Update: Coconut Creek Bungling Hiring Manager




Having ditched one manager who single-handedly destroyed Coconut Creek’s reputation as a well-governed city, commissioners appear ready to pick his deputy to replace him.

Interim City Manger Mary C. Blasi has the job in the bag.

Mary Blasi

Mary C. Blasi


Blasi is being picked as early as next week without a search.

Commissioners didn’t even look outside of City Hall for possible replacements.

This is terribly bad governance.

Mayor Becky Tooley and Commissioners Lou Sarbone and Mikkie Belvedere are to blame.  Most people would make more effort when buying a car or booking a hotel room — comparing different possibilities — than these three  made picking a city manager.

“There is a total lack of transparency,” Commissioner Lisa Aronson says.

Coconut Creek desperately needs a new manager who can put the era of David Rivera in the past. They don’t need his deputy.

Browbeating city employees while ignoring residents, Rivera was a horrible leader.

Morale in City Hall sunk.  Residents got shafted as Rivera treated tax dollars like Monopoly money.

He paid a City Hall secretary more than $100,000.  And he gave himself a pay package worth $360,000, a ridiculous amount for a city of 54,000.

The commissioners, of course, can be faulted for Rivera’s excesses.   They were poor stewards of the public’s money.

But three of the five commissioners finally had enough when Rivera started yelling at them.  Rivera quit in May and commissioners talked about doing a national search to replace him.

That’s all they did — talk.

Instead commissioners are handing Blasi a new city manager contract as early as Sept. 12.

Aronson says she will ask Blasi to make a presentation to sell herself at next week’s meeting. She noted that Blasi has been “separating herself from Dave (Rivera) and has become her own person.”

One possible reason for the rush to hire Blasi: Longtime City Attorney Paul Stuart is due to retire next year and they may want somebody who is familiar with the ways of City Hall.

The question remains. How can commissioners know if Blasi is the best choice for taxpayers unless they do a real search and publicly consider applicants?

Coconut Creek should seek a new manager in the mold of John Kelly, who left in 2008 after turned the city into a modern community during his decades running it.

But commissioners are not going to find a new Kelly unless they look.  Outside City Hall.

44 Responses to “Update: Coconut Creek Bungling Hiring Manager”

  1. Floridan says:

    “And he gave himself a pay package worth $360,000 . . .”

    All by himself?

  2. Alice in Wonderland says:

    Mikkie Belvedere…. lol

  3. I beg To Differ says:


    I agree that sometimes a search outside the city is prudent. However that is not always true. Ms. Blasi has been running the city as interim manager since Rivera left and the commission appears to be pleased with her performance. I don’t think they would agree on a Rivera clone after what they went through to get rid of them. If the commission believes that Blasi is a good fit for manager than that is who they should hire.

  4. Alice McGill says:

    The situation with Rivera sounds like Dania Beach in reverse. In Dania Beach, the mayor, Walter Duke and his political machine, Concerned Citizens of Dania Beach (chaired by wife Lisa) browbeat city employees and ignore residents, except for those who kiss his ring. The wife even emails city employees with demands. Bizarre.

  5. Juana Miguel says:

    What is the salary Mary Blasi is currently making?

  6. scrambledeggs says:

    Outrageous. Did they do this out of the sunshine? I don’t see any agenda item. No public input. No
    consideration for other talented and fresh faces. This is outrageous. Did Paul Stuart orchestrate this by counting votes (something that is common practice)

    I think the Inspector General should look into this- something is really fisheeeeee

  7. Life Lessons with Nick Steffens says:

    Wow I heard that Nick Steffens is starting a Draft Lisa Aaronson campaign to get her to run for County Commission. At the moment as a County employee she cant run.

    Karnack predicts Commissioner Aaronson will resign from said position with the Broward Delegation around the 6 month mark of the retirement of Sandy Harris and Harris will replace her, allowing Harris to potentially double dip.

    To boot, she cant even get the picking of a City Manager right

    Same old Same old Broward Politicis from Aaronson and the Dem machine.

