Coconut Creek Trying to Bypass New Golden Parachute Curbs


Coconut Creek has found a way around the new law which curbs golden parachutes for city officials:

Commissioners are being asked to immediately extend City Manager David Rivera’s current severance package through 2018. His current package is much more generous than the new one allowed under the law.

Let me write that again.  Commissioners will vote on whether to extend Rivera’s severance package for seven years after the new law takes effect!

“I’m not for it. I think it’s wrong…it’s disgusting,” said Commissioner Becky Tooley.

The idea for the extension came from Rivera himself.  He did not return a call for comment.

Commissioners are scheduled to vote on the extension Thursday night.

The Rivera agenda item, below, makes it clear that the vote is to being done to get around the new law.

The backup for the agenda states the new law has “a limited severance pay provision” and that is why they are rushing the extension.

Rivera is currently entitled to severance for at least one year, according to a commission member.

As part of its efforts to cut the cost of government, the Florida Legislature during the just-ended session limited the severance pay of public officials.  The new law caps severance at 20 weeks, or about five months.

If an employee disputes the termination, the severance package can be cut to six weeks.  A dismissal for cause — defined as “willful disregard of an employer’s interest” can result in no severance being paid.

There is a lesson in this:  Some Coconut Creek officials are oblivious to taxpayer’s demand that outsized government benefits must be reduced. Thursday we will see if a majority of the commissioners are also blind to the wishes of the public.


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49 Responses to “Coconut Creek Trying to Bypass New Golden Parachute Curbs”

  1. Jeanne Jusevic says:

    Sometimes my city commission is the poster child for term limits.
    I commend Commissioner Tooley for opposing this measure.

  2. Creek Girl says:

    WTH, City Manager Dave Rivera is paid well over $200K a year. He also has a car allowance, plus paid health care benefits for him & family, plus $5000 for his retirement fund. Now, he wants a golden parachute?!!!This is from a city with less than 50,000 residents with an average income of less than $40,000 a year.

    Rivera was hired by the current City’s Commission (which includes Becky Tooley / sans Mickey Belvedere) after the esteemed Mr. Kelly retired. Rivera was the only one interviewed for the position and there were no other candidates considered for the job.

    I guess this means the residents of Coconut Creek should look forward to utilities, water, fire and tax increases to cover Dave’s golden parachute!

  3. CocoNut says:

    this is really not news for us in cityhall. Rivera is power mad who plays the city commission like they are his toys especially Saborn. They do anything he says.

  4. BML says:

    I have lots to say about Rivera and the plethora of staff in this city. But to be brief, any Commissioner that votes for this needs to be voted out. Are recalls possible in Creek?

  5. Hypocrisy Exposed says:

    Scary that they tried to sneak this by everyone. Cities claim employees and unions are the problem, then they try this kind of stunt. Let this be a lesson to other cities — if you try such a stunt, someone will expose your hypocrisy.

  6. Hypocrisy Exposed says:

    If they will try this, what else is out there on this agenda tonight? People better show up and be heard before they try anything else.

  7. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    As you know I have expressed issues with my city manager’s compensation package. You may also know that I have a reputation for being, well, thrifty with public funds. But severance for a city manager under a council/manager form of government is essential to ensuring ethical and proper checks and balances.

    City managers and high level officials work at the pleasure of their appointing City Commissions. Any commissioner can make a motion to terminate the manager for any reason at any given city commission meeting. Managers are required by oath to serve well and faithfully.

    You don’t support a city manager’s oath by threatening their duty to family. The way to promote ethical behavior is by ensuring that the manager make the proper decisions even if pressed by political or other undue pressures to do otherwise.

    Severance agreements promote that good behavior and any law that eliminates that is wrong, unethical, and short-sighted.

    Severance payments are negotiated as part of compensation and should be done within limits established by reasonable guidelines. They should not be excessive or insufficient to achieve the intended purpose — to ensure integrity and chill the potential for extorting an improper decision from a public employee.

