Commissioner Finally Gets Confirmation Hearing



Barbra Stern, the daughter of the well-known lobbyist Judy Stern, is scheduled to get her nomination hearing before the Florida Senate.

Barbra Stern


Stern was nominated to the Florida Elections Commission by Gov. Rick Scott in February 2012.  The nomination requires approval by the Senate.

A Tallahassee snafu thwarted the Senate confirmation last year. Along with dozens of other gubernatorial appointments, Stern’s nomination was never passed because key senators forgot to bring it up before the legislative session ended.

This year the situation may be different.

The Senate Ethics and Elections Committee has scheduled two hours of confirmation hearings next week and Stern is on the agenda.

Barbra Stern’s nomination has been controversial in Broward because of her mother Judy Stern.

It is not immediately known whether being lobbyist Judy Stern’s daughter had any role in getting Barbra Stern the nomination hearing.  Judy Stern is close to Democratic state Sen. Maria Sachs,  who is a legal resident of a condominium that the lobbyist owns.

Although Sachs is not on the Ethics and Elections Committee, in the quid pro quo world of the Florida Senate it is plausible she made a deal to get Stern the hearing.

Expect this nomination to continue to get vocal opposition.

At least one local Internet publication has speculated that the Senate was “disinclined” to approve Stern’s Feb. 2, 2012 nomination because it is alleged she backed candidates in the 2012 election and thus is not impartial.

Stern denies the allegation.

It has also been speculated that Stern was nominated by the governor to get her out of a 2012 race against state Rep. George Moraitis, R-Fort Lauderdale.

Despite Stern’s role on the Elections Commission, rumors have again surfaced in the Broward political world that Stern will challenge Moraitis for his Northeast Broward seat next year.

Stern is a labor law lawyer with the downtown Fort Lauderdale firm of  Bohdan Neswiacheny. She has no known role in mother Judy Stern’s lobbying and campaign consulting.

The nine-member elections commission staff investigates sworn complaints about violations of the state elections law. Commissioners then determine whether violations of the law have taken place and what penalties should be imposed.


17 Responses to “Commissioner Finally Gets Confirmation Hearing”

  1. Karnack says:

    Word around town is Stern pal and DEC member Ken Evans is telling everyone that Barbra is running again against George. As you see above Stern denied not being impartial, but doesnt deny she is running against Moritias…

    If true, why would Stern continue to seek the appointment if she would have to resign to be a candidate?


    Barbra will go to Tallahassee give testimony and will either not be confirmed or immediately resign after being questioned, thus enabling her to run against Moritias as a Democrat Martyr who was bullied out of a non partisan position by the evil Republicans.

  2. too funny says:

    or 2012

    FROM BUDDY: She was nominated in February 2012.

  3. Ha Ha Ha says:

    “Commissioners then determine … what penalties should be imposed.”

    HA HA HA!!! Good one Buddy!!! As if they had any actual power to “impose”!!!!!

    Florida Elections Commission is owed almost $1.4 million in unpaid fines
    By Brandon Larrabee, News Service of Florida
    Wednesday, May 11, 2011 5:22pm

    TALLAHASSEE — Candidates, consultants and political organizations owe the Florida Elections Commission almost $1.4 million in unpaid fines from cases stretching as far back as 1990, state records show.

    The debts in 184 cases — many of which are already being written off by the state — have prompted members of the panel to consider whether and how to go after those who have defied an order to pay up for as long as 20 years. But the issue is complicated by how much authority the commission even has to use potentially effective tools to try to extract payments from the scofflaws. […] “If we can’t enforce it, then why would anybody ever pay us a fine?” said commission member Brian Seymour. […]

  4. Stern Family Values says:

    Bohdan Neswiacheny? I figured Stern would be a partner at Dewey Cheatem and Howe

    Is there a candidate that works with Stern that follows the rules?

    Looks like Momma Jude Stern is the campaign manager of choice over the years for those who do not live in the Districts they run for.

    Lois Wexler (until recent redistricting)
    Barbra Honey Boo Boo Stern (she was put on the deed to condo Sachs claims to live in now when she was running against Moritias, but lived and continues to live at another condo her and her mom own).

    Perry Thurston

    Joe Geller? He is an friend of Stern and he lives in House Dist 113 while speculating about running for Stern pal Joe Gibbons seat. Could Joe Geller be the next to join the Stern Phoney Baloney Residency Club?

  5. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I think Barbra Stern will do just fine @ the confirmation hearings. Seems to me Buddy you are very interested in both Judy/Barbra.I mean if its news -fair enough. Anyhow as far as her benefiting from her mother, who knows if its not the other way around(been there). And Senator Sachsh rents Judy Stern’ condo. Are you insinuateing that Sen.sachs does not live there? If affimative -can you back it(verify).

  6. Just Saying says:

    How can she serve on the Commission? Barbra Stern is telling everyone she will be running against Rep. George Moraitis next year. Doesn’t that disqualify her from serving?

  7. Yo Walsh says:

    Another webstie has already printed a story that their reporter went to the complex and a neighbor said no one has lived in the condo since a young woman moved out over the summe. Done verified.

  8. It's getting interesting says:

    Looks like this isn’t Sachs first time setting up a BS apartment address. She did in while in the Florida House as well.

  9. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @7 – publish the link please.

  10. At she is not on the ethics board says:

    The Players:

    Jeff Dwyer, Esq from the Law Offices of Bohdan Neswiacheny.