    Time for new blood.


    Aronson told me that “I’m giving it consideration.” She is currently working for the Broward Legislative Delegation and says she won’t make a decision until after that temporary job is over later this year.

    “I am entirely flattered by Nick Steffens putting together a Facebook page and attempting to recruit me,” she adds.

  8. Creek Watchdog says:

    To Ms. Miguel: In 2012, Blasi took home $207,948.54 in salary and generous perks. Then she also received $47,702.76 in fringe benefits. Her 2013 income will be higher. The salaries of the city’s top ten are way out of line. They need to be restructured.

    To “I Beg To Differ”: You say “Sometimes a search is prudent. However that is not always true.” Are you serious? That sort of warped thinking, that philosophy of cronyism, is what dominated this city for years under the greedy claws of Dave Rivera. While Blasi might be a good candidate, there most likely are better qualified people around. It behooves the city commission to find out. An open and broad-based search is needed to ensure the best qualified person is hired – and at a more reasonable salary.

  9. BL says:

    I am not commenting on the process but I do think that Ms. Blasi has turned around the morale of employees as well as residents. It is a pleasure to deal with her, especially compared to her predecessor. Perhaps, if she is ultimately chosen for the job, we can give her credit for learning from Rivera’s mistakes?

  10. happyface says:

    Nothing against Blasi

    It’s about an open process. Too much back room dealing going on.
    How did this happen? Is anyone paying attention. I have been watching the city for years, but this one is a real mystery.

    Come clean guys

    Sunshine issues????

  11. Aletheia says:

    Shades of Lauderdale Lakes! No competition for the City’s most important job…that’s just pathetic! Blasi was part of Rivera’s dysfunctional management team! The commission should start with a clean slate and see who they can attract. In Lakes, the city manager position was simply handed over from a bumbling, clueless CM to a pathological liar, racist and budget fabricator…who used his color and connections to an all-black commission to weasel into the job. Unlike Lakes, Coconut Creek is still regarded as a respectable community. For that reason alone, it should definitely proceed with a legitimate search process for this most important position.

  12. Costaricaralph says:

    She is a Rivera and Greenstein puppet! You can’t rid the City Cancer without cutting out the problem!
    She is incompetent and still meets with with Rivera and Greenstien don’t trust her!

  13. put the lime in the coconut says:

    If Ms. Blasi is chosen as the next city manager without a open search, then the residents were and are still being lied to.

    Example: Sun Sentinel quote June 2, 2013 from Mayor Tooley and Commissioner Sarbone “Deputy City Manager Mary Blasi was appointed as interim city manager until the commission can find a permanent person. Sarbone and Tooley both think that a national search is best for the city.

    “I’m hoping for a national search because that’s really the only fair way to do it,” Tooley said. “But I think [Blasi] will do a good job as interim. It’s time to move on for the city and the residents.”

    Come on please quit playing games we need serious leadership by the commission. And to add insult to injury on September 1, 2103 commissioner Mikkie Belevdere is quoted in the Sun Sentinel saying””I realize how costly and how [time consuming] it would be for us to look for someone, with all the interviews and all that we’d have to do,” Commissioner Mikkie Belvedere said. “[Blasi has] been with us for more than 17 years. She knows us, she knows the staff, and she knows the community. I suggest she become the city manager.”

    OMG are you kidding me, what the HE double LL are you getting paid for? If you don’t want to do your job then please resign NOW.

    What a dumb thing to say Ms. Bellevedere. The old saying “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove all Doubt” definitely applies here. That goes double for you too Commissioner Sarbone. If Ms. Blasi wants the job she should get it on her qualifications and skills compared to others that should be openly considered, not because we have a few lazy and inept commissioners.

    Wouldn’t she want the opportunity to apply for the position to prove that she is infact be the best candidate.

    Wouldn’t the commissioners want to be able to tell the citizens that they found the best candidate through a fair and open search.

    Good luck Mary Blasi, if you get the position I hope it by transparency for everyone’s sake.

    Now please excuse me I need to go throw up.