    Some of you may say, “well, I work for X company and we don’t get any severances.” Actually, most companies do pay severance. But even if yours doesn’t few if any of the managers at X company are responsible for managing public dollars in the same way, to the same extent, or potentially risk facing the same kind of political pressures that a city manager does every day. The misuse of that pressure can easily result in extortion that results in the misspending of many millions in government dollars.

    Severance packages stand between that happening. In that sense they are insurance policies that promote proper ethical managerial behavior in government; proper checks and balances between city managers and their bosses city officials or other political operatives.

    Governmental severance agreements for government officials are not golden parachutes. They serve as insurance policies against improper use of public office. It is proper to put limits on the amounts with guidelines. Three months of salary before three years of service, or six months of salary before five years of service, or a cap of 12 months of salary afterward five years of service is not out of line and it promotes proper ethical conduct.

    In the absence of severance packages, city managers will demand more pay which will cost government more money. Watch this start to happen. That’s as inevitable as the ending of a Greek tragedy.

    This is a bad law. A very bad law. It sounds good but is not good and sound. Pennywise and pound foolish. You’ll see.


  8. Creek LEO says:

    I know Rivera first hand. Rivera is totally disinterested in the residents of Creek or the employees. He is only interested in himself and building an empire like the previous city manager Kelley had to control the city, with the commissioners just a rubber stamp.

  9. rampage says:

    Unbelievable! We are suppost to be cutting budgets & he wants more!!! Hopefully more commisioners will stand up against this. He needs to practice what he preaches. This is an average working class city…try it!

  10. Mortimer Jones says:

    Oh, Mr. Castillo. You do an awful lot of book writing on these blogs during business hours. Who is earning your $160K salary at the non profit?

  11. CCreek Resident says:

    To those of you with limited knowledge and narrow views: Please read Commissioner Castillo’s commentary letter, as it highlights some important aspects you may not be aware of. You may also want to consider the intelligence and source of the “new law” and come to your own conclusions as to whether or not you are in accord with it. Additionally, take a little more time to consider if you really want the state to mandate what municipalities can and can’t do. You may also want to research who is bound by Sunshine Laws and who is not. I find most of the comments here reactive and not responsive, which is usually the case when someone does not know all of the facts or aspects of an issue.

  12. PHAT Black Chick says:

    Comm. Angelo,

    Your opinion that a generous severance package will curb the temptation of corruption by city managers and other high salaried employees is so blantantly wrong!!!!

    Growing up, I was taught that government (Local, state, and federal) jobs paid slightly less than the private sector because the person(s) footing the bill are the taxpayers of the United States of America. I do not disagree that a government employee should be compensated with a severene package for his/her service to the country. But to link a severence package as an incentive to deter corrupt criminal behavior from city managers, Comm. Angelo, is stretching it!!! The threat of criminal prosecution for corruption and imprisonment for the crime of corruption by S.A. Mike Satz should serve as an incentive for city managers throughout Broward County to stay honest. Ask former City of Coconut Commissioner Ron Dearing.

    Now , if it is true that this city manager of Coconut Creek, who makes over $200 g’s a year plus all of the benefits mentioned by Creek girl in the above post, needs a severance package incentive to keep him from being corrupted while in employment with the city I recommend that this city’s commissioners tell this city manager to update his resume!

  13. BML says:

    Well said, PBG!

    I once asked Mr. Rivera why we also needed an assistant city manager for such a small populated city. He told me he spends his time lobbying county, state and federal governments, and that the assistant dealt with more daily tasks.

    I found his comment disconcerting as Creek is already paying lobbying firms approximately $10K per month just for state lobbying. I’m not sure what federal and county lobbying contracts are at.

  14. the Real Truth says:

    Ethics come from character. Character exhibits itself in the manner in which you conduct yourself when no one else is looking! Either you are moral and conduct yourself accordingly or you aren’t and do not. No severance agreement will change character.

