Clerk Brenda Forman’s Bizarre Video





God spoke to Abraham.  God spoke to Moses. 

God also spoke to Broward Clerk of the Courts Brenda Forman and told her to run?  

So says Forman in a bizarre Facebook video this week. 

Her rambling monologue is filled with strange, scurrilous allegations about  her reelection opponents, former judges Paul Backman and Mark Speiser. And others, including a spouse of her opponent and a Sun-Sentinel reporter.

Just one of her fallacious assertions: “Judge Spiezer had a mental breakdown.”

Ah, No. Didn’t happen.

Seeing Forman wrap herself in righteousness while viciously attacking others is deeply disturbing.

But mostly what Forman does on the video is play the victim and the race card. One example:  She calls herself “the most hated woman of color in Broward County.”

She says little or nothing on why she deserves another four years running the clerk’s office. That’s because she doesn’t deserve reelection, a stinging editorial in the Sun-Sentinel stated.

Her opponents say that “her office has lost or misplaced evidence, that training is poor, that her financial statements are inconsistent and that she’s dishonest” is just some of what the Sun-Sentinel alleged in a July 8 editorial.

All those complaints about her are true, according to numerous comments from Browardbeat readers.


Meanwhile a recent ad from Speiser made me laugh.

Speiser has promised to bring more technology to the Clerk’s office, something that is needed and something Forman hasn’t done.

Maybe he should start with the office featured in this campaign photo:



When he last climbed out of his  Hot Tub Time Machine, did he bring back from the last century that ancient TV. Those DVDs and at least one VHS?


For those who don’t remember, the last movie released in VHS was in 2006.

When you are choosing something as important as a campaign photo, you should pay attention to detail. I guess God didn’t talk to Speiser to tell him what he should place in the background.

God does talk politics with Brenda Forman, she says.

When she was married to former Clerk of the Courts Howard Forman and used his name and influence to win her first election in 2016, God was supposedly talking to her.

Somehow I doubt it was God that told her to grab Forman’s $12,000-a-month pension by claiming he was incompetent.

A court stopped her from taking her former husband’s pension. Let’s hope the voters stop her from winning reelection.



20 Responses to “Clerk Brenda Forman’s Bizarre Video”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Who contributes n volunteers for these 3rd raters? How many retired executives with PROVEN TRACK RECORDS or EVEN FORMER ELCTED OFFICIALS with law degrees live in Broward County? Why dont QUALITY people run FOR SOME MANY County offices?

  2. Andrew Wolfson says:

    God told me Buddy Nevins is the GOAT

  3. Just One Vote says:

    Judge Speiser has my vote on the first day of early voting next month. If there is anyone who knows/would know how to run Clerk of Court office it would be a seasoned and fiscally wise judge.

  4. A reader says:

    Just when one thinks Broward County politicians cannot get any worse, another weird episode like this happens. There is nothing good to say about this performance except “nice crown”. Kids who eat at Burger King will be jealous.

  5. All Three Are Losers says:

    All three are big time losers. Broward County suffers.

  6. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Did God also tell her that she should be ashamed of herself etc as u point out tried stating her ex-husband had dementia and basically could not take care himself( wait) therefore I should control his 12 grand / month pension.Did God tell u also again that I should be ashamed of yourself.But have no fear Mr.Foreman front and center stage who came to your rescue Howard former county comm.Lois Wexler- poetic justice.( For the record Mrs.Wexler actually testified on his competency.)

  7. Why Brenda Wins says:

    I am voting for that ex judge, I don’t know which ex judge. just the ex judge…the Judges split votes and Brenda runs up the middle with the black votes plus some votes from a few dummies who think she is Howard for the win.


    One theory is that the two white former judge candidates with Jewish-sounding names will split the anti-Forman vote and she will win again.

    You can blame having two ex-judges in the race to a crew of South Broward political insiders who encouraged Mark Speiser to jump in at the last minute. These would be king-makers are said to include Barbara Miller, a political consultant. Miller is said to have dragged along her coterie of contacts, mostly aging political players.

