Chris Chiari Loses Again


Call Christian Chiari a three-time loser.

First he lost in 2006 against state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale — 55 to 45 percent. 

Then he lost again in 2008 against Bogdanoff — 59 to 41 percent.

This month he couldn’t even win the presidency of the Fort Lauderdale Democratic Club, a group once filled with his supporters.

Chairi lost the club election to Michael Lockwood.

According to former club president Percy Johnson, Lookwood is close to County Commission John Rodstrom and his wife, Charlotte Rodstrom.

It was Johnson’s decision not to seek re-election as club president that gave Lockwood and Chiari a chance at the job.

Johnson, former president of the Dolphin Democrats, revived the dead Fort Lauderdale club in 2003 and built it into an east Broward political vehicle for Democrats. Johnson one of Broward’s most visible and effective Democratic activists says he wants to take a break from running a club.

Chiari is formally a candidate for state House against state Rep. Evan Jenne in south Broward.  He has collected no money in his “race” against Jenne.

In August, The New Times published “the buzz of the political underworld” — a fancy way of saying “rumors” — that Chiari was running against Jenne because of a woman.

Here is the substance of the story:

Chiari had been dating Annie Gallagher, daughter of suspended School Board member Bev Gallagher.  Then Jenne was dating her. Chiari got jealous and filed against Jenne.

“The whole story is lies,” Chiari told me several months ago. “It doesn’t make any sense.  How would I win a woman back by filing against her boyfriend?  Would that make her like me?”

Regardless of the truth of the story, two months after it appeared the Miami Herald’s Naked Politics reported that Chiari had “suspended his campaign against Jenne.   He remains an active candidate on the state election’s website.

5 Responses to “Chris Chiari Loses Again”

  1. knowledge says:

    johnson lives in brevard county,he moved last month.

  2. CuriousO says:

    Chiara has managed to go from a promising, smart, energetic potential aspiring democratic leader to a noted sociopathic, insecure, over the top, ineffective, take everything personal, stalker and noted emotionally unstable, “unfocused on anything in particular yet involved in everything to the umpteenth nuisance degree”, loud annoying gadfly, total loser activist. He is the second and third and forth and fith comings of Barry Harris, Patty Lynn, Andrew Lewis, Marvin Simons (you get the picture and the type) COMBINED. He yells for the sake of yelling and just to be heard, he craves the spotlight but the cameras and spotlights are turned off.

  3. Blue Man Scoop says:


  4. Why says:

    What the Fuck…since you won’t let me use the letters W..T…F

  5. Chiari: I’m Still Running : says:

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