Commissioner Gets Special Treatment: Two City Hall Offices


Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Robert McKinzie is a great man. 

Just ask him. 

McKenzie apparently is so important that he believes he is entitled to two offices in City Hall.  

He has one on the Eighth floor clustered with the other commission offices. And he demanded another office, ending up with a sprawling suite on the Seventh floor complete with a conference room and a reception area.

All this space is now allotted to McKinzie, who conceded at this week’s meeting that he only comes to City Hall once-a-week. Other commissioners survive with one office.

What’s up? 

It appears that McKinzie bullied the City Hall staff to give him extra space by using the Sunshine Law as an excuse. He has decided that other commissioners may overhear his conversations through the walls if he is housed too close to them. So the staff buckled, giving an office on another floor. 

But McKinzie also has refused to give up his old office and reportedly keeps it locked. 

Funny, McKinzie never complained about his office being too close to the other commissioner during his first five years in office.

What is really going on? 

McKinzie can’t stand Mayor Dean Trantalis, City Hall sources say. He apparently doesn’t want to be any place near the mayor. He doesn’t want the mayor’s staff keeping tabs on what goes on in his office, the sources said.

Dean Trantalis

The two pols are like oil and water.

So when Trantalis tried to discuss the two offices at this week’s commission meeting, McKinzie flared. 

“I don’t answer to anybody in this room. I don’t answer to anybody in the room, especially not you,” McKinzie said, referring to the mayor. 

McKinzie’s conduct has been increasingly strange in recent months, say the sources. 

He showed up late to meetings.  He’s been needlessly hostile to other commissioners, for instance this week’s nasty and public questioning of one colleague’s common sense.

He appropriated some of the mayor’s stationery, insisting he should be allowed to use it to issue proclamations. He yelled at an aide so loudly in City Hall that another aide thought an active shooter was in the building and hid under her desk, according to a city report on the incident.

There is not much that can be done about McKinzie. He is propped up by a wildly gerrymandered district to keep him in office.

And what does this depressed district get for their vote?

A commissioner who is clearly a creature of the development industry.

Of his first 63 contributors who donated $49,450 to his reelection, almost all had connections to development and only five gave a Fort Lauderdale address. Not one contributor appeared to live in his district, according to an examination of his first campaign financial report dated last month.

During this week’s discussion on the two offices, McKinzie played the victim when accused of bullying his way into two offices. 

“You want to bully me,” he whined. “I’m not bullying.” 

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. 

There is the hulking oaf in the school yard playground. There is the abusive husband yelling and pushing his spouse around. There is the acne-faced loner harassing with his computer. 

And there is Robert McKinzie. Some believe he bullied his way into getting two offices.

Is that right on any level?

22 Responses to “Commissioner Gets Special Treatment: Two City Hall Offices”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Ok there is lot here.First,with the mayor’s concern( or should I say others up on the 8th floor office) that he release the office space( Dean requesting key) since as u point out he now occupies 7floor should not have 2 offices.Well,to keep the peace and more importantly so his comm.aide does not made to feel uncomfortable.Again,this all started when his side utilized Mayor Trantalis stationary.Well,many(some) had a fit.So here we are.Many feel that Robert is overbearing.Well takes one to know one.Lets face Dean does not like him,and it’s rmutual.With all the sewer ruptures etc this situation is tribal.Let Robert occupy what space he wants and let’s move in.Bigger fish to fry Dean.Move on…

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    In all honesty my Second Commission District from the Beach snowbird condos to our South Middle River minority single family homes id Gerrymandered WHILE MCKINZIE’s FISTRICT LINES ARE BECAISE OF DISCRIMINATION LAWS.

  3. FTZ says:

    What is he hiding by moving to another floor ?

  4. Disappointed in District 3 says:

    Imagine if the mayor demanded a suite on the 7th floor – where the manager, assistant managers, attorney and clerk all are, for Hamilton fans “the room where it happens”?

    The vice mayor would go nuts. Absolutely insane.

    So someone be an adult and make my commissioner pick ONE office and give the other key back.

  5. John Lundin says:

    This sounds like a racist Republican article…

  6. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #3 .Comm.Mckinzie is not hiding anything.From the water cooler gossip that I hear( is this really an issue) is that from the stationary episode and the backlass from not Mayor Trantalis but the concerns he was receiving etc prompted Comm.Mckinzie to move his ast etc to the 7th floor.Ok so it was settled.He moved to 7th floor to appease his ast and let me tell u others up there could not have been happier.Well evidently now that Mckinzie left the 8th floor now the concern reported to Dean now since Mckinzie is not utilizing that space now some what the key to utilize that space( why?).I stated previously Mayor Trantalis could care less or would not be on his radar( same thing when they eliminated the comm
    Coordinators position( which cost us over 100 thou to basically remove the postion- then add the comm.ast aides at 50 thou per postion- was a costly concern u went to Mayor Trantalis w/).If u think Dean cares a hill of beans who occupies that office space,think again.Soultion here is if Mckinzie wants to utilize 7floor or 8th floor- who cares.Although some of the staff on 7th floor this is a major concern.Lasty when Dean has no respect for Robert and Robert having no respect for Dean this is where u now r.All this fuled and accelerated by certain staff on the 7th floor.If I was up there I would take the stand since the majority.of time is spent by the ast/aides not the mayor/ commissioners I would take the stand again mind your own business/ space and not be so concerned what office space is being utilized or not being.utilized.For this desecion to be of such great importance is silly…

  7. Harold Peters Harold says:

    He wants to be alone to consummate his “arrangements” with lobbyists. This guy is bought and paid for. z

