Commission Puts Sex Offender On County Board


Martin Kiar is pissed. 

The youthful state representative is upset about one member of a newly-formed county commission task force a registered sex offender.

The offender is part of a task force that will make recommendations about laws governing where sex offenders can live.

“I get concerned when sexual predators are put on county boards, Kiar says.

Apparently Kair is not alone.

A number of lawmakers in Tallahassee shook their heads in disbelief when they learned Broward County would appoint a registered sex offender to a board.

They chalked it up to more Broward County liberal foolishness.

The task force will contain one sex offender, two cops,  home owners association and American Civil Liberties Union representatives, two members of the Broward League of Cities and representatives of a college and the state Department of Corrections.

The victim’s representative is Lauren Book-Lim. She’s lobbyist Ron Book’s daughter.

Book-Lin  was molested by her nanny in a widely publicized case several years ago.  She now runs Lauren’s Kids, an advocacy group for molested youths.

Information about Lauren’s Kids is here

I personally don’t agree with Kair. 

Some of the people labeled sex offenders are not a wild-eyed predators that Kair and everybody else rightfully fears.  Those offenders should be controlled.

But others are stigmatized for life because of youthful indiscretions, usually made when they are drunk.

They get caught for urinating in public or being in an Internet sex chat rooms.  Somewhat victimless crimes.

The offender appointed to the task force appeared at the commission meeting.

 He said he had recovered.  His victim appeared with him, according to Mayor Stacy Ritter.

Do people like this who paid their debt to society — deserve input into laws governing their life?

You bet.

“They are people too, says Ritter.

  I agree.

6 Responses to “Commission Puts Sex Offender On County Board”

  1. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    I think it is a great idea and a way to get into the minds of molesters. They think differently. Just like some of the programs who hired thiefs to check out the safety of home alarms., etc. Watch the TV show Criminal Minds.

  2. frank icanosty says:

    I think your characterization of “less dangerous” sex offenders is naive at best, calculated at worst. However, I will agree that there are many sex offenders worthy of civic appointment well ahead of ANY member of the American Civil Liberties Union.

  3. MSLGWCEO says:

    It sounds to me like Broward County is making every effort to have a effective task force regarding these residency laws as they try to find a solution which protects society as well as former offenders from being treated barbarically.

    This Stacy Ritter sounds to me like she has a level head on her shoulds and should be thanked for being fair and balanced at this decision.

    The politicians who shook their heads should realize their days are numbered cause the American people are tired of their corrupt and criminal behavior.

  4. Sex Offender Issues says:

    I think this is GOOD news, but, like usual, they will just ignore anything he/she says, probably.

    And I figured Ron Book would be ticked. He is the head of the Homeless organization there, and these laws are creating homelessness. There are 67 offenders living under the Julia Tuttle Bridge, but is Ron Book helping them out any? They are homeless! Of course not!

    Maybe now they can make some decent laws which offenders can live with, without being arrested for some technical issue, and forced, by the state, to live under bridges like trolls.

    If the constitution meant anything, these laws would not have been passed in the first place.

    Just check out this YouTube video of the Julia Tuttle Causeway:

  5. The One says:

    I have far more of a problem with Ron Book being a part of any board than a Former Offender. He’s responsible for forcing Former Offenders to live under a bridge.

    See the front page of and see for yourself!

  6. Valerie Parkhurst says:

    In a perfect world we would not be having the need for a task force such as this. Florida has more sex offenders than almost any other state for no more reason than the weather. Illegals committing crimes, early release and gain time, and antiquated interstate commerce laws. Florida is in self preservation mode, and until the “powers that be” can muster up the courage to grapple with this issue from the Legal aspect of sentencing and status, it is thrown on the backs of the Parents and taxpayers to ponder the trials tribulations, and emotional well being of the offenders. I say, Elected Politicians have one duty, and that is to make their cities as safe and as inviting for Families and Business’s as possible. This task force has what I call a “pretty boy offender” on it. Not one member of the task force has had the guts to ask what the guy was convicted of! So he sits there in his non-threatening manner joking with members who sit on both sides. Its a Tea Party for God’s sake. We need to make the repercussions of child sexual abuse and violent rape so restrictive that Florida will be the last place an offender will want to reside in.