  15. Floridan says:

    There’s really two issues here:

    1) Whether or not it is a good idea for the State Legislature to impose on local governments regulations such as this. What is the basis for dictating that a municipality such as Coconut Creek (or Boytnon Beach, or Leesburg) limit severance pay to 20 weeks? Aren’t local officials in a better position to judge what is appropriate?

    2) As someone familiar with Coconut Creek, I knowit to be a municipality that is extremely well-run (even if I haven’talways agreed with everything that is done there). In large part that is due to hiring and keeping competent staff (and commissioners, for the most part, staying out of the day-to-day operations of the city).

    How do you keep excellent employees? Good working conditions and competitive pay, of course.

  16. Patti Lynn says:

    It matters not that the State Legislature is making law that doesn’t apply to them. It also doesn’t matter that the Sunshine Laws do not apply to the State Legislature. That’s like the old whine that kids give their parents, “…but Johnny’s Mom is letting him do it”.
    What’s right is right. We are in a severe financial crisis. Municipalities must do everything possible to preserve their assets. To try and skirt the law…by amending the contract…at the behest of the ONE person that it benefits…speaks volumes about the character of the City Manager. ETHICS…got any???

  17. Floridan says:

    Hmmm . . . accidently submitted previous comment before I was done. To continue . . .

    A mid-sized city such as Coconut Creek that aspires to be something other than “better than the worst,” should have the flexibility to tailor its sompensation package as is necessary to keep its senior management from moving on to a bigger city that may offer higher pay and benefits.

    This has nothing to do with Coconut Creek or Dave Rivera. It is about local governments being able to make policy decisions based on what is best for their constituencies. Today it may be serverance packages; next it may be a formula for determining salaries, or a limit on how much park acreage a municipality can have.

    As Comm. Castillo said above, “This is a bad law. A very bad law.”

  18. Creek girl says:

    Com. Angelo wrote:

    “In the absence of severance packages, city managers will demand more pay which will cost government more money. Watch this start to happen.”

    Whoa! You must not be experiencing “The Great Recession” as the rest of the regular taxpaying resident in Broward County is. Mr. Rivera is making over $200,000 a year. That’s over $15,000 a month! Don’t tell me he doesn’t make enough income to save for his own severance package! He is over-compensated enough!

    If city manager Dave Rivera is threatening to leave because he believes he is “owed” a better serverance package for his managerial prowess and services, I would like to suggest that my city commissioners take the following action: Ask for Mr. Rivera’s resignation.

    He will then be free to seek employment at another municipality that will compensate him for his “skills”.

  19. larry lemelbaum says:

    With mass unemployment high tax rate (water & sewer)I AGREE WITH COMM.TOOLEY

  20. larry lemelbaum says:


  21. Rivera for President says:

    Leave him alone! He is just doing what anyone would do to protect their future. He is trying to maximize his pay and provide the best possible future for himself.

    If he was a union member, that would be different.

    If he was an police officer, that would be different.

    If he was a firefighter, that would be different.

    In those cases, they are being greedy asking for protections, raises and benefits.

    Besides, he shows leadership by trying to get through in these tough economic times when we are talking about cutting back on services. It takes vision to look past all that and still try to squeeze a great benefit for yourself.

  22. Tooley Is Right says:

    Rivera is everything people hate about government. He is a guy who is already being paid generously, probably more than he deserves for a city that size. That’s not enough for the greedy bastard so he tries to sneak a fast one through to extend his benefits. He is not a good stewart of the public’s money, which is exactly what people are complaining about government in general

  23. benjamin says:

    I wonder if the governor who received 300 million in severance from HCA when he was fired as CEO thinks this is a good bill.

    FROM BUDDY: Touche!!!

  24. Creek girl says:

    BML asked: “Are recalls possible in Creek?”

    Yes, The City of Coconut Creek’s Charter allows for city commissioners to be recalled by its residents registered to vote.

