Chip LaMarca’s Rick Perry Endorsement is Clever


Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca endorsement of Texas Gov. Rick Perry is an ingenious political move.



LaMarca, the commission’s only Republican, avoids politics when he explains why he supported the conservative Perry over other GOP candidates.

“I am supporting Gov. Perry because as I expressed earlier, my primary consideration in 2012 is ‘jobs, jobs, jobs.’  Our country’s economy continues, at best, to stagnate, and I believe that the greatest challenge facing our nation is putting Americans back to work.

Many of the candidates for president have strong records on job creation, as well as great ideas to jump start the American economy and prepare our country to meet future challenges, but I believe that Gov. Perry has the strongest track record and has demonstrated tremendous leadership in this area.  As some detractors have stated, Texas has many positive attributes, I would point out that so do many other states and so does our country relative to the rest of the world.  Gov. Perry has proven experience creating a pro-growth economic environment, and that is the record of accomplishment that I am looking for.”

Ok, that’s what Team Perry told LaMarca to say.  It is Perry’s key campaign message: The governor created jobs in Texas and he can do the same for the nation.

Even when asked specific questions about other issues, LaMarca kept going back to the campaign boilerplate.

LaMarca’s Real Reasons?

So let me speculate.

Other leading Broward Republicans were already supporting Mitt Romney or other candidates. No politician likes to be the last one on the campaign bus, so LaMarca picked a campaign where he would be first:  Perry.

LaMarca became the first important Broward endorsement of Perry.  It’s a nice place to be if Perry wins, which is very possible.

In return for the early endorsement, Team Perry put LaMarca on their state leadership team.

LaMarca is now a member of a team that includes Speaker of the Florida House Dean Cannon of Winter Park and the next Florida Senate President Don Gaetz.  Not bad company!

There is only benefits for LaMarca in this endorsement.  If Perry loses, no one will hold it against the county commissioner.

I’ve heard some talk that the endorsement puts LaMarca at odds with voters in his moderate district. Yet many of the same Northeast Broward folks voted for U. S. Congressman Allen West, the darling of the Tea Party folks.

The commissioner ducked specific questions whether he supports Perry on controversial issues like Social Security and abortion.  LaMarca kept repeating his mantra of “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

I can’t image many in LaMarca’s district want to see today’s Social Security system gutted.  Or see the direct election of U. S. Senators ended in favor of having them appointed by the state Legislature. Or see a constitutional amendment banning abortion.

All these are positions that Perry has backed in the past.

But I don’t believe LaMarca cares about those positions.  LaMarca just believes Perry can win…and he wants to go along for the ride.

18 Responses to “Chip LaMarca’s Rick Perry Endorsement is Clever”

  1. missed a spot says:


    You forgot, the key to this is David DiPietro, David is best buds with Chip and is leading Romney in Broward. Unlike last time when they all went down with the sinking ships called RUDY! and Bill McCollum, this time they spread themselves out with the front runners, so if Perry wins David will be good because of Chip and if Perry wins, Chip will take care of Dipietro.

  2. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    One thing that I like about Comm.Lamarca is he is always tactful in expressing his views. His endorsement of Gov.Perry is not surprising to me at all. First and foremost Chip should really concentrate on his district and the possiablity that he might get his district changed is troubling. Fight for that beach, he has alot of support on the beach and if he lost part of the beach it could hinder his reelection. That being stated he is doing a good job, even though he’s a Republician. Stay focused Comm.Larmarca. And where were you at the Ft.lau budget hearing? Would have greatly apprectiated your input. Although Comm.John Rodstrom came I still would have liked to have seen both Comm.Holeness and Larmarca.

  3. Woody72 says:

    Did LaMarca say “I am supporting Gov. Perry because as I expressed earlier, my primary consideration in 2012 is ‘jobs, jobs, jobs.

    The truth about Perry’s job record came out this week. 81% of the job Increase from 2007 to 2011 Went to New Foreign Workers.

  4. BewareWhatYouWishFor says:

    I hope LaMarca watched the debate last night and is happy that he is endorsing a moron.

