Commission Candidates Close To Qualifying By Petition


Broward County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger is close.

Very close.

She has almost reached her goal of qualifying for office by petition,  according to her news release from her campaign.

Gunzburger needs to gather 1,095 signatures from registered voters of either party living in south Broward’s District 6.

She is one of two county commission candidates trying to get on the ballot by petition.  The other is Carlton Moore in District 9, who seeking to replace Josephus Eggelletion.

It saves the candidates the $5,525.76 qualifying fee.

For Gunzburger, this isn’t as much about saving money.  She’s a multi-millionaire.

Gathering signatures is about strengthening support in next August’s Democrat primary. Every one who signs the petition is a potential Gunzburger voter. 

Since only a few thousand will vote in the August Democratic primary, those who signed the petition could make the difference in her re-election fight against former Senate Minority Leader Steve Geller.

The same reasoning works for Moore in his battle for the open seat.

The petition drive also road tests Gunzburger and Moore’s field operation.

Gunzburger should collect the final signatures long before the May 17 deadline. 

I hear that Moore, who has 961 signatures to collect in the smaller minority district, will reach his goal, too.

5 Responses to “Commission Candidates Close To Qualifying By Petition”


    when Commissioner Caletka from Davie ran against County Commissioner Rodstrom, he qualified by going door to door and getting signature.

    Uh, he finished dead last (4th out of 4) in that County Commission race.

  2. Impressed says:

    If a candidate for office chooses not to campaign door to door, that means they want to get elected the lazy man’s way. So if you vote for that kind of person, don’t be surprised when you get lazy man’s representation in return. Win, lose or draw, I respect it when someone shows me the respect as a voter of coming to my house and asking me for my vote.


    to “Impressed”:

    geez, i will knock on the door, talk to you for 30 seconds and YOU WILL VOTE FOR ME!! yeah! no substance, just stopped by to say Hello!! wee…

  4. Impressed says:

    One of two possibilities is evident from your response. Either you’ve never gone campaigning door to door and therefore have no clue how powerful a strategy that is, or you have done so with no basic clue how to approach campaigning that way.

    Nobody that knows how to operate a grass roots campaign spends only 30 seconds at a door unless that person had already decided not to vote for them.


    to Impressed:

    First campaign I went door to door for was in 1994..I know the power of campaign walking and talking…BUT you also have to have substance….look at Caletka, look at the (drawing a blank on her name) the woman who finished 3rd out of 3 who lost to Jamie Curran in Cooper City for the open Bart Roper seat 2 years ago…GunzdonothingBurger has no substance, can’t espouse door to door a shitty do nothing record!!