    If any of the City’s commissioners have the audacity of vote in favor of Dave Rivera’s generous severance package, I will sign the petition recalling them.

    Thank you Buddy for keeping us informed!

  25. BML says:

    Happy to report it was soundly defeated. But Commissioner Gerber’s constituents need to tell her she was wrong and that she needs to begin listening to the people. Recall, anyone? Maybe she is too out of touch to represent us anymore.

  26. Le Peerman says:

    4 no votes

  27. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    It should go without saying that my post herein wasn’t about Coconut Creek. I’ve spoke to none of my good colleagues there about this issue nor have I ever met their city manager. Their issues are in their good hands to handle.

    My comment was excusively in response to Florida’s new law that keeps high level municipal managers employed within council/manager forms of government [emphasis added] from having reasonable severance provisons included in their employment contracts.

    I’ve explained why and have 30 years of executive level experience in government to inform my opinion. Having done that, I have every expectation that some will disagree with that view or any view of mine if they wish. I have no plan to try and convince you. I shared it for your benefit, not mine. That’s the job that public officials owe residents and then people have to decide for themselves what they want to believe. It’s the American way.

    I do reserve a right or two of my own. One is to be treated with respect as I do to others, because I believe I’ve earned that on the basis of my years of service to this community.

    Another, which I only exercise only occasionally, is to say I told you so.



  28. Floridan says:

    A couple of posts above are symptomatic of what is wrong with our democracy today. In response to a commissioner casting one vote that they disagree with, the commenters are ready to mount a recall effort (which, I am confident will go no further than that).

    It seems to me that this is an example of political narcissism – the belief that one’s positions are so righteous that the only explanation for opposition to them is malignant intent.

    In this case, Marilyn Gerber has served Coconut Creek intelligently and honorably for many years, but one vote that someone disagrees with and she needs to be recalled? In my opinion this attitude changes governance to little more than a reality show where contestants are “voted off the island” for the entertainment of the viewers.

    Not a very thoughtful way to deal with the often complicated issues that affect our lives.

    There is a lot of truth on what you say.

  29. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    This pay package is based on crazy logic. If the threat of corruption is so high and dependant on pay packages, then we should just indict the person the first day if they don’t have usch a package.

    If money was the only thing seperating honesty from a life of crime, then why do I see all of these white guy business people who make gobs of money under indictment for doing things illegal?

    On the other hand, I think that giving a pass to someone who is broke to commit illegal acts is also crazy thinking.

    This is a right to work state and you are not by law going to get sererence or even a vacation.

    Let’s get real with salaries as I doubt that there is a massive shortage of city managers and pipeline of future managers coming from schools.

    If the position is so f’n tempting to be corrupt, then isn’t that the issue?

    How come I and a lot of people here don’t have massive salaries, car expense accounts and severence packages, but do not steal or engage in illegal behaviour??????

  30. Herman Pecker says:

    Great comments, but some people are missing the real point of providing some semblance of security for a city manager.

    The reality is, good competent long-term leadership may often call for decisionmaking that is not conducive to short-term politics. A city manager must have some security in order to make recommendations to a commission that may not be politically expedidient at the time, although they may be the right decisions for the future of the city.

    It can’t be a simple or inexpensive option to blow out a city manager merely because he makes a recommendation some on the commission may not like.

    Hollywood and Lauderdale Lakes aside, a manager must have security to lead competently. Residents need to understand professional leadership is hired to do a job. Managers must have some protection from being fired as political payback. (Incompetence or malfeasance aside).

  31. DeathFrog3 says:

    @ ExCompassionateConservative

    The compensation package is not to keep the city manager from stealing iit is to keep city managers from getting fired for politically motivated reasons. For instance if a city/county commissioner were to approach the manager and “suggest” the city/county does business with a particular firm and the manager refuses. The manager ends up on a hit list. The commissioner then needs to determine if the cost to terminate the manager outweighs the “slight.”