  8. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    # 7 not only Mckinzie but all of them.Take a look at their most recent campaign treasurer reports.Again the entire commission is and has taken monies from yes lobbyists as u point out.Along with land use well.And yes I stand corrected referring to 7 the floor having concerns with Comm.Mckinzie occupying space there.The 8th floor as I stated we’re overjoyed when he left.Now it’s the 7th floor having issues with Mckinzie utilizing 7 floor.However 8 the floor no free pass here your floor(8) instigated after it was revealed Mckinzie ast was using mayor’s stationary.Then it was all down hill from there.8th floor( some but your noisy) would love it if he set up office space in mix up it’s the 7th floor ironically enough coming from City manager office.Isn’ t that something.Well it’s like blowing smoke in a mirror it’s coming right back at u.Lets not forget Mckinzie is one of the city manager’ boss.Bitch/ complain all u want Mckinzie is going nowhere.And he stated as.much at last conference meeting.Oh quote here he eats meat.Referring to Trantalis stated what was I n his Wheaties.Unreal let’s stick to real issues such as dealing with these sewer ruptures almost every other week.Will see…

  9. Tell the Truth says:

    Deliberate convoluted re-districting in 2010 (actually delayed by FLLCC almost 2 years) to carve up voters for each elected to be reassured re-election (same at BCC).
    Mckinzie will be dist 3 commish till 2030 or whenever their new 3 four year terms debacle ends. Let him squander spaces used or unoccupied as his neglect of his constituents will maybe be noticed. Meanwhile drive down Sistrunk and see plenty of old and new vacant space that will stay that way. He is clueless, and his childish behavior won’t win him support from three fellow electeds.

  10. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Since this vacate room in the of such great concern all Mayor Trantalis had to do is at the end of comm .meeting file motion etc to have Mckinzie give up space.As u point out no other commissioner etc utilizes two office space.With out a doubt Glassman will second and I’m betting the vote will be 4 – 1 obviously with Mckinzie voted no.U don.t even need the key call locksmith to change lock and presto it’s yours Dean.So u appease City manger personal and 8th floor subjects etc who have made this such an issue.Problem solved.Real story is what does Trantalis and others want to do with Mckinzie office space which he clear is not using?.No great loss between Dean/Robert anyhow just be prepared Dean for Mckinzie to blast u etc.But u will get do motion to get room back.Glassmsn will 2nd others will file suit.

  11. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    @#5: John, stop parroting the far left party line. Buddy printed the facts. Just because it’s about a black person, it’s not racist/Republican.

  12. Stay in Plantation Robert says:

    McKinzie is a joke and a fraud just like his sister Miriam. Regardless of the districting, it blows me away that voters in that district would let a do-nothing that lives in Plantation represent them. He makes $65k/year to come into the City office 1 day/week? Sooner or later his district will figure out that he has accomplished nothing for the district and he’ll be voted out. Until then, he is Exhibit A for why Fort Lauderdale is such a mess.

  13. Frustrated Fortlauderdalian says:

    I’ve seen with my own eyes how rude and contemptuous McKinzie is to members of city boards, residents, and staff. At one recent meeting he was looking at his phone constantly, not even bothering to pay attention to a speaker sitting next to him.

    I feel sorry for his constituents and the city as a whole.

  14. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    # 12.Comm.Mckinzie is not responsible for his sister past/present actions….Again say what u want about him if election was tomorrow he would win even if 10 canidates ran against him.Also he has alot of heavy hitters that like him.

  15. A reader says:

    HMM!! Guess the sewage in the streets and waterways is not the only thing that stinks in Fort Lauderdale.

  16. Enquiring Minds... says:

    #10- didn’t McKinzie’s move to the 7th floor displace at least 3 city staff members? Where did they go? Is it costing the taxpayer for rent elsewhere? Also, with all your insights into FTL, can you find out if harassment complaints were filed from one commission staff member against the another commission staff member and vice-versa?

  17. Cooper City Mom says:

    I’m not trying to be funny nor am I a physician, but this behavior sounds like the onset of dementia.

  18. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #16 to my knowledge no one was let go since Mckinzie occupied space on the 7th floor….Problem here is between Mayor Trantalis/ Mckinzie.

    Which certain staff members in both 7 and 8 floor are constantly wining to Dean.In return u saw Dean concern with the 8th floor office space to appease a certain few.

    Word has it Dean wants that space to occupy it to whom etc is the underlying real story here.Sources in the know spill the beans..Stay tuned to your inquiry #16…

  19. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Neither Dean or Robert read Broward Beat n Scott doesnt bother to tell what he sees to Dean, so all comments ARE A WASTE OF TIME.

  20. Tell the Truth says:

    @19. count lf chocolatte
    Maybe the electeds don’t know browardbeat but their staffers sure do, along with all of their constituents.
    Trust me, with ++210 MILLION GALLONS of Sewage flooding all of SE Fort Lauderdale districts 2 and 4 including precious “Venice of America” waterways in the last 7 weeks, these clueless non-engineers on the dais have noticed this is not normal.

  21. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    All this emphasis on Mckinzie.I say bigger concern than how many office space he utilizes,oh no bigger story here is the mayor and other commissioners and these lobbyists hustling (yes) with this proposal etc for new waste water treatment plant.Then when built( wait) the residents will pay a surcharge( huh) and it’s pretty hefty.Oh yeah this lobbyists from Miami has all of them except Mckinzie in his back pocket ($)..

  22. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Does anyone think Mayor Trantalis or Commissioners Moraitis n Glassman need to do anything for a Lobbyist? from Miami yet? Trantalis n Glassman share a decidely anti Lobbyist voter base n Moraitis n her husband dont need out of town money to introduce themselvrs to their neighbors