Commission Candidate LaMarca Calls For Tax Freeze

County Commission candidate Chip LaMarca has called for a six-month to one-year tax freeze for new small businesses.

He defines “small” as 50 or fewer employees.
LaMarca is the Republican nominee running against Broward Mayor Ken Keechl, a Democrat.

 His news release states that the county needs  “a six-month to one-year tax moratorium on all new small business and entrepreneurship in Broward County.

I believe taxation and government should never, ever stand in someone’s way when they want to start a new business. America is all about opportunity and the Broward County Government imposes far too many fees, taxes, and red tape to start your own business and bring jobs to the county. Let’s cut the red tape and let our citizens do what they do best innovate and create opportunity.”

The tax freeze is part of a four-part plan to revive Broward’s economy.  The other three ideas include:

  • Revive plans to build a convention center hotel at Port Everglades. County commissioners have been unable to get one built for over a decade.
  •  Encourage more of Broward’s big business owners to help with economic development.  Key business owners would be asked to help draw new companies to Broward.
  • Eliminate taxes for two years on some new construction.  LaMarca said what types of new construction would be offered the tax break could be hammered out by the commission. He predicted the program would spark more construction and create many jobs.

The revenue lost from the tax breaks would not have to be replaced since it was new money that was never counted on, said LaMarca. 

The economic activity created by them would generate its own tax revenue, he said.   

LaMarca will be endorsed tomorrow by U. S. Sen. George LeMieux.  The senator is a former Broward Republican chair like LaMarca.

LeMieux was appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist to the Senate as a place holder.  He must leave at the end of the year.

LeMieux is already making plans to return to Washington by running against Democratic U. S. Sen. Bill Nelson in 2012.  LeMieux has been calling big donors for weeks, informally lining up contributions for his next campaign if he jumps into the race.  

It is a long time until 2012, but Nelson is already worried.  He is making a major effort to cozy up to south Florida donors.

“You know he is worried because he never shows up here unless he needs something and he has been coming here recently,” said one leading local Democrat.

 A Chip LaMarca Ad Below.  LaMarca is on the right:

11 Responses to “Commission Candidate LaMarca Calls For Tax Freeze”

  1. Resident says:

    Q: You know how you make up loss tax revenue when you cut taxes to zero?

    A: Volume

  2. stacy says:

    And how does Chip propose to pay for this lost revenue?

    Oh wait, when it’s a tax cut the Republicans seem to think that money will float down from heaven on the wings of the flying pigs.

    FROM BUDDY: The post explains his position on the lost revenue. He said the revenue isn’t really lost since it will be generated by projects that weren’t envisioned when the budget was planned.

  3. stacy says:

    Somehow giving EVERY project a tax break to cover for the ones that would have have see the light of day is the dumbest logic I have heard…those will receive the benefit of the tax break and it will be planned revenue that will not be coming in to the county and will thus create a budget shortfall.

    Again, Republicans love tax cuts so much but turn a blind eye about them when it comes to their mantra “but how are you going to pay for it.”

  4. CPA-ATTY says:

    You tried twice and you still can’t figure it out.
    Go back and take 4th grade math again before you continue to post on this subject.

  5. District 4 Voter says:

    It says “eliminate tax breaks on SOME new construction.” Reading comprehension, it’s a beautiful thing.

    At the debate the other night Keechl said there is no hotel near the convention center because there is no money for it. Huh? Who said the county would be paying for it? Last time I checked hotels were built by…. ya know….. HOTEL companies.

    I was also shocked to hear that a rather large contract (cannot recall which) was awarded to a TAMPA company by the commission. I find it hard to believe that there was no Broward company that came close.

    Very eye opening debate. I hope there will be more.

  6. Chris Chiari says:

    Interesting idea, but flawed for two reasons:

    1) in Florida property is appraised and assessed at highest and best use to which the property can be expected to be put in the immediate future and the present use, according to the state constitution s. 4 Art. VII. To say that there would not be a negative impact from lower tax collection makes a nice bumper sticker but disregards the state constitution and the facts in how property is valued by local property appraisers.

    2) construction is a product of supply and demand. Building new homes or office space might put a developer (donor) to work, but the office buildings or homes will have to compete with inventory that is currently vacant. This will drive down the price of all properties by adding supply while demand is still low. This is Micro 101.

    There are more debates. I am tired of being more fiscally conservative then the Republican’s I run against. Just because it sounds like a great political idea does not make it good economics.

    This idea shifts the burden to current property owners while rewarding donors. Great job redistributing the wealth. Are you sure your conservative?

    Chris Chiari
    Fiscal Conservative and Independent running for County Commission in District 4

    Political advertisement paid for and approved by Chris Chiari, No Party Affiliation for County Commission, District 4 (required for political ads like the one you posted above, Mr Nevin’s)

  7. Wow says:


    The two-time perrenial candidate and Liberal Democratic loser to Ellyn Bogdanoff in two Democratic years is now opportunistically re-branding himself as more conservative than the former GOP Chair… and he’s doing it by criticizing TAX CUT PROPOSALS. Amazing.

    Incredible. Will this guy ever get the message that voters aren’t interested? Sheesh.

  8. jill lansin says:

    Vote for LaMarca…tea party crazy

  9. Chiari Is a Fraud says:

    Chiari is a fraud of a person and a joke of a candidate. What a sad and pathetic little creature he has become. Nobody wants him anywhere near a position of leadership. Please help feed my empty life and ego by voting for me and in return I will morph into whatever political characature you want me to become. Pathetic loser.

  10. Broward Attorney says:

    I have an office for rent. Is the Keechl campaign interested? Cheap, say $3,000 a month. Is Keechl campaign interested?
    I guess not. Oh that’s right, Keechl’s campaign rents from his partner. What a scandal and Keechl gets a pass on it.

  11. watcher says:

    it’s not taxes… its insane building code enforcement that causes small business too much time effort and expense in opening up…a friend took over 6 months to open a candy shop with only a sink to put in……sadly “taxes” are the righties’ catnip