  14. Double Dippin says:

    Cmon Lisa tell us, are you just holding the job for 6 months so Sandy Harris could get her DROP $$ which she would have to be out of govt work for 6 months to receive? Lets see if after 6 months Sandy Harris is back a with her drop money and a continued government salary. If this happens, what a shame.

  15. Tomato Tomatoe says:

    Commissioner Lisa Aronson of Coconut Creek as a Broward County Commissioner???

    She should fit right in. Comm. Aronson was slick enough to orchestrate Dave’s ouster because he would not let the SUN in on the city’s trash deal. (Dave was a WASTE man and an overpaid a**hole to boot). Wasn’t hard for Comm. Aronson to fool THE TOOL with promises of justice for others.

    Comm. Aronson, how’s the investigtion for corruption by State’s Attorney Office going? Not worried? Good old Paul got you and the tool covered?

    Not worried because as always Satz’s corruption unit plays light ball with Dems like you, right? Tallahassee (and probably the FEDS ) are watching Satz’s office on the investigation into Creek’s Commissioners (and they are Republicans up north)

    Two words: RON DEARING

  16. Tomato Tomatoe says:


    Get you own anonymous handle!!

    BTW, you are right about Commish A. She is one slick chick. The money from the Sun/Berg makes her a new target for the Feds. The Feds do like to keep an eye on our garbage ( fondly remembering The Sopranos) friend from up North.

    A future Bev Gallagher fate will Commish A make!

  17. Tits McGee says:

    Nick Steffens and his pal Seth Platt are tiny tots playing in a grown up sandbox. Both back Beam Furr. The Platts are throwing moola into Jacobs race. Maybe these youngins think Aronson will help Jacobs win her house race. Did you see Steffens’ PAC? You boob

  18. put the lime in the coconut says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like someone is trying really hard to change the topic here.

    Lisa Aronson had nothing to do with Riveras contract. But she definitely has something to say about the next city manager s . Is someone here scared that she just might speak up for her voters?

    Fyi …republicans you cannot win …you know who you are. ..and so does everyone else

    The citizens of this city deserve transparency for this important hiring decision. We demand it. And will accept nothing less. The voters pay the salaries.

    This will definitely hit the national news.

  19. Former Public Sector Employee says:

    I know nothing of Mary Blasi, Buddy, but why do you lump her in with Rivera? She might have been cringing at his management of the City.

  20. Creek Watchdog says:

    Dear Public Sector Employee: Perhaps you should reread Buddy’s article. He is not lumping her in with Rivera. Blasi is not his issue. He is criticizing the City Commission’s failure to perform a proper posting and candidate search and their lack of transparency.

  21. Creekgirl says:

    @18 Lime in Coconut (WTH?)

    Commissioner Lisa Aronson has everything to with Dave Rivera contract from the beginning. She, along with Commissioners Sarbone and Tooley (currently serving on the dais) and Commissioners Gerber and Freund (not serving on dais) selected Dave Rivera to the City Manager’s position without conducting a search or interviews.

    Got a copy of her signature on the city’s contract along with her “AYE” vote. Dave’s starting salary was $195,000 plus car allowance & benefits.

    If Commissioner Lisa Aronson has you believing she had nothing do with the original contract, I suggest you go to the City of Coconut Creek and make a public records request. Also, while you are there, request to see how Com. Aronson and all of the other commissioner proceeded to hand Dave his yearly 5% salary increases and extra perks for a great job he has done running a city (with less than 55,000 residents) during The Great Recession. Dave Rivera resigned with his salary at an obscene $346,000 plus a golden parachute.
    @19 Former Public Sector Employee

    You wrote: Mary Blasi “might have been cringing at his management of the City.”

    Yeah, and making $206,000 + benefits as punishment for putting up with Dave’s B.S.

