Chip LaMarca’s Mediocre Fund Raising




County Commissioner Chip LaMarca’s re-election fund raising has been lagging.


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Chip LaMarca: Should be doing better



Trying to win a second term, LaMarca collected $20,650 from 53 contributors so far, according to financial records ending June 30.

It was former County Commissioner Ken Keechl’s anticipated entrance into the race that kept a brake on LaMarca’s fund raising. Some were waiting to donate to Keechl.

Now Keechl has jumped into the race. He opened a campaign account on July 1, after the books closed on the second quarter financial reports. So the next financial report should give a clearer picture of the ability