    This is one of the few areas I agree with Castillo on.

    The constitutional officers of the state have pay legislated. I say cap the pay of managers based on the population of the jurisdiction with a ceiling of 150k. Then just make a blanket 500,000 to 1,000,000 buy out for termination without cause. Make the contract specify cause and both parties agree on a third party arbitrator to determine whether there is cause.

  32. Floridan says:

    @DF3 – the reason constitutional officers have their pay legislated is because otherwise they would have to set their own pay. Such is not the case with city managers.

    I see no logical reason why a city that wants to pay more to keep a good manager in place shouldn’t have that power. If the residents think the elected officials are giving away the store, then they have a chance to address that at the next election.

    I’m sure some people are motivated by the feeling that “Hey, I don’t make that kind of money, why should anyone else?” I’m not sure that’s a realistic way to deal with compensation issues.

  33. Confused says:

    I read through the previous comments and I have to admit that I’m left quite confused. It appears that the majority of those posting think that a City Manager’s position is similar to that of an accountant or sales manager. This simply isn’t the case.
    For most of those that posted, every decision that you make isn’t subject to public scrutiny, often lambasted in the paper. Most of those that posted only have one boss, and for those that have multiple bosses, at least they have similar agendas. Finally, when those that posted get let go, they aren’t publicly blackballed to the point where you’ll likely have to move your entire family to another state to find prospects of continued employment.
    While I find C. Creek’s attempt to work around the law ill conceived, I wholeheartedly agree that this is a bad law, and this is likely the only workaround that could be conceived in such short order. Trust me, if your City Manager quit as a result of this law, it will cost your city way more in missed opportunities and poor decisions that a decent severance package.

  34. What Freud Would Say says:

    The one sentence posted above offers a window into today’s psychology that demands our attention. The poster says:

    “How come I and a lot of people here don’t have massive salaries, car expense accounts and severence packages, but do not steal or engage in illegal behaviour.”

    Let’s dissect this together.

    “How come” as in there must be something wrong because I do not understand.

    “I” the all important reference to the entire conversation, in this case about society which requires a “we” reference to properly engage in the discussion. Go no further than there to find an irreparable disconnect.

    “and a lot of other people here” he senses he’s alone and so he guesses as to the view of others if only to bolster an opinion he suspects is unpopular. And why does he feel that way? Because he is conflicted even as he expresses it. He knows he is wrong but is too damaged to change it.

    “Don’t have massive salaries, car expense accounts or severance packages” Here we see the hidden agenda. I want those things and do not have them. Instead of taking responsibility for my own failings, I will seek to punish others for their success. By punishing others more successful than me, I feel better about being a failure.

    “but do not steal or engage in illegal behavior.” Two points here. Call them crooks to explain the contrast between them and you. Do it even if it’s not true, if only to underscore the anger felt at not being someone better off.

    This is a coping skill developed by the self-loathing to project outward onto innocent, successful others the rage they dare not project inward at being responsible for their own mediocre fate in life. They appear smart that way but it’s not wisdom that they are generating. It’s mental illness.

  35. DeathFrog3 says:

    @ Floridan

    While fundamentally I agree that pay should be market driven. For the most part every other municipal employee’s salary is legislated and capped(generally through collective bargaining or job description and pay rates).

    Your argument of if a commission gives away the farm to a bad manager then you vote out the commission doesn’t change the problem. The Manager either still works out his contract or gets the severence package. Either way the residents get screwed.

  36. Who Would Want the Job? says:

    CEOs have severance packages because they have to have the courage to take action despite the potential unpredictable and bizarre behavior of boards, who may make a decision to can them based on something other than what they can control.

    You think that is risky, try being a city manager, especially when you look at local governments. You have to be out of your mind to leave a stable good job to put your fate in the hands of a majority vote, which may only be 1 angry nut with 2 others who dont know any better.

