City Hall Explosion! Anti-Tax Election Wins Means Big Changes In Plantation



I can hear the rumblings in Plantation City Hall from miles away.

In the election results that will perhaps have the biggest effect Tuesday, a veteran making a comeback, Jerry Fadgen, and newcomer Chris Zimmerman won seats in Plantation on a vow to revolutionize the way city hall does business.

Their victory spells trouble for Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic, since both winners ran on platforms attacking the current city government.

Fadgen and Zimmerman join incumbent Commissioner Lynn Stoner as votes against the mayor.

“The mayor is going to have lots of trouble from now on.  She will have her veto pen out all the time,”  said one longtime observer of Plantation politics who asked not to be named.

The victory also spells trouble for police and other city employees, who will take the brunt of any budget cutting.

Fadgen, a former commissioner and longtime Republican stalwart, defeated Jeff Holness, cousin of County Commissioner Dale Holness who was backed by the Democratic Party machine. Fadgen attacked the huge 22 percent tax increase in Plantation this year.

Zimmerman eased out incumbent Pete Tingom, former Plantation High principal. Zimmerman’s last mail piece summed the reason for his victory: “In the last four years, while under my opponent’s watch, we have seen our property taxes raised nearly 40 percent. Last year’s increase was a staggering 22 percent.”

Despite the anti-City Hall feelings, incumbent Bob Levy won easily because opponent Darren Badore for some reason failed to successfully tie him to the tax increases.

6 Responses to “City Hall Explosion! Anti-Tax Election Wins Means Big Changes In Plantation”

  1. voter says:

    I believe Chris is an architect
    may he serve Plantation well!

  2. Broward Dem says:

    Lyn Stoner is an unprofessional witch.
    It is baffling that Fadgen could win in a City where heads of the DEC call home.

  3. mustbecrazy says:

    It is not baffling that Jerry would win. He was and is the better choice, party affiliation aside. Zimmerman should prove to be a breath of fresh air that City Hall has needed for a long time. Levy, well he’s Levy, I don’t think anyone knew who Badore was, not enough exposure.

  4. Biscuits N Gravy says:

    Most interesting campaign expenditure of this election? Zimmerman, on 1/31/2013, bought a “Florida Democratic Software License” from the FL Democratic Party in Tallahassee.

  5. watchin' says:

    “Fadgen and Zimmerman join incumbent Commissioner Lynn Stoner as votes against the mayor.”

    And here’s the problem. Ms. Stoner’s personal agenda and rude snarky remarks need to be put aside. These folks have been elected to represent the residents. Time to make some long-range plans – what do they want the city to look like in five years? So far there’s been plenty of bickering and grand standing but no real business getting done.

  6. Ghost of McLovin says:

    Veltri should call Lisa Mallozzi, Cooper City Commissioner, for coming to Plantation to advocate for the 22% tax increase. The publicity stunt was super successful, reported EVERYWHERE thanks to “Blow Me” Mallozzi.