Commissioner Chip LaMarca On Colo. Shooting



Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca’s response to today’s ugly movie theater shooting in Colorado is below.

It is from the commissioner’s Facebook page and was sent to me by a reader:




Chip LaMarca57 minutes ago near Webb, GA

What the hell is wrong with people? They can’t go to a movie without fear of being “shot to death”? I know that those who oppose our 2nd Amendment will have a response for this, but this is clearly why we in Florida have the right to protect our precoius families around us. Consider taking a course in gun safety and register to obtain a “Concealed Carry Permit”. Florida allows you to protect yourself.

14 Responses to “Commissioner Chip LaMarca On Colo. Shooting”

  1. Chip's A Fool says:

    How did he ever get elected?

  2. What a douche says:

    Hey Chip, you’re a moron.

    Colorado has a very lax concealed weapons law — even more than Florida. And there’s no prohibition against OPEN CARRYING in most places in Colorado as well.

    Guess the fact that anyone could have been packing didn’t prevent a psychotic mass murderer from committing a horrific act.

  3. Gun owner says:


    Shouldn’t you be reporting on something more important?

    How is even worthy of a post?

    You and your friends need to focus on something else other than Commissioner LaMarca.

    Get over it people he won, is doing an outstanding job of representing District 4, and will be re-elected!

  4. Wow says:

    His answer is to bring MORE guns??? What a frikkin shmuck.

  5. Just Saying says:

    Chip has found a way to be so colossally stupid as to make everyone entirely forget about “fiscally responsible” Chip getting his home foreclosed. Well, almost.

  6. Kathy K says:

    So this &^$#&% response is that we need to bring guns to the movie theater now to protect ourselves?
    What a moron.
    With dumd statements like that it is no wonder his home is in foreclosure

  7. Packin Heat says:

    Dear process server going to Chip’s house to serve the forclosure lawsuit, dont wear a batman tee shirt nor make any sudden moves.

  8. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Geez Chip.

    You blasted right off the goddamn ranch with that…

    By the way, how goes it with your underwater mortgage? If it helps, you can always borrow my AMEX for your… er… legitimate business expenses.

  9. Ghost of McLovin says:

    florida law also allows you to protect yourself from debtors, its called bankruptcy chippy

  10. Plain Language says:

    We shouldn’t all chip in to all get health care because that’s socialism. But if society forces us all to buy and carry a weapon, that’s America at our very best.

    People use guns in theaters because they are impared. They got that way because they can’t find work, lived shattered lives, are addicted to substances or are mentally ill. Do that long enough and you become crazy. Crazy results from people slip through safety nets that government pays for to protect those that the net catches. And those outside the net. When the net has holes so large that people fall through, this is because people in elected office didn’t care about them.

    But that didn’t make them go away. It didn’t eliminate the danger to them or others. Those “savings” came at a cost.

    So, when in a fit of insane frustration they go into a theater and take it out on completely innocent people, our “ratonal” response is to arm the entire populace.

    This example is a perfect example of the long delayed conversation we need to have in America. Having it requires that we look at things like intelligent statesmen and not like a bunch of amatuers.

    There is no action in this universe that comes without consequence. It’s a shame to say it. We feel terribly for the innocent victims involved. But at some level, most of these incidents involve our own chickens coming home to roost. And when it comes to reckless use of guns, Florida and Colorado are pretty high up on the list.

  11. Chip is a Moron says:

    You can’t bring a gun into a theater for a good reason. To take out somebody who wasn’t heavily armoured at 10 meters on a moving target after being completely surprised, while having shots fired at you in a dark theater with flickering lights and movie sounds, tear gas canisters pumping, hundreds of silhouettes screaming in pain and fear, while your heart beats at 220 beats per minute, and people fall all over you?

    I respect the second amendment, but I’m not convinced that anyone not heavily-trained and experienced would have handled this guy. And if they could, they probably could have taken him without a firearm. If if they tried, and hit innocents???

  12. News For The Naive says:

    James Holmes, the alleged perpetrator of Friday’s movie-theater massacre in Aurora, Col., […] wore a ballistic helmet, a ballistic vest, ballistic leggings, a throat protector, a groin protector, and tactical gloves. He was so well equipped that if anyone in that theater had tried what the National Rifle Association recommends—drawing a firearm to stop the carnage—that person would have been dead meat. Holmes didn’t just kill a dozen people. He killed the NRA’s answer to gun violence. […]

  13. Jack Marvin says:

    The ugliness and contempt for LaMarca by some of the disgruntled people on this post doesn’t seem limited to any one thing. The guy clearly has some issues, but he seems genuine and sincere in his attempt to help broward and institute good policy.

    He doesn’t vote in Fl gun law so his comments have no relevance in that respect, but he is entitled his opinion and there should be at least a small percentage of respect for him as far as his work for us in broward county.

  14. Floridan says:

    If all Republicans were like Chip LaMarca, we would have a more reasonable political process.

    Unfortunately, he has to play to his base from time to time.

    Before we all strap on hog-irons, we might want to ponder whether being able to acquire 6,000 rounds via the internet, no questions asked, serves any legitimate purpose.