  5. Mona Lisa says:

    I am in LaMarca’s district and voted for him. When he was on the campaign trail he spoke about a plan to bring jobs to Broward. If he thinks Perry is the candidate who may help that happen in some way, then I’d like to think that’s why he is endorsing him. If there is some ulterior motive, as a district 4 voter, I don’t really care, as long as he stays on task with his original plan. It has been my experience that the fact Comm. LaMarca is a Republican and active in his party has not impacted his job performance in a negative way whatsoever.

    I am not sure why his party affiliation keeps coming up any time his name is mentioned by the media. He’s a Republican. We get it. He is endorsing someone who may or may not win in the primary. This is of importance to me as a resident of his district? How?

    Why would he, as a Commissioner, start commenting on Federal issues like Social Security or Abortion? He holds an office that is non partisan. The man is not stupid. Express an opinion one way or the other and he is now letting his political views interfere with his decisions made as the District 4 representative. For the record, non of the other Republican candidates have such different views than Perry- so according to you, LaMarca would be damned no matter who he endorsed.

    At the end of the day I like to operate under the assumption that whatever LaMarca does, it is for the good of his district. Whether that makes him Mother Theresa or just good at his job, it makes no difference to me. I just care that he gets stuff done, and so far so good.

  6. Wayne Arnold says:

    Sounds like “missed a spot” has made the most sensible analogy about the Commissioner’s endorsement of Governor Perry for the Republican nomination for President. I guess that would be a WIN WIN for both Commissioner LaMarca and David DiPietro.

  7. please says:

    Chip is nothing but a wannabe king maker. The problem is that after a 30 second sound bite and toothy grin, his lack of formal education shows producing nothing more than an empty suit. Didnt Chip brag that because he was an “R” he would speak the language of Tallahassee and get things done? Name 5 things that Chip was able to bring to Broward from the Gov this year? Chip, after supporting McCollum is at best a B lister with Rick Scott. Look at the recent Judicial and School Board appointments it was all Scherer and Bogdanoff, who carried the day not Chip.

  8. Dr. Truth says:

    Woddy72 above isn’t telling the truth.
    Hey Woody did you just make it up out of thin air or read it on the Daily Kos?
    From now on Woody keep the Geritol to one spoonful.

  9. Javier Martinez says:

    Chip is at the Rick Perry breakfast sucking up like he always does. Go Team Chip!

  10. Woody72 says:

    Dr. Truth, you are most likely suffering from Republitardisum. That disease is commonly associated with people who watch the misinformation you find at Fox News. GET WELL SOON.

  11. a friend says:

    There are few, if any, who have the answers to the many problems the county has regarding the school system. Let us hope that our new Superintendent will at, the very least, be given a chance. The Board doesn’t even know him that well. Let us just be vocal, yet civil, when it comes to our opinions.

  12. Mrs Chip LaMarka says:

    I just want everyone to know that I will be hosting an event on Monday for Herman Cain at the Riverside on Monday. Details to follow.

  13. Javier Martinez says:

    It appears that Chip LaMarca is the big loser at Presidency 5. Quoted by the Perry campaign prominently, a pizza maker won by two and a half times his pick. Go Team Chip.

  14. Chip OffDaMarca says:

    In the hopes of creating more jobs for Broward I have decided to endorse Pat Paulsen for President. He throws one heck of a breakfast. I’ll be hosting a luncheon at School board member Tory Alston’s home. It’s good to be the king(maker)!

  15. Just spell his name right says:

    It sure seems that Chip has gotten under some skin. It also seems as though the same poster keeps posting (see #12, #13, and #14 above…).

  16. Unbiased view says:

    I normally don’t post on these blogs but I can’t help but agree with “just spell” it seems as if the same person or people are posting comments.

    It also seems to me that LaMarca has some haters out there, wow!

    @Mona Lisa I also live in District 4 and couldn’t agree with you more, and I personally like the job LaMarca is doing and I am a democrat.

  17. Chip OffDaMarca says:

    I am the once and future king(maker). Accept no substitutes. The haters dont like my juice with the Guv. Just ask Tory. Herman Cain delivers!

  18. Give Me A Break says:

    Who cares what Chip does…he is a ok guy that has ambition like every other politician. THEY ALL STINK IF U ASK ME!

    Chip OffDaMarca: Looks like u have a crush on Tory, you mention him every other day…why don’t you pay him a visit and quit hiding behind this blog.