Novice Commission Candidate Smokes Veteran Opponent In Fund Raising





Mark Bogen kicked off his county commission campaign in October with $110,000 of his own money.

In November he proved he can raise money, too!

And not from the same old lobbyist/insider crowd.


mark bogen

Mark Bogen

Bogen, a condominium lawyer and a newcomer to politics, raised $31,000 in November from family, friends and maybe clients.  Six individuals named “Bogen” gave $1,000 apiece.

Most of this money remains in the bank.  Bogen only spent $2,654 of the $141,000 in his campaign.

“Bogen is the man to beat. He has spent little and has shown he can raise real money outside the downtown crowd,” one veteran political observer noted. “In the end he has ended speculation all he can do is self fund which makes him the clear front runner.”

Bogen’s opponent Lisa Aronson, a Broward political insider for decades, got smoked.

She raised only $5,530 in November, her first month campaigning for the north Broward commission district based in Coconut Creek.

Aronson, a Coconut Creek commissioner, also put in her own $1,000.

Her biggest contributor was car dealer Alfred Hendrickson and his Coconut Creek Toyota store — $1,500.  She also got $1,000 from Greespoon Marder, a law/lobbying firm where Democratic pols Steve and Joe Geller hang their hats. Also $500 from lobbyist Bernie Friedman.

A third candidate, former Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom, entered the race after the close of the November reporting period.

The three-way race between Democrats for the District 2 seat now held by term-limited Kristin Jacobs promises to be a feeding trough for political consultants.

Long-time Broward consultant Barbara Miller along with her acolyte Amy Rose is handling Bogen’s campaign.

Robin Rorapaugh, a disciple of former U. S. Rep. Peter Deutsch who was a senior advisor in the 2008 Obama campaign in Florida, is running Aronson’s race.

Mike Ahearn, a lawyer who is political advisor to Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler and has worked on numerous local races, is Rodstrom’s consultant.


County Commission District 2:


23 Responses to “Novice Commission Candidate Smokes Veteran Opponent In Fund Raising”

  1. kathy Dibona says:

    I like him

  2. Old Timer in Boone says:

    I have known Lisa since she worked for Rep.Larry Smith, she is a nice person and has the stuff to be on the County Commission.

    I think Lisa is going to be hurt by hiring Rorapaugh just like Rodstrom will be hurt by Ahern. Both have been around but neither have run a County Commission race. For Charlotte, she still has John to bring Ahern along.

    If the downtown crowd is going to throw their muscle behind someone, that someone has to have won major races and knows how to spend the money wisely. The only ones that qualify are Judy Stern, Amy Rose, Barbara Miller, Eric Johnson and Ashley Walker.

    If you want someone who worked for Obama in 08′ you hire Ashley Walker and not her #2.

    From what is written here, has Robin not had a race in Broward recently? She ran a failed race against Mitch Ceaser for Chair of the DEC, no?

    This is Bogen’s race to lose, a winning team, known in the condos and money, he is in.

    I think the new faces on the Commission next year will be Gibbons, Davis and Bogen. LaMarca beats Keechl, but its close.

  3. Fmr Gov. Rod Blagojevich says:

    I see that Lisa has accepted a $1000 from attorney Josh Rydell. Word around Creek is that Josh is going to be one of the people running for Lisa’s seat if she makes it to the County Commission. Wouldnt that make an interesting coincidence if Aronson wins the CC race and Rydell gets her endorsement for her city seat….

    Hmmm I wonder if any of the other aspiring candidates hoping to succede Lisa if she moves on to the County Commission will be “donating” to her campaign.

    If they were smart, they would hold back the donations until she actually resigned from the seat to remove the chance she gets cold feet and pulls out of the County Commission race.

    If Lisa is committed and confident she can win the County Commission race why not show it by resigning from the Creek Commission. Give someone like Rydell a chance to serve whose attention in not divided between working full time for the Broward Delegation, camapigning for County Commission and when there is time, serving the residents who just reelected her a few months ago to her City seat.

