Commission Candidate’s Home In Foreclosure




Finances are going from bad to worse for Plantation City Commission candidate Francis “Rico” Petrocelli, . earlier reported on Petrocelli’s bankruptcy here.

Now his home is in foreclosure. It was due to be sold today.

According to an e-mail to, the sale was called off at the last minute because the bank’s attorney did not provide proof that the sale was properly noticed in the newspaper. That information could not be confirmed and was not on the Clerk of Court’s website when this was posted.

In addition to being a Plantation commission candidate, Petrocelli is vice chair of the Broward Housing Authority.  He was appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist. 

He also served on the Plantation commission 2005-2009.  He was also Broward Republican Chair for a short time.

Petrocelli is one of five candidates running for an open Group 2 seat on the commission. The other candidates are Jeff Holness, Claudette Hammond, Louis Reinstein and Peter Tingom.

See the courthouse website below (click to enlarge):



Petrocelli Foreclosure

17 Responses to “Commission Candidate’s Home In Foreclosure”

  1. better class of deadbeat? says:

    Makes me wonder how such a big established firm like the one Mike Moskowitz runs couldn’t get Chip LaMarca’s foreclosure to a foreclosure sale after all these years. Sucks for Rico he is not already sitting on the County Commission, it appears being there a foreclosure case slows down significantly.

    Chip said on Putney he was at the end of his foreclosure problems, yet months later he still does not pay. .49 mark in the video below

    He is the smart one, why pay if no one is asking you too. 5 years and no payments, maybe Chip is the smart one.

  2. Fiscal Conservatives says:

    Hopefully Rico will parle his commission seat into having one of the city lobbyists serve as the lawyer for the bank and have the arbitrator be married to a failed museum he can quickly vote to bail it out. Call Chip, Rico. He will walk you through it.

  3. Chaz Stevens, I am Festivus says:

    Speaking of Chip LaMarca, did you see the picture of him and Commissioner Marty Kiar at a recent ribbon cutting ceremony?

  4. Janitorinthecloset says:

    The word is PARLAY not PARLE.

  5. @4 says:

    Thanks. iPhone auto correct. Just can’t trust it. I may not spell correctly but my mortgage is current.

  6. wally&pepe says:

    So predictable. The second I saw the header on this I said “there won’t be a single comment about the candidate and they will all be about LaMarca”. Shocker.

  7. reality says:

    Rico go away! hopefully Commissioner Don Rosen will take you to Tennessee when he retires

  8. @ Wally and Pepe says:

    I know right? You would think with all this criticism the guy would finally get current with his bills or downsize and move into a home he can afford. It has gone on for to long. I am tired of hearing about it as well.
    If I were Rico I would touch base with Chip to figure out how to pull it off.

  9. Cheapster says:

    I may be a deadbeat and not pay my bills, but who is wearing Gucci loafers, lives in a big house in LHP and drives luxury cars. COMMISSIONER LaMarca. 4 more years.

  10. wally&pepe says:

    Yes I am sure LaMarca is thrilled that this has dragged on so long and could have hurt him in the last election. Oh but that’s right- it didn’t! Move on already.

  11. norm price says:

    I have no idea why Rico is having money problems but that should not have any effect with him winning his race to become a Plantation Commissioner again. I don’t recall any issues with Rico when he was on the commission before and he is very active in Plantation with many different events that he is involved in.I consider him a good friend and also a professional person

  12. Values says:

    In the world where they only elections matter, bravo. But in a world where self respect and the respect of others, not so much. In case anyone wonders what the well heeled in downtown think, they supported Lamarca for commissioner and they know what the expect in return. They say to each other, Can you believe that guy doesn’t pay his mortgage? I have heard them.
    Lamarca and Rico know what people say about them. They just pretend not to care.

  13. Chaz Stevens, I am Festivus says:

    I am told, by a close confidante, that LaMarca is really bothered by the constant nagging.


  14. you're right, Chaz says:

    Kind of like how you are bothered by all the snickering about the fact that you still live with your old man?

  15. 40+resident says:

    No problems while he was Commissioner? Check this out:

    Not to mention that he owes the very city he’s running for money for past COBRA payments that he agreed to but never made after he lost the election for a 2nd term. Which means that my tax $$$ are going to bail him out of his financial woes.

  16. Thanks Mr D! says:

    @14 – Because Chip sponging off his in-laws is so much classier than him living with them………..

  17. Nancy Garcia says:

    so many people are dealing with foreclosures at this time and so many in Plantation. People loose jobs and some cannot get back on their feet. Should we judge them on their misfortunes or see the good in people. He has always helped the city of Plantation and all the ethics violations were lies to turn people off in the last election and all charges were cleared. Why cant any election ever be a clean one. These dirty politics and personal attacks make you look like a pathetic loser.