Commission Aide Wants Second Government Job


Torey Alston, a high-paid Broward County Commission aide, wants a second government job.



He opened his campaign today for Broward County School Board to replace retiring Ben Williams.

Alston is 27.

He was in the news late last year.  His boss, County Commissioner Al Jones, had just been defeated and was leaving office.

In an outrageous example of thumbing his nose at the public, Jones gave Alston a raise to $74,045 just after losing the August, 2010 primary.

He got the same salary as Dee Platt, who has worked for the county commission since 1977!

The median family income in Broward was $48,772 in 2009.

Alston went to work for Commissioner Barbara Sharief after Jones left office.

If that’s not bad enough for you taxpayers, now Alston wants more.  He wants a second $35,000-plus salary as a School Board member.

According to Brittany Wallman at the Sun-Sentinel, Alston said he thinks he could remain as a commission aide  if elected.

“From my research, yes,” Alston is quoted.

That’s strange, since the County Commission and School Board meet at the same time on Tuesdays.

Alston has another thing against him.  It’s this statement in his application for a county commission appointment from then-Gov. Charlie Crist several years ago:

“I am a proud African American Young Republican. I believe that this appointment provides an ideal opportunity to not only bring anew and untainted perspective to the County Commission, but also to promote the progressiveness of the State Republican Party.”

Although School Board races are non-partisan, Alston’s Republican registration will be spread far and wide by Democrats.  In a heavily-Democratic district, it will be hard to get around that written statement.

Alston may be the greatest thing going.

Then again, he may be just another hack looking for a job. That’s something the School Board doesn’t need.

Here is the news release announcing his candidacy:




MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2011  (telephone number removed)


After months of input from family, friends, and school officials, former Student Member on the School Board runs for District 5.

FORT LAUDERDALE— Torey Alston, a member of the Florida A&M University Board of Trustees and former Student Member on the Broward School Board, has filed to run for the Broward School Board (district 5). Alston filed his paperwork and will open a bank account immediately to begin soliciting supporters.

“Torey would be an excellent School Board Member, as a product of our community willing to serve the district that has shaped his career,” said Lauderhill Commissioner Hayward Benson, who has already endorsed Alston. “He has deep roots in Broward County and would be a strong advocate providing fresh new ideas for our community.”

Mr. Alston has spent the last several months seeking guidance and input from his family, friends and constituents. “After consulting family, friends, and supporters, the outpouring of support for new leadership has been overwhelming,” said Alston, who attended Blanche Ely High School, Parkway Middle and Walker Elementary. “I am from this community, I understand the issues in our community and I will fight for our kids on the Broward School Board.”

Mr. Alston has already picked up the support of several elected officials and community leaders. His supporters include County Commissioner Barbara Sharief, County Commissioner Chip LaMarca, Pompano Beach Commissioner Woody Poitier, Lauderdale Lakes Mayor Barrington Russell, Lauderdale Lakes Vice-Mayor Levoyd Williams, Lauderdale Lakes Commissioner Dr. Edwina Coleman, Lauderdale Lakes Commissioner Eric Haynes, Lauderdale Lakes Commissioner Benjamin Williams, Lauderdale Lakes Commissioner Gloria Lewis, and Art Kennedy, Chief of Staff to Congressman Alcee Hastings.

Mr. Alston has made an impact in the State of Florida in such a short time. At the age of 25, Mr. Alston was appointed to the Florida A&M University Board of Trustees, where he currently serves as Chairman of the Trustee-Student Affairs Committee. Currently, Alston serves as Chief of Staff to Broward County Commissioner Barbara Sharief. From 2007-2010, Alston served as executive director for Florida’s Office of Supplier Diversity and served as interim executive director for the state’s Council on Efficient Government. Under Alston’s leadership in fiscal year 2006-2007, the State of Florida spent more than $3 billion with minority, black and women-owned businesses. As an administrator in Tallahassee, Alston raised nearly $1 million for the state’s MatchMaker Conference linking business owners statewide and successfully attracting major corporate sponsors including AT&T and Walt Disney World. Mr. Alston received his undergraduate degree in business administration from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and a master’s in business administration with a concentration in marketing and management. Mr. Alston is a subscribing Life Member of the NAACP, FAMU National Alumni Association Life Member, Southern Province Life Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., corporate board member for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County and a member of New Mount Olive Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale.



29 Responses to “Commission Aide Wants Second Government Job”

  1. Chip OffDaMarca says:

    way too easy. My work here is done. It’s good to be the king(maker)!