    The problem is the new law. It is anti-democratic because it takes away the ultimate punishment we have as residents, the power of the vote. It substitutes a standard which, all else equal, should cause talented managers to leave city government. That is the real story, these unhinged tea baggers who say they believe in smaller government and that government should stay out business decisions, interfere locally.

    This is a violation of home rule.

    Of course, Rivera trying to sneak this past everyone is exactly why the Tallahassee crew says local government cant be trusted to guard the public coffers. The system worked, however.

  37. NoseBleedSeats says:


    I usually agree with your observations on this blog and what Rivera is trying to do is stupid, but the law is a bad one for everyone in the State. City Managers, County Managers, School Board Superintendents, etc… are always under a significant amount of political pressure from elected officials who in many cases would change the manager/superintendent like they change their underwear, if they could and it will be a lot easier without reasonable employment agreements. Professionals from other states, professionals from the other side of the state won’t come to Florida/here if their only protection is 20 weeks of severance. These professionals which readers of your blog seem to hold in such low regard run what amount to Fortune 500 companies, yet we want to pay them as little as possible and then complain about how bad things are. Jim Notter is not the best around, but he managed a $2+ billion dollar company for many years, a far greater task than most posters on this blog. Is $300k a year to much to pay him? It’s low by comparable national standards. Does anyone believe we’ll attract the best candidate to this snake pit with 20 weeks of severance? We are all fooling ourselves about what we expect and what we are willing to pay for. Should a janitor make $108k? Of course not! Will the clowns on the school board do anything about it? Of course not! We are responsible for the electeds, but we seem to be intent on punishing the people who really make the trains run. Let’s all get real, it isn’t local government that is causing the elimination of the middle class. I don’t see the Broward Workshop leaders suffering. When times get tough they lay people off and pad their pockets. Look at what’s going on at your old paper! I don’t agree with Castillo’s notion that severence promotes non corrupt behavior, but he’s correct, it’s a bad law for all of us.

  38. Tired of Coconut Creek Politics says:

    I truly hope the citizens of Coconut Creek show up for the Commission meeting on Thursday, but why should they no one cares or listens…just like no one votes on election day because they know the people in Wynmoor outweigh “our” votes…the people in Wynmoor are directed on who they should vote for regardless if them know them or not.

    It’s pretty much a “yes” Commission…one of the Commissioners is in NY the whole summer and asks how she should vote on items (as she has no clue anyway), the other asks “what color are the pipes” for a major impact project on the City and of course one of them has a major interest in the DUMP…go figure, and on and on…oh and except for the first 15 minutes of the Commission Meeting where they all tell about their “whereabouts” , they just like to hear themselves speak and to see themselves in the Coconut Creek Life that the City pays for yearly.. and more importantly Larry, let’s not forget about the DUMP! It’s pretty ironic that we are so “lucky” we are the only ones that have entered into an agreement with the Indians for revenues, but as far as I know for the last 20 years our taxes have go up every year…where has all the extra revenue for the City gone DAVE?

  39. R Albano says:

    One of the bloggers at this site took to task a prior contributor who commented on BUDDY NEVINS’s article. That blogger chose to criticize the earlier contributor on the basis of his/her grammar. The pedantic and condescending tone of that blog begs the question: Is it a case of “best defense is a good offense?” Could the author be someone who, as the saying goes, has a dog in this fight? Come out, come out, whoever you are.

    In any event, let’s keep our eye on the real issue, which is not people’s grammar or their motives for submitting blogs but the compensation and severance pay of the Coconut Creek City Manager. Consider these facts:
    The Coconut Creek City Manager now receives a base salary of $227,699, with fringe benefits (FICA/Medicare, pension, and insurance) of $66,315, for a total $294,014. That salary plus fringe is just the tip of the iceberg. The City Manager’s employment contract includes additional benefits: $750 a month ($9,000 yearly) travel allowance, a $5,000 deferred compensation plan. It also provides for 80 hours of vacation leave above and beyond what other city employees get, which the City Manager may elect to exchange for a lump sum cash payment (If my math is correct) that is at $109.47 per hour, a possible additional $8,758. But wait! It’s not over yet. Incredibly, on each anniversary of the contract, he gets ANOTHER 80 hours of vacation time which he may elect to exchange for another lump sum – so there is another possible $8,758.