    I don’t know what the South Broward group’s beef is with Paul Backman, who was in the race early and was for months the only credible candidate facing Forman. If Backman was Forman’s only opponent obviously there would be a better chance of beating Forman.

    However, this is the rare primary that will be open to all voters — Republicans, independents as well as Democrats. That’s because only Democrats qualified to run.

    Some speculate that with Republicans and independents in the race, the black vote will be less important to Forman and one of the two former judges can win.

    We shall see.

  8. Lori Parrish says:

    Buddy: Mark has no office as he had to resign before he could file for office! He needed photos for brochures. A lawyer friend of his who is an photographer volunteered to loan him his office and take the photos!! I guess it just proves the old saying “no good deed goes unpunished”! Mark is brilliant and will do a great job straightening out the Clerk’s office! He has my vote!


    Thanks, Lori.

    I changed the wording to “the office” from “his office”.

    Lori Parrish is a former School Board member (1984-88), former Broward County Commissioner (1999-2004) and former Broward Property Appraiser(2005-2017).

  9. Just Saying says:

    For someone clearly so dumb, Brenda has gotten very far in life. I give her credit for executing her plan and working hard to steal Howard’s life and name.

  10. Ha Ha Ha says:

    As BUddy correctly points out, Brenda Forman is a disaster and Mark Speiser is a weak candidate.

    Here is the video of the recent League of Women Voters Candidate Forum for this race:

    This video confirms Buddy’s assessments.

    As the only articulate, competent candidate in this race, Paul Lawrence Backman is the best choice for Clerk of Courts.

  11. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:


  12. Not Madam Clerk says:

    As a Republican, I’m firmly behind retired Circuit Court Judge Paul Backman. He is the best candidate for Broward Clerk of Court.

  13. Ha Ha Ha says:

    As can be seen in the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum video, Mark Speiser makes vague promises to bring “more technology” but he is sorely lacking on specifics. It appears that he doesn’t even know exactly what kind of technology the Clerk’s office needs or why.

    Paul Backman, on the other hand, knows exactly what his plans are. He wants to make all documents available online, and on top of that he wants to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for customers to physically visit the Clerk’s office. The only exceptions would be certain situations in which a physical visit is mandatory, such as filing for a domestic violence injunction. Paul Backman fully understands this: people have very busy lives and that they would rather not physically travel to the Clerk’s office if that trip can be avoided.

    Unlike Brenda “Incompetent” Forman and Mark “I just can’t articulate anything specific” Speiser, Paul Lawrence Backman is a highly competent candidate. Paul Backman fully deserves your vote.

  14. Maria Alvarez says:

    We need competent people running for office, and the Clerk of the courts is no different. Let’s elect someone with knowledge!

  15. Ned Flixx says:

    The entire thing is a real life reboot of ‘The Distinguished Gentlemen’ mixed with ‘Dumb & Dumber.’

  16. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I hope #13 is right. IF accurate, he at least is advocating for a respectable candidacy.

  17. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Lastly w/ her court room antics against her former husband – 1 he should have counter sued her on grounds of defamation.2 I gave her the benefit of the doubt when her actions first surfaced.Given all the facts and the people that testified on Me.Forman behalf- states volumes.I have come to the sentiment this woman is a total disgrace to the African- American community.

  18. Tell the Truth says:

    If WPLG Channel 10 coverage is correct tinight, the ‘town hall/debate’ between the four candidates today had some odd comments from current clerk. And a brief mention of past financial mis-statements. Looking forward to new leadershipship at Clerk of Courts. Speiser and Brickman are both qualified. So Buddy, lets dig deep and compare them please.

  19. Rightwinger says:

    This R just voted for Mark Speiser. Most Administrative experience. Bye Bye Madam Cluck. You are an embarrassment to your community. R,s and NPA,s. Please vote.

  20. the trialmaster says:

    Backman has a very large ego which is undeserved as he has never been an brillant judge. He has survived his entire career as a County Court judge masquarding as an acting Circuit Court Judge…. He runs to drink more off the public teat……SAD