  2. Abolish The Commission says:

    $75,000 ayear for a secretary is an example of why Broward government is out of touch.

    Get rid of them. Every one.

  3. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Big Deal- First of all Mr.Alston is way , way over paid. Appointed Comm.Al Jones brought him on board w/ this inflated salary. He’s lucky I am not one of the aides I since he makes the most money out of any of the others would be since your making more than any one else-you take out the trash, you clean the bathrooms, you stay late to answer the phones etc. Wants to run for School bd, go if the voters want him fine. Then he thinks he can do both, like Houdani, there handsome huh?. I also get this one confused w/ Corey. And to Comm.Sharif I know you where PRESSURED to take him on board, but you would have to admit that the salary that WE ARE paying him(not you-Get it Comm.Jacobs)is excessive. I mean just look at what the other ast. are being paid. I mean this is just one headache you could have avoided Comm.Shariff. Let the BLack Caucus hire him and pay him over 80 Grand a year and not us the county residents.

  4. Give Me A Break says:

    There goes a balanced story Buddy…TA: You will be fine!

  5. #1 Democrat for Justice says:

    Who cares Buddy…seems like you keep rehashing the same story on his salary. Why focus on that and notif he would be good for the District? I’m a hard democrat, but I know the guy and he is no lunatic like most other Republicans! Looks like thr white power structure and some in the black community are afraid of good change…Buddy your skewed story proves it!

  6. S only says:

    I/We are paying a 27 year old government Aide 74 thousand dollars a year? That is outrageous! There’s NO WAY this guy is gonna be elected—

  7. BewareWhatYouWishFor says:

    Why are people upset at Torey Alston for his salary? If you want to be upset at someone, be upset at Commissioner Sharief. As far as running for office, what’s the big deal? Doesn’t he have a right to run? Give him credit for being out there in the arena.

  8. NoseBleedSeats says:

    So now I suspect we can expect “the next great thing” to campaign on our dime while he runs 24/7? I’m sure he will be very busy, all over the place campaigning, while we pay him to assist the Commissioner! Broward is hopeless….

  9. Rule #1 says:

    Please if you have not had your 10 year high school reunion you have no business sitting on the school board. He has no chidren. How can this guy sit down and deal with isssues relating to parents and their children? Some will say its the same for Dinnen, but at least she was a classroom teacher for a number of years.

  10. Wayne Arnold says:

    Broward County Commissioner Barbara Sharief appears to be doing a fine job but, paying her aide $74,045 annually is a bit much. It does not pass the smell test. This guy may be the greatest thing since sliced bread but surely he needs “life experience” good or bad. My ol’GrandDad Wilton who served on the school board for two terms in North Florida told me when I was a mere teenager in the fifties that it took him one year to learn the most important word in politics,NO! Sometimes passion to do a particular job is important but in every stage of our life it is OK to dream but we all must learn our limitations.

  11. Surprised at You says:

    Shareef promised to be a Democrat and she hires Republicans and then promotes them into office and I think that is a lot like lying about what you really believe. It bothers me a lot.

  12. Ghost_Wayne_Thrasher says:

    Does this guy have a high school diploma? Why he is making this kind of money from my tax? I am asking this from my grave because lot of our high school diploma holders are making more than that. My buddy Mike Marchetti is still making $90K (he was making $95K before he bumped in as building inspector) with a high school diploma???

  13. GOPapa says:

    Teachers make half what this glorified 27-year-old secretary is making. Shame on Barbara Sharief!!!!

  14. Frank White says:

    He previously set up some scheme to bid on airport work with his brother. He is looking for a big payday at the public’s expense. I think this guy is going to end up in jail, mark my words….

  15. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Buddy I pulled what the School Bd. is paying there ast. as well. Although I did this last year, with several new bd. members I want to see what they are being paid. As far as the comments to Comm.sharif, take note the residents are very upset w/ Mr.allston’s salary obviously. And to Comm.Jacobs who did not mention me by name(like guess who) she stated at last week’s comm.meeting that she”was astounished that someone(I wonder who?) would (get this) march up to the 4th floor and request to see how much they are paying there ast. an dthen broadcast it all over town. Listen Comm.Jacobs when you start paying these people(ast) then I won’t march anywhere. Jacobs is got a little cocky since she went unopposed last time around. That Comm.jacobs could change very quickly-if you get my drift..