    Let’s now add it up: $227,699 + $66,315 + $9,000 + $5,000 +$8758 + $8758 = $325,530. ** [The last two figures can only be estimates since the city has not been forthcoming with actual figures, despite repeated requests for the information.]. This does not include conferences, business trips and other business-related expenses paid by the city.

    How about some comparisons?: The US Vice President’s salary is $230,700 plus a $10,000 expense allowance . The mayor of San Francisco ( a city of over 805,000 population, versus Coconut Creek’s 50,000) gets $173,000. America’s 10 best-paying professions, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, have average salaries ranging from $167,610 (psychiatrists) to $225,390 (surgeons). Keep in mind that most of those people have enormous malpractice insurance premiums from $14,000 to infinity – which they pay out of pocket and which our City Manager does not have. We need to note that a city manager – including our City manager – is a public servant, not a celebrity, not an athlete, not a medical professional with advanced degrees.

    Need more? The average income of individuals in Coconut Creek is $40,000, while the base pay of the City Manager is $227,699. This alone, without all the add-on perks, places him in the top 2% of salaries in the city. Is the City Manager overpaid? You judge. Then, do speak your opinion loudly and clearly. But please don’t waste any more of our time or attempt to take our eyes off the ball by commenting on people’s grammar, punctuation or motives.

  40. R Albano says:

    I wish to correct an item in my prior blog. I indicated the City Manager receives a travel allowance of $750 per month ($9,000 per year). I meant to say the amount listed is for an AUTOMOBILE allowance.

  41. Response to Albano says:

    Your comparison to the Vice President and city managers makes the very point that some have attempted here. Unlike any elected official city managers have no term in office to stand between their decisions and being fired. The actual term of office for a city manager is from meeting to meeting.

    The pay for city managers is set competitively in that market. Few high level executive managers are willing to work in government. First, it’s too hard given all the rules. Second, the pay is so much better in the private sector. Third, you have more authority in the private sector than in government. Why would a professional manager work for a group of commissioners who likely have no comparable management experience? The only reason is they like government and because there is severance for when they are put in a bad situation.

    You can get some people to become city managers for less pay. No question especially in this job market. Will they be as good, as experienced? Would you trust them to take care of us in an emergency? Make the tough decisions that affect our tax rates and quality of life? Keep us safe? Roll the dice and see.

  42. Not a Dave Guy says:

    Dave is a long time employee, but this is his first job as a City Manager. So his experience is limited. Not worth the money. Contract would be way too long.

  43. Just say NO!!! says:

    You have got to be joking me!!! Is this for real? Have any of you ever met this guy? Let me get this straight, we have crime up the wazoo, a handful of traffic officers that can’t possibly keep up with the demand, a fire department that is stretched way too thin,(is this because of lack of funds due to an overpaid City Manager?) and this arrogant individual is trying to sneak this contract extension in before a deadline approaches. I see where his priorties are. I for one say enough is enough. We also have an assistant City Manager. Let me guess she makes over 6 figures too!!! Wow how pathetic. I also noticed The Great Dave had his agenda put on City letterhead, let me guess again he can’t afford his own paper. I wonder if there are going to be any budget cuts announced in the fall when the budget is released, Or if there are going to be any increases for city services, like my water bill for instance. Anyone besides me notice their water bill lately? And lastly let’s not forget our property taxes, have to support the city salarys. Maybe Dave can try to grab us by our ankles and turn us upside down to see if he can shake any loose change out of our pockets.

  44. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    I never knew that being a taxpayer is just another word for mental illness when you question.

    My field is heatlh care and we have temp employees from and at every level. I myself was a temp employee for a while when regular work was not yet available.

