female is no longer a pre-existing condition. Ummm … would that be the same Lisa Duke who is a REPUBLICAN and presumably supporting Romney?

  11. Voter says:

    absentee ballots, including Dania Beach, is being discussed write now by BCC item 34 at 11:00am. Convicted felon w/Dania address residing in Dade has voted for the last year in Broward via absentee ballot. he’s just one of many.

  12. Hmmmm says:

    Hmmm I wonder which County Commissioner is so concerned about absentee voter fraud in Dania to put it on the agenda? Could it be the Mayor whose wife just lost due to Tim Ryan due to heavy voter turnout in Dania?

  13. Se 5th. street says:

    I am glad to see it is all coming apart at the seams for Walter and Lisa Duke.I have watched these two for the last 3 and a half years and they are both a “couple of con artist pretending to care.”I really think Walter has mental issues or something.If these two knew what people really think, they wouldn’t come outside in public.We got rid of Patrick Phipps,”the stalker” and we will get rid of these two! In two years Bobbie Grace is toast as well!

  14. concerned citizen says:

    I find it very interesting that Duke threatens lawsuits for slander, etc about anything said about Lisa Duke, however, the trash Lisa Duke posted on her Facebook Page about Pat Flury is truly fodder for a lawsuit – obvious it was done with malice. I am a lawyer and if I represented Pat, I would file a lawsuit in a hot minute against Lisa Duke for Slander and Libel.

  15. concerned citizen says:

    I find it rather disconcerting that commissioner Duke makes threats in his press release against anyone who says anything negative (even the truth) about his Lisa Duke. From a reading of these threats, it could be interpreted that his making threats of bodily harm against those. Considering the post above about him being charged with assault, I would take those threats very seriously.

  16. concerned citizen says:

    On this note, I also have been advised that persons who have opposed the Dukes or not agreed with them, or who they perceive as some political foe, have been subjected to property damage of some type or another. Rather scary. And they apparently have some supporters who are without fear and who openly stalk and intimate those who are not in the Duke camp. Again, rather scary. And instead of the Dukes speaking out against such behavior, they actually support that behavior which again is truly scary.

  17. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Oh I get it your wife Mr.Duke all less fails threat to sue-who? I mean his wife was his campaign manager, so she was just not an oridinary citizen. Secoundly these convicted felons had no idea that Mrs. Duke ha d done this. Several sources are telling me that the absentee ballots that they (felons)where allegendly passesing to the elections Super, they are saying they had no idea.Why aren’t you pressing charges concerning Mrs.Duke?? No harass me instead, Dr.Snipes..Yes, you should hear her staff(mind you an almost 3mill payroll budget)stating that I fradently filled out a voter card, to they are going to the State Att,-go you bitches. As far as Mayor Rodstrom stated on th e Dais today that this is the precise reason why his wife lost( i know blame it all on the convicted felons-joke..) I do not agree we are talking about 400 or so ballots in question. Real story is why did Channel10-discover this and not Dr.Snipes???.No to busy purgeing Robert Walsh. Will see I really don’t give a damn about her purge to be honest w/ you. Oh I’ll go to her hearing, but no way am I giving up my voter reg. card that has been valid since 2008(see you in court). Also I am in receipt of two(2) documents from her ,sighned by her, w/ her seal. Although her staff states these such letters don’t exist.(I have them) Biggest question why now? See you @ your hearing. Total BS. I have an attorney representing me for thi s hearing-I am going no where. Again I really what this to go before a judge in a court room, so when we catch the Dr. lying she will be arrested for perjury. Oh i know Dr.Snipes you feel threatened by that statemnet. What part does she not understand i put you on th e witness stand, you lie, I prove you are lying you go to jail. What could you posibly not understand about that statement. See you later next month maim. Oh I’m ready…..

  18. modeengunch says:

    Jennifer Gottlieb hot!!!

  19. Truth Wins Out says:

    On Tuesday, one of the Dukes’ hard-core supporters was arrested for stealing signs belonging to another candidate.

  20. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Did you hear Mrs.Duke’s alibi. “All I did was bring the absentee ballots to Snipes is Office”. Sure. That is why so many of these convicted felons are telling me they had no idea that this scam artist had done this. Don’t screw w/ these people Mrs.Duke-she belongs in jail. I mean the disturbing part about this whole story is lazy, jackass Brenda snipes doesn’t even verify the ballots-no just count them. She should be remove d from Office(oh it’ s coming). Lady Dr. excuse me Uncle Tom- take your lazy staff w/ you. Buddy try calling over there, the phone is NEVER answered. Call 954-712-1999. Let”s see if they answer. If they do answer its like on th e 20th ring(pieces of shit). Service sucks. Staff down there, listen up Snipes is not paying you(3mill dollar budget-mind you) we the resident s are paying you not Mr.Bellis, not Dr.Snipes etc. We are. The service stinks down there. Snipes should go out of that office in handcuffs. I mean this Mrs.Duke -you are no better, that is it, cheat your way through. Get you canidate elected by any means,. Can’t score in the bedroom, then score @ the Elections Off, because we have a lazy good for nothing Elections supervisor. Leave lady get the hell out of there-you suck. Oh I’ll go to her hearing, then see her ass in court. Oh I know all of a sudden my voter reg. car d is not valid, from 2008. Biggest question where has this good for nothing elections supervisor been? Probably over @ Tom Jenkins piggin out w/ Mr.Bellis. Shoe fits where it, and by her actions(Dr.Snipes & Bellis the shoes fit pretty damn good.) And our wonderful Mayor John Jim Jack P Seiler if I find out you had anything to do w/ this, I’ll have you disbarred. I mean really lets roll, I’m ready…Remember District 2-Ft.lau-I got your backs. Funny part is I will get Justice and more importantly what do I always say I’ll get even, because pay back is a bitch. God bless.

  21. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Buddy to close -did you see Dr.Snipes comment in today’ s paper. “We don’t just go around picking and choosing and plucking. Its a process”.Should say by stating except for Robert walsh. I mean I urge you residents in Broward, contact the Office of the Inspector general(OIG)), and file a complaint. I ‘m sorry I don’t know if its just being laxy, or what but mistakes like what Mrs.Duke pulled, should hav e been caught, not some reporter from Channel 10. I agree w/ you Mayor Rodstrom, stand up to the plate and file w/ the OIG. I see you every other day on tv-put up or shut up. No Mayor Rodstrom is to busy trying to hustle the comm. to reinstate commisioners on selection commitee. Get it through your head, just like th e term limits-” beat it”. Aslo his ast. Susan Smith(pig)had the audacity to ask me if Mayor Rodstrom ‘wife put me up to running against her. What a two-faced bitch. If I was mrs.Rodstrom i would spit in her face for being so disrespectful. I mean it stands to reason Ms.Smith when John goe s who would hire you?. Yeah she stated that, then I call the next week after she was razzled all week by other staff members(thank you & please Mayor please tell me your not screwing this whore) Ms.Smith then proceeds to tell me she never said that(liar). No I just told you, you would be homeless w/out your job just for the hell of it. Disrespectful, ungrateful bitch in plain english. Get her Char.

  22. Truth Wins Out says:

    Brenda Snipes now says that she is (finally) removing the five felons from the voter rolls and “if they vote, they will be arrested”
    She is missing the point – again. Four of them did not cast the ballots – someone else did, and forged the ballot envelopes. Despite an active investigation at the time, she authorized the destruction of those ballot envelopes. Again – is she just incompetent or is she an active participant in voter fraud??

  23. harry griffith says:

    Since when is it proper for a commissioner to use city stationery for a “press release” defending his wife’s actions?