  22. Creek Watchdog says:

    Creek Girl, you are either misguided or idiot for these reasons:

    1. Lisa Aronson was not on the city commission when Rivera was hired. Your first paragraph is totally inaccurate.
    2. For years Ms. Aronson was the only commissioner to question Rivera’s various proposals, only to be met by sneers and snide comments and then outvotrd by other commissioners, Rivera’s lackies.
    3. For at least the past 3 years that we have followed the commission, Ms. Aronson has brought up issues with Rivera’s performance but was outvoted on declaring Rivera’s performance above average by Rivera’s cronies: Gerber, Sarbone and Belvedere.
    4. It was only due to the efforts of Ms Aronson, Ms. Tooley and Ms. Welch that Rivera resigned. His “golden parachute,” as you call it, was a payment far below – about half – of what he would have made in salary in one year, had he remained. I call that a prudent investment.

    I have to wonder why people such as you have turned the issue over the commission’s bungling the hiring of a new city manager into a trashing of Ms. Aronson. Could it be there are people with political axes to grind? Or seeking to discredit Ms. Aronson as a legal and ethics watchdog? Are you, Ms. Creek Girl, paving the way to run again for city commissioner?

  23. Costaricaralph says:

    I for a fact know she still meets with Rivera still she just does it behind the backs of commission. As she states “THEY ARE TO DUMB AND OLD TO FIGURE IT OUT”

    Fact: She was aware of numerous back door Waste mgt landfill expansion deals!
    Fact: Waste Mgt wants her in office and using commission to due it.
    Fact: She also relies on there so called Lobbyist Greinstien!!

    Fact: Creek won’t change it with still be like the dump full of garbage! Fix the city do a real City Manager search

  24. Former Public Sector Employee says:

    Dear Creek Watchdog: i don’t live in Coconuy Creek. Don’t follow politics there. I don’t know Mary Blasi. But on what basis does Buddy say “they don’t need his deputy”? She could be the total opposite of her former boss.

  25. Creekgirl says:

    @ Creek Watchdog (in the future please use the handle Creek Dumb Dog)

    Please use the search engines(Yahoo or Bing) before you post your B.S.

    Dave Rivera became City Manager of Coconut Creek in June 2008 after John Kelly resigned.

    Commissioner Lisa Aronson became Commissioner for District E after Ron Dearing got busted by Satz for living in Coral Springs while serving as Commissioner for Coconut Creek in May 2008.

    Sucks being so wrong doesn’t it, Creek

    Gonna keep drinking the Kool-Aid Commissioner Aronson keeps serving you?

  26. Potato Potatoe says:

    Creek Watchdog wrote:

    “3. For at least the past 3 years that we have followed the commission, Ms. Aronson has brought up issues with Rivera’s performance but was outvoted on declaring Rivera’s performance above average by Rivera’s cronies: Gerber, Sarbone and Belvedere.”

    Two questions:

    (1) Who is “we”? (2) Part of Comm. Aronson’s Sun/Berg Troll patrol?

    It’s okay. You don’t have to answer. I believe I know who “we”, you (both) are way too obvious. “Profits before the people or the truth” should be your company’s new business logo.

    The truth is every year Commissioner Aronson voted “Yea” for Dave Rivera’s 5% pay raises. I suggest you make that trip to Creek’s City Hall to verify my facts before you write that I am wrong. You really don’t want to change your moniker, do you Watchdog?

    If Comm. Aronson felt that negatively about Dave Rivera’s work performance, she (on behalf of her constituents) should have it on public record and voted “Nay” on his pay raises.

    I believe it is you, Creek Watchdog who is misguided. When a politician (like Commissioner Aronson) tells you she is the one that stood in opposition on any issue but later on you find out she voted “Yea” in favor of an issue, she is either spineless or a liar. In Commissioner Aronson’s case, IMHO, she’s both.

  27. Sone Cold, a.k.a.Political Genius says:

    Becky Tooley going back to being the same old rubber stamper of whatever the staff says. Anyone who really thought that Tooley was going to start being her own person, was badly mistaken. She just mails it in. Commissioners Aronson and Welch are the only ones who can think for themselves. And please, SOMEBODY, ANYBODY who is marginally qualified, PLEASE CHALLENGE Tooley and Sarbone; Hell, the citizens of Coconut Creek need to recruit the citizens of Tamarac on how to do a recall against Sarbone, the worst elected official in Broward County, bar none… Rumors abound that he isn’t really human, but is really a large Puppet…
    and that’s the bottom line ‘cuz Stone Cold says so!

