Coco Creek Candidate Arrest: The Police Report



It always amazes me that folks with arrest records run for office.

Don’t they know the arrest — regardless of whether they got convicted — will become part of the campaign?

Take Coconut Creek Commission candidate Bruce Augello. 

He was arrested for beating and biting his wife Elizabeth Augello nine years ago.

This is a tricky one.  I have learned to take accusations from feuding spouses with a very large grain of salt. Many times the allegedly abused spouse refuses to testify.

In this case, Elizabeth Augello originally did not want to give a taped statement.  She was proded into giving one by an officer.

(An aside: Since this is the Coconut Creek Police, I wonder if they were wielding a Taser when they convinced her to testify? An officer in this department was recently cleared of wrongdoing after holding a Taser while he questioned a suspect.)

One thing makes this police report different to me:  Elizabeth Augello was wearing the evidence of the attack. Officers reported a red mark on her face and a bite mark and scratches on her arm.

The couple divorced a few months after the incident.

Voters will have to decide on Tuesday whether this outburst by Augello disqualifies him to be a commission.

Below is the original police report.  Click on it to enlarge:


Here is a second report by an officer:





10 Responses to “Coco Creek Candidate Arrest: The Police Report”

  1. Leslie says:

    (An aside: Since this is the Coconut Creek Police, I wonder if they were wielding a Taser when they convinced her to testify? An officer in this department was recently cleared of wrongdoing after holding a Taser while he questioned a suspect.)

    Bob, was that jab really necessary? Are you suggesting all officers in Coconut Creek use the tactics one officer wrongly used? Please remove that sentence, it makes you look like a rag writer. Thanks.

  2. Nevins Fan! says:

    Hey, Brucie, Are you seeking a seat on the city commission so you can publicly bite and backhand people you don’t like? Or are you more into pulling hair and bitch-slapping?

  3. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Bruce Augello: Don’t grab my crouch bro!

  4. Just Say No!!! says:

    Thank you for exposing the truth. This now leads me to the question of why on earth the current Mayor, Miss Marilyn Gerber would be endorsing this pathethic individual. Or has she now changed her mind? Can someone contact her and ask her if she is still standing by her man? This is revolting, and everyone in Coconut Creek should tell her to please withdraw her endorsement immediately and publicly. If not, I fear all the years of hard work and committment to the City will be forgotten by the last public act of foolishness by her.

  5. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    If Gerber is “standing by her man”, I’d suggest not to close, in case he wants to give her a what-for.

    All of this falls at the feet of the $370,000/yr City Manager.

    If Bruce AwesomeJello wins, Rivera gets an extension … otherwise the CM and Police Chief are sent packing.

  6. Lamberti is garbage says:

    If he fires the 360K a year City Manager….I don’t care if tases a reporter.

  7. frank says:

    I don’t support this guy for mayor but this police report is a textbook case of woman-bias in enforcement of domestic violence laws. These scenarios aren’t as cut and dried as the police reports would make them seem. Clearly, she attacked him and he had to break her hold and stop the attack to protect his own personal safety. What is a man in that situation supposed to do? Seriously, I know all you folks will jump on the PC bandwagon but I want to know if the officer looked at his balls to see if there were “marks” on them. For some reason I doubt it…

  8. Just say NO! says:

    Oh, funny you should mention a reporter. How about a reporter by the name of Dorreen Hemlock the daughter of Coconut Creek Vice Mayor MAHLKA BELEVEDERE aka MIKKI? Let’s call it like it is, the next soon-to-be NOT Mayor of our beautiful Green City…which she cannot take any credit for. Is Doreen the reason facts do not make it into print in the local rag, Coconut Creek Forum, a publication of the SUN SENTINENEL? Hey Rupert are you listening? And of course it would be rude to leave out none other than our most favorite happily married man with the most beautiful brown eyed lucheon copanion, Commissioner and Past Mayor THE NOT-SO-HONORABLE LOU SARBOBNE. Also, Lou, are you going to release your income from J and M as required by law? How come you and Mikki have not endorsed a canditate for this election? Are you non-committal on this? Weren’t you endorsed by somebody when you ran? And finally words to our soon-to-be disgraced $370k a year City Manager, the self proclaimed “Doc” DAVID J RIVERA, AKA Butthead by some ….TOOT TOOT TOOTSIE GOOD BYE, TOOT TOOT TOOTSY DON’T CRY. And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out…

  9. Not my city budget says:

    Patricia Duaybes doesn’t look that great either.
    $6000 to Shifty Shifrel and she will be in charge of our budget? What is she thinking?
    Do you think she knew what her hubby was doing?
    $6000 will probably get her Belvedere’s support, Shifty is great at smoozing the elected.

  10. Sam Johnson says:

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    Disciplinary Action
    $400 of fine ordered on March 21, 2012 for 2 violations on Dec. 28, 2011.
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    Violation Observation
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