    Same law firm as Babs Stern.

    Criminal defense attorney/judicial candidate Mickey Rocque

    Tripp Scott Law Firm

    Atlantic Yacht and Ship and other affiliated corporations

    Charles Biggie-Partner in Atlantic Yacht and Ship

    Rick Obey-Partner in Atlantic Yacht and Ship

    Broward County Case Numbers: CACE12006121 (Civil Case) & DVCE12001216 (Restraining Order)

    Atlantic Yacht and Ship is one of the largest yacht companies in South Florida probably has revenues in the millions of dollars. February of this year there was an alleged altercation between Partner Biggie and Partner Obey which led to Biggie filing for a Temporary Restraining Order against Partner Obey.
    On March 6, Mr. Biggie is served with a lawsuit from the Tripp Scott law firm on behalf of Obey regarding Atlantic Yacht and Ship and other affiliated corporations. The Judge assigned the case is Judge Dale Ross.
    On March 7, Mickey Rocque files a Notice of Appearance on behalf of Mr. Biggie and Tripp Scott represents Mr. Obey in the Temporary Restraining Order case. Also on March 7, there is a hearing on the Restraining Order where the Court Orders that Rick Obey may return to the property located at 850 NE 3rd Street Dania Beach, Florida upon dates and times agreed by counsel for the parties, including Jeff Dwyer, esq.

    In a separate civil suit filed by Tripp Scott, attorney Jeffrey Dwyer, Esq twice files for an extension of time to respond to the lawsuit on behalf of all Defendants in the lawsuit including Mr. Biggie.

    After Mickey Rocque files and qualifies to run against Judge Dale Ross, Rocque comes in as counsel to Mr. Biggie and co-counsel to the remaining clients represented by Jeff Dwyer, Esq. Upon entering the case, Mickey Rocque immediately files a Motion to Recuse Judge Dale Ross, which Judge Dale Ross Grants.

    Upon further review of Clerk records, Mickey Rocque, Esq in 25 years as an attorney has only been involved in 8 civil cases in all that time. Of those 8 many have been civil actions tied to his criminal practice, i.e. an appeal of DUI Admin Review Hearing or Forfeiture actions to get back items belonging to his criminal clients. Most interesting, Mr. Rocque appears to have never represented anyone is a complex civil litigation matter worth millions of dollars before now.

    Finally, it should be noted that in Mickey Rocque’s financial filings at the time he filed he had $15,000.00 cash to his name and he used approx $5800 for his filing fee.

    During the campaign Rocque rarely showed up to campaign event, most times without any type of literature to give to voters. For the most part did little or nothing to promote his campaign.

    In the end Rocque whose cash on had at the time he filed of $15k spent $10k while barely doing anything to attempt to win. Why would someone use 2/3 of their cash to fund a campaign in which they didnt really campaign?

    Did Mickey run for Judge to become a Judge or to get a automatic recusal from Judge Ross?

    You make the call?

  11. . says:

    This is about to get ugly from what I am hearing.

  12. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Ok bottom line is Sen.Sachs name on the mailbox-enough said. What reporter investigated this???. Don’t feel bad Barbie w/ all this Bs.I’m surrounded by crach-heads, snitches(get stiches),and whore -masters. Those that are in the know will state you certainly made enough money off these demographics. Yeah @ least there good for something. To “she is not on the ethics bd”-Wow did you do your research(this has to be Bogdanovich camp). I mean so the gals are connected(Judy’barbra). I still do not see any prove Sen.sachs does not live @ this address in question…

  13. No Comprende Robert Walsh says:

    Robert Walsh: Did your education stop at the 2nd grade level ? Do you know how to put a legible sentence together ? How can anyone understand what you are saying ?

  14. walsh is a stern plant says:

    Walsh, you are always on blogs fluffing stern. Why? How much is she paying you?

    Do a quick google search, “Robert walsh and Judy Stern”

    Page after page of walsh promoting stern.

  15. walsh is a stern plant says:

    quote from walsh: “Case in point i have met her daughter and I got to tell you she is very nice and judy has done a great job bringing her up from her manners to the way she carries herself(good job Judy). I am very impressed w/ Barbie. Lets see you raise children on your own and have them turn out like her daughter. That being said judy Stern has worked very hard to get where she is. No silver spoon (born) w/ her. lastly alot of you think that you can play dirty so to speak let me tell you other people can play dirtier. Enough said. Next ..Play fair guys. As far as us being in cahoots we do have a mutual friend that we both like alot and will and would do anything we can to help that person.

  16. Yo Walsh says:

    I will give you $200 bucks for gas if you will drive to and speak on Babs behalf at the confirmation meeting on Monday.

    You seem to be the only peron in town that will put it out there in public you supporter her/mom.You always have the back of your friends, now it is dire.

    Let me know how to get you the money.

  17. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wow-. Unreal. All this detail from some of you. My God, you know more about Judy/Barbra then they do(scary). To the last blogger-I am planning on going up to talahasse later next month. And madam/sir I do not need your two(2) hundred bucks(trust me).Where’s “ghost of Whitey Bulger”? Or did he finally die. Some of you,seriously you are infatuated w/ these Sterns…..Lets really shake things up Barbra and go dancin(my treat). Or better yet I’ll take the two hundred bucks from the last blogger. “Delano” here we come…