  28. Tomato Tomatoe says:


    Your anonymous handle is still too close to my comfort, thanks for respecting 🙂

    @ Creek Watchdog

    Just did a quick fact check (used Yahoo) and Creekgirl is correct with her facts. Commish A was on the commission before Rivera was City Manager. Gonna have to post your apologies to Creekgirl or change your handle to Creek Dumbdog!!!

    @ Creekgirl

    Props to you for owning “Creek Watchdog” on the facts. Some advice: Don’t ever run for office in Creek again. You’ll never win because you’re the wrong color. (hey, I just being honest) Although I’ve heard that you were the one who filed the complaint that busted Commissioner Ron Dearing and busted Candidate Bruce Augello on campaign violations, the voters only see your race. Just saying what others like me say in private when people of color aren’t around.

    Creekgirl, I know who you are because Chaz Stevens out-ed you on his blog in retaliation for taking him to the woodshed and busting him out on his illegal activities (Florida Corporate Tax Evasion?) a few weeks back and labeling him a sadistic serial cyber-rapist.

  29. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @28 – Bad advice to Creekgirl, but thanks for pointing out the continued existence of racism among some Broward County voters.

    Creekgirl, you can influence the political process just by running for office & pointing out important issues. You have the right to run. Martin Luther King didn’t ask what his odds were, and neither should you.

  30. Poor Pathetic Chaz says:

    Kind of sad that Stevens has to spend his time outing someone…apparently his blog, his job as a “rocket scientist”, going to his AA meetings, attending to his inflatable “wife”, and cleaning the same bedroom he’s had since 8th grade, doesn’t keep him him busy enough.

  31. put the lime in the coconut says:

    Now dispute that fact. Now whio is owned?
    Thanks for the info tomato.
    Can we please get back on topic?

  32. Creekgirl says:


    Checked my e-mail box and all I can say is “Thank you!!! ” for all the kind words! My father once told me that there are more people in the world rooting for you to succeed than you’ll ever know. It’s quite wonderful to actually have more messages than advertisement/spam sent to my inbox. I am humbled by your support!!! 😉

    @ put the lime in the coconut (WTH)

    In case you didn’t know, slavery was outlawed in the United States in 1865, so nobody has ever “owned” me. Never have, never will!!!

    Since you are so interested, my husband has been back from Camp since May 2011. (was gone for less than 10 months) Which would mean, I ran for office earlier this year despite my husband’s IRS-CID paperwork drama. What the . . . .?
    Hey, I was brought up in a household that firmly believed you stand before Justice and God for your sins, not the sins of others. Besides, wouldn’t I have looked like a fair-weather wife if I had left my husband of 25 years the moment he got indicted? I do not cut and run! Not now, not ever!!!

    @Tomato Tomatoe

    You are not God and you are not my Dad. Even if you were, I’ll decide how I want to live my life. You (or anyone else) cannot dictate how I choose to live or who I choose to love!!! If I run for office for the next 50 years, it’s because I choose to do so. You (and like-minded voters of Creek) will never have a say on what I choose to do.

    My mind, my thoughts, my body, my choices, my life are owned only by me!!!

    BTW, I don’t for office to win, it’s because I can. I truly respect and honor those who have laid down the foundation that makes my running for office in Coconut Creek a possibility. I’m going to keep on trying to make a difference.

  33. Creekgirl says:

    Ahh, Chazzy Wazzy, I must have really have got you scared. I mean 22 violations in October 2011 and my place officially opened for business just after Thanksgiving 2011. (Pre-openning inspections, Chazzy, as in not open for business yet)

    I’ll give you one gold star for your efforts to slam me.

    At least I remembered to pay my State of Florida corporate taxes unlike the Genious that I know who lacks a real brain for business.