    What I can not understand for the life of me is how a massive salary package is required and justified becuase it could be a temp position or may involve a serious lack of ethics. How come in the health care field our educatiuon is often over and over about ethical behaviour and not a single mentionof how that is directly linked to your salary? Was I less ethical when I made less money?

    In Ca we had a town which had astronomical salaries with the residents probably also viewed as mental patients if they dared asked WHY?

    Again, if the job has unethical demands by the local officials, isn’t there a legal and moral obligation for the city manager to report or just show the requests and let the press and citizens persue this further.

    Since people in many businesses are often temp employees, what is so different for a college educated professional to understand that this may be a temp position? Why are you in this field if you can’t understand this?

    Temp jobs in health care often pay more, but also do not have the benefits full time employees, have. For many people, this is worth it to them.

    Am I upset about pay inequality. Hell yeah. I don’t think that this country has to veer towards third world conditions where the gap is so high that we create a lower class when you work for a living. I have a problem with a college which pays the sports coach several million collars a year and can’t pay the cleaning staff decent wages. I can’t see paying astronomical salaries and benefits when the people who pay the bills are given less and less for their work.

  45. Just say NO!!! says:

    Wow am I blown away. I listened to the audio of the commission meeting dated May 26, 2011 on the website. This is way over the top!!! Our city manager David Rivera, suggested that he is not attempting to strongarm but then he states “that we only have 30 days to vote on (HIS) agenda item or it goes away forever”. Like it is some kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Maybe, Dave should go away forever? He also states that “HE” currently has a contract in place for 3 more years that has a severance clause and he his basically just asking for three more years of the same!!!REALLY DAVE, are you for real. How many of us have that kind of job security. And you want MORE, MORE, MORE. I say NO more. He also stated that it is just an attempt on his part to provide all of “US” a working tool that represents where “WE” are today and where “WE” have been for 20 years! The only “Working Tool” that I see here is Dave. Does anyone here besides me see the pattern here? The only person benefitting here is him by “HIS” attempt to get “HIS” agenda with “HIS” contract extension approved. Not “US” or “WE”, nice try Dave. I speak for myself, and when he used the words we and us I want to ask him if he has a mouse in his pocket when he says “WE” because he isn’t doing anything that will benefit me or the city, only himself. How self serving. I want to state that when his contract expires in 3 years he should go. We as residents of this great city cannot afford what has been in place for the last 20 years. We need better and deserve it! The City Commissioners better listen up if they want to be re-elected. Marilyn Gerber was the only one to vote yes on Dave’s contract extension, stating that if you want the best you have to pay for the best. If you really think that Dave is the “Best” you should be removed from office immediately. Sorry, Marilyn, but you are not representing the resident’s “BEST” interests.

  46. Chaz Stevens says:

    Angelo Castillo bloviates,

    They serve as insurance policies against improper use of public office

    Dood… Did you also repeal the law outlawing marijuana down in your part of the county?

    As one of Broward’s leading experts at rooting and eliminating corrupt political figures, I have to say you could not be any further from the truth.

    Your logic equates to “pay them more so they won’t steal.” What the fuck is that nonsense? Apparently, in your mind, there’s an ethics threshold that can be met with cash.

    So the, we must assume that the converse holds — if we cut the salaries of elected officials, we then can expect an uptick on corruption.

    Be glad you don’t live in Deerfield Beach. I’d make your political life a holy hell.

    Chaz Stevens, Activist
    Deerfield Beach, FL

  47. bones says:

    So according to Castillo we need to pay people to do the right thing? His constituents are having a blast with this!

  48. Coconut Creek Rejects Low Bid To Favor More Costly Deal : says:

    […] First Rivera tried to sneak an extension of his contract through.  It was exposed by here. […]

  49. Concerned Resident says:

    Just like the White House. Jabba has been on the throne too long. He has gobbled up too much already. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his brown nosers. Enough.