  16. District5Voter says:

    It appears to me that Mr. Alston is young and gifted. Anyone who can run a state government agency and a multimillion dollar budget at age 25 certainly can be deemed talented. My guess is that there is no other aide (including Dee Platt) who has a MBA, has run a state agency, and supervised dozens of people. Sounds like Torey is paid appropriately and Dee Platt has just gotten cost of living adjustments for 30 years.

  17. Ghost_Wayne_Thrasher says:

    To “District5Voter”

    There are lot of people with MBA and more qualified than Alston on the street collecting unemployment. They will do the job half of what this guy is getting.

    FYI – now a day almost everyone can have MBA because universities like Phoenix, Barry, Nova, Kaplan and many more like these.

  18. Give Me A Break says:

    this stream is so outrageous and proves that black folks can’t be go to school and get paid well…”they” want you to live in Section 8 and HUD all your life and make $1,000 a year, then you are OK….Give Me A Break!

  19. Fritz says:

    Just the fact that he is supported by the Lauderdale Lakes Commission would be enough for me not to vote for him. After all, aren’t they the pillars of fiscal responsibility (even though they tried to blame it all on their former City Manager)?

  20. J Eggelletion says:

    Well, Torey is running for the Broward School Board District 5. People not only he is not qualified but also a Republican. This is County Government at it’s worst. Maybe, we should place a limit on the Commissioner’s Aide salary. At the next year budget hearing this will be a good issue to cut the salaries of both the Commissioners along with the Aides to balance the budget.

  21. #1 Democrat for Justice says:

    Fritz: Sounds like you won’t support the guy anyway…he has wide support and now his haters are scrambling

    TA: Keep your head up, even though I can’t be public for you

  22. Broward Resident says:

    He should get married, have a few kids, learn what it’s like to raise children, buy a house, pay some property taxes. Then he can take his place in the world of leadership. Someone in that much of a hurry ain’t headed to anywhere safe. What can any 27 year old have to offer that’s worth the risk of electing such inexperience?

  23. Fritz says:

    @#1 Democrat: I am an Independant and don’t care if he is Republican or Democrat. I have no more children in the Broward County school system (for which I thank God) and I am not in his District. As far as his supporters go, the list is unimpressive, including those I noted above, and if the goal of naming those supporters is to booster his chances of winning, it does just the opposite for me.

  24. Reparations says:

    Its about reparations, what great accomplishments did Even Jenne or the Moskowitz kid have when they ran, their Daddy’s names. Black folk deserve and are owed a great school board meember like Torey.

  25. Where's daddy? says:

    Reparations is a joke.

    He might have even a weak argument if Torey had a daddy with a “name.” But no soap. As for Blacks being “owed” a seat, take a look, Mr. R. The district already has a Black majority and will elect their own. Unfortunately, there’s no candidate in the race that’s worth a damn. The School Board needs a candidate that will actually represent the community. Someone like Matt Meadows.

  26. Give Me A Break says:

    In case you 24/7 blog hoggers didnt know, each Commissioner has there own budget and they determine how to handle it…why should we be upset with the guy for accepting his salary?

    Buddy didn’t attack the guy’s ethics or him personally, he has REPEATED the same media story on his salary…who cares! Its old news. Have u asked him his views and what he believes in? THE MAIN PROBLEM IS MANY PEOPLE KNOW HE IS TRULY INDEPENDENT AND HAS HIS OWN MIND….HE WON’T FALL IN LINE WITH THE OLD GUARD WHO BELIEVES THEY HAVE A LOOK ON VOTES IN THE COUNTY AND THEY KNOW HE WILL WORK HARD TO WIN THE SEAT….Period!

  27. Fritz says:

    We can only assume Reparations is joking because nobody can make a stupid statement like that seriously. Give Me A Break is living in a dream world. He will fall right in line with the old guard especially because most of his political supporters represent the old guard and their own interests.

  28. Watson says:

    Press Release
    From Desk of Sallie B. Tillman-Watson campaign manager of Commissioner Gloria Lewis of Lauderdale Lakes. Commissioner Lewis didn’t give anyone permission to use her name for endorsement don’t get it twisted.

    Approved by Commissioner Gloria Lewis of Lauderdale Lakes/ 10/25/2011

  29. Not Impressed says:

    @Broward Resident, I agree! Eventually he will get married (to a closeted lesbian)and have children, own a home, pay taxes etc…. When he can lead his personal life, then and only then will he be prepared for such a leadership position.