    Just think about it, Chazzy. My business (with the violations) has allowed me make an average of 10K a month and work six months out of the year. I don’t need to ask for donations from the strangers to keep a blog up.

    The jabs about living with your parents with your bride getting to you? You gotta take your fustration out on the colored one?

    Just imagine how fustrated you are going to be when the blogosphere learn how you aided and abetted corruption in Creek. I’ll make a donation to MAOS if you post a pic of your face the moment the world learns you are just as corrupt as the politians you filed complaints against. Til then.

    Toodles, Chazzy Wazzy

  34. put the lime in the coconut says:

    Let’s get back on topic, shall we?

    The proposed employee contract between the city of Coconut Creek and Ms. Mary Blasi, that is to be voted on this thursday the 12th at the regular commission meeting, is now up on the Coconut Creek website. Is this the city’s way of now being transparent?

    This job was never posted for others to apply. This in my opinion,is not the way to hire, the hightest paid city employee.

    Bullet points from the proposed employment contract.

    $198,500 + $7200 car allowance + fringe + sick + vacation + cola + 3% to 5% raise for above average job performance + her sick and vacation carries over in perpetude. (no use it or lose it). If left as is this is going to be over $250,000

    For a city the size of Coconut Creek. This is ridiculous.

    Lastly for Creek Girl, since when do we refer to prision as “Camp”. You are a joke you need to come back to reality.

  35. Yo Creek Girl says:

    You mean if there was actually a “bride”. I am in agreement with #30. Prolly inflatable.

  36. Just the facts says:

    Creek Girl
    Looking at your financials from when you ran,it is a good thing for the city you did not win.

    1. 6 grand to Shifty $6000 really,he must have seen you coming.

    2. “A candidate may not accept an aggregate cash contribution or contribution by means of a
    cashier’s check from the same contributor in excess of $50 per election.” OOOOPS $100 is more than $50 Math 101
    Seems Creek thinks you and Bruce are the same person since his termination report is under your name which begs the question Where is yours?
    And just an FYI people tend not to vote for people who use 5th grade name calling like Chazzy Wazzy no matter what color you are.

  37. Creekgirl says:

    @ Just the facts

    I self-financed my campaign (well over 90% of it). Unlike the others, I will not ever be beholden to lobbyists or special interests. It’s not like I have ever declared bankruptcy or have made the decision to give Dave Rivera a starting $195K salary + benefits contract. Check the record. I was the only resident in Creek who spoke up at the budget hearings against Dave’s salary in 2008, where were you? A decision like handing out obscene salaries and benefits packages like past City Commissioners (including your bestie, Commissioner Aronson) have made on behalf of their constituents has had far more impact on the City of Coconut Creek than what’s on my campaign finance reports. Also, I would not have made a decision to hire a city manager without conducting a national search or interviews, like City Commissioners have done in the past and appear to be doing in the present. Nice to see you read and post anonymously on Browardbeat, (Commissioner?)

    “Chazzy, Wazzy” is fifth grade name calling for you? This to me is a “tell” that you are much older than a bad facelift job. If you were younger and around pre-schoolers like i am, you would have known “Chazzy” is a super weird/super creepy cartoon character on a popular kids show I watch when I am babysitting the grandkids. So, let me set the cyber record straight, I am resorting to G-rated Pre-K name calling for the sadistic serial cyber rapist. IMHO, pre-k name calling is a whole lot better than adult “Genius-level” name calling. Calling women and men who don’t bend over or worship him “sniveling cunts” [Chaz’s own words to describe me and others who question him, not mine] is all right for you, not me. It’s just not my usual writing style. I’ll save the expletives for my upcoming blog.

    Your close scrutiny & comments of my campaign finances combined with Chaz’s hit pieces on my spouse and my business (hell, Chazzy, why not go after my three pet Beta fishes [Tinky, Winky and Bama] )leads me to conclude that The Three Amigas, the Sun/Berg Trolls, and Chazzy Wazzy coalition are trying very hard to find something, anything and everything to discredit me. All this attention. I must be really scaring the crap of out of all of you. Remember to donate to Chazzy’s MAOS please, he really needs your money. He seems so desperate and is constantly asking for donations (just like a greedy politician ).