  4. FYI says:

    Robin is working for Barry Harris’ wife Julie on her Judicial Campaign against Stacy Shulman whose campaign is run by Ashley Walker.

  5. Calliope in Broward says:

    Josh Rydell, apparently a recent Democrat, has also been one of the 12 people to show up at the Coconut Creek Democratic Club recently. Not a very smart use of his time.

  6. Guess who says:

    First, no 2 is obviously an idiot if he/she thinks Sharief is going to lose.

    No 3,if she were to resign now, Rick Scott would fill the vacancy. I don’t think that’s in the cards.

    As for Ashley Walker, she’s not all that she’s cracked up to be. She was in the middle of getting killed in the Dolphins stadium initiative when that got killed in Tally. She ran treble races for Lou Granteed and Charlotte Rodstrom last cycle. Obama had to bring back Steve Schale they were so nervous she couldn’t get the job done.

    As for Ahern, rumor has it be wanted to run Lisa’s campaign but his entire strategy was to leak things to blogs.

  7. To The Point says:

    There are some good comments here for. Change. I agree that Ahern has nothing to offer and is a legend in his own campaign mind. I hear people saying they would never support anyone associated with Ahern. Probably good move on Lisa’s part to keep her distance from him. I guess his claim to fame is he shares office space with Jack Siedler. Campaign blogger and rumor spreader for sure. Charlotte should stay away from Ahern too and farther from Amy Rose. She is horrible and as dirty as they come.

  8. Jessie says:

    Aronson was clearly caught off guard and wasn’t planning to be in the race this early, so she didn’t have any real fundraising lined up. No excuses this month.

  9. No way Jose says:

    No 2- it’s Gibbons, Bogen, Sharief, and Keechl. The close race is Gibbons. Just saying.

  10. Stan says:

    Broward County does not need self serving political novices running its government.
    As a long time Creek resident I think Lisa has what it takes to lead at the Commission level.

  11. Carpetbaggers Beware says:

    Take a close look at that Map Bogen/ Rodstrom. That is where the district is, in case you were wondering. Now better hurry and purchase your condo that you will undoubtedly not live in so you can perpetuate your falsehood of residency.
    There is a Reason that there is a residency requirement.
    People in Commission Districts should be represented by those who are long time residents and have a vested interest in the well being of the community.
    Broward County needs to stand up to all these capetbaggers.
    That includes others mentioned in these comment sections like Gibbons. We don’t need County Commissioners who are going to live part time in their district or the County, for that matter Jacksonville Joe.

  12. Mophead says:

    Yo Mark get a haircut its not 1974.

  13. Guessed Wrong says:

    Guess Who, you are wrong, Gov Scott removes City Commissioners i.e. Talibisco but he does not appoint the seat filler, the City Commission does. Same on a resignation, the Gov does not appoint the City does.

    So Rydell or any others looking to run for Lisa’s city seat should ask why is she not resigning?

    Lisa knew Jacobs was termed out, if Jacobs seat is what she wanted why waste the voters time running for reelection which if successful she would later force the city to have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a special election.

    It seems simple if Lisa is committed to running and winning the CC seat, then she should resign now so a local resident who can devote their full efforts to the City post can be appointed.

    Maybe Lisa can also explain why she would take a job with the Legislative Delegation knowing there is no why she could campaign and keep that job (especially having to tral to Tally). Seems very odd to take a job you know you would be leaving so soon.

    Lisa worked for formerly imprisioned and corrupt former Congressman Larry Smith, so I guess you get what you get.

  14. Coco creek says:

    Buddy I am a supporter of Lisa Aaronson , since she is the only candidate that has lived in and supports the district, however im interested who this Josh Riedel is? I am a resident of creek and have never heard of him, insight please….

    I will also say if Mark actually lived in creek I would support him but seeing he is a plan beach resident I cannot

  15. Dear Lisa says:


    if you are attending a prayer breakfast in the black community it is rude and noticed by all when you leave right after your name is mentioned while the event is still ongoing.

    Also i keeping hearing from the Lisa supporters how she is from Creek. She is not from Pompano, Margate, Deerfield or Coral Springs and has as no more knowledge of the issues in those cities as anyone else in the race.

  16. Notocorruption says:

    Three more candidates of dubious stature. The worst outcome is that there is a good chance one of these individuals will actually get elected and will sit there, term after term, possibly never challenged, treating the role of County Commissioner as their due.

  17. Waldman is corrupt says:

    Aronson took the job with the delegation knowing it is only temporary. Waldman allowed the director to “retire” and she will come back after 6 months to double dip. Aronson was just a placeholder for her and she wasn’t planning to get into the race until after her temporary position was over-Waldman just spoon fed her the job.

  18. Creekgirl says:

    @ 13 Guess Wrong

    According to Coconut Creek Charter:

    Section 305. Vacancies; Filling of Vacancies.

    Vacancies. The office of Commissioner shall become vacant upon his death, resignation, removal from office in any manner authorized by law or forfeiture of his office.

    Filling of Vacancies. A vacancy on the Commission shall be filled in one of the following ways:
    If a vacancy occurs three hundred and sixty-five (365) or fewer calendar days before the expiration of the term of the former Commissioner, the Commission, by majority vote of the remaining members, shall appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy within thirty (30) days of its occurrence. Said appointee shall serve until the next regular City election and be a resident qualified voter of the same district in which the vacancy has occurred. Said appointee shal
    If a vacancy occurs more than three hundred sixty-five (365) calendar days before the expiration of the term of the former Commissioner, an election to fill said vacancy shall be held no sooner than sixty (60) days and no later than one hundred eighty (180) days of said vacancy. The Commissioner elected to fill the vacancy shall serve for the unexpired term of office and shall be a resident qualified voter of the same district in which the vacancy has occurred.

    For all those seeking to run for Commissioner Aronson seat, please find out if you live in District E. The boundaries have been redrawn. District D and E boundaries have been changed the most.

  19. Not Guessing says:

    @Guessed Wrong

    That Legislative Delegation position was ALWAYS a temporary gig while Sandy Harris took some time off.

  20. tell the truth says:

    seiler sidekick ahern running rodstrom campaign?

    good to know

    Bogen now has my vote!

  21. City Activist Robert walsh says:

    All this news about Bogen raising all this loot. I would be more impressed if it were residents etc. from the district. Don’t kid yourself Charlotte will turn heads w/ the amount of money people give to her campaign. As far as Mike Ahearn here, ok so he is in the same bldg. as Mayo Seiler-ok. Knowing Jack Seiler no ones speaks for Jack, but Jack. They are friends. As far as Mike Ahearn being this big political consulant for Seiler I think you are stretching things a bit. Back to Charlotte. She needs to rent an apt. buy property etc and move into the district sooner than later. She needs to get her views across to these voters. Use your husband experience etc on the Comm. to her advantage. People in this district lets just say she knows her way around the County Comm Office. While these other two canidates would be just another new face . Not Charlotte. Charlotte’ tenor on the Ft.Lau Comm.-bring up this as well. She was a three(3) term commissioner-none of the others on Ft.Lau have that notch under their belts-yet. As far as the 225 thou that we were charged for her special election. Bring up the fact that Charlotte ha d nothing to do w/ that. Char did not set the rates Dr.Snipes did that. It wa s clearly a dig by(pay back)Snipes to get even w/ her husband(shame). Next time you want to settle scores etc. Dr.Snipes do it on your dime ,not ours. Again Mrs.Rodstrom had nothing to do w/ those rates. I questioned those rate(charge) till I wa s blue in the face. Poll workers, my ass. We did not need all that help w/- what less than 5ooo voters voting. Come on. We have a race people. Good luck to all.

  22. about sandy harris says:

    Word is sandy harris didn’t just take time off. She retired to get her drop money and needed to sit out 6 months in order to not have to pay back the drop money. After 6 months she can double dip, go back to the delegation and get a salary from the delegation and her retirement at the same time. If true, Lisa was an active participant in the ruse.

  23. Blast from the past says:

    Hey Lisa, welcome to the NFL. Having fun yet?