    Maybe you (Commissioner?) and the others should focus on the upcoming budget hearings. I have uncovered a few interesting “expenses” so far. I am currently looking at the goodies being handed out to “Special” companies on behalf of Coconut Creek’s residents.

    BTW, your interpretation of Florida campaign finance laws is less than stellar. Just like your reports. It is also another “tell” of who you are(Commissioner?).

  38. Just the facts says:

    Creek Girl
    Your attempt to belittle me and your need to bring Chaz into your posts will show people who you really are. I posted facts and did not attack you personally. I learned through BB who you are and did some research. The campaign law is not my interpretation it is easily googled. The most a candidate can accept from a person in cash is $50. All you had to say was I screwed up and will fix it instead of question who I am and who I am connected to.
    As for your Chazzy Wazzy comment, if you were posting to 5 year olds it would probably come off less like a slam against someone who, by the way this article is not about.
    Props to you for being ” the only one” that is and always has been a great campaign line.
    Of course it usually irritates the other people who go before cities to fight for something but hey use it.
    People learn the character of a blog poster by what they post or how they answer and just because you put something offensive in quotes doesn’t make it less offensive to those who really do not want to read yours and Chaz flame war.

  39. Christine says:

    To #37,

    While I can understand and sympathize with your frustration and anger at Mr. Stevens, you must realize that it appears that he is equipped with certian emotional deficiencies and is not wholly responsible for his behavior. He must be pitied more than anything else.

    However your disingenuous description of your husband’s time away as being at a “Camp” rather than “Prision” diminishes your own personal integrity. I learned about 30 years ago, it is much better to accept responsibility for a screw up than deny it. You diffuse the situation and remove the opponent’s power.

  40. Creekgirl says:

    @ 39 Chrisrtine

    I’m not angry or frustrated by Mr. Stevens at all. Quite the contrary, I’m glad he decided to pick on me. Coconut Creek has long been under Broward’s political radar. There is corruption here. Has been for years.

    His vendetta with me has brought a huge spotlight on Creek’s City Hall. Without him and his blog, I would have never caught the “elected officials” of whom he speaks to break the law. Mr. Stevens has even broken through the blue wall of silence of our police department and that is no small feat!

    Mr. Stevens has bannished me from his website. So I can’t even read what he’s writing about to experience any fustrations or post a rebuttal. Oh well, I’ll Just have to rely on my friends e-mailing me the delicious tidbits and Buddy’s kindness on letting me post here.

    Christine, I was not being disingenuous when I decribed my husband’s prison as “CAMP”. When I wrote letters to him (before he had an e-mail account set up there), the official mailing address was to:FCI Gilmer, Satellite Camp. I was being literal when I wrote that. Just thought I’d clear that up, since you seem to care so for my diminishing personal integrity. BTW, I have never screwed up massively and denied it or taken responsibility for it. Quite the opposite, I own it!!!

  41. Christine says:


    Uh huh.

  42. Just the facts says:

    Own it
    page 23
    Cash Contributions
    A candidate may not accept an aggregate cash contribution or contribution by means of a
    cashier’s check from the same contributor in excess of $50 per election.
    IMPORTANT: Cash contributions should be reported on campaign treasurer’s reports to include
    the full name and address of each person who gave a cash contribution during the reporting
    period, together with the amount and date of such cash contribution.
    (Sections 106.07(4) and 106.09, F.S.)

  43. Creekgirl says:


    I have amended my campaign treasury reports 🙂 Too bad the City Clerk hasn’t bothered to put my termination report or the amended reports for your scrutiny.

  44. Creekgirl says:

    Historic night at Coconut Creek commission meeting. The ENTIRE commission voted “Yea” to Mary Blasi’s two year contract. She is officially the first female city manager in our city’s 44 year history. A glass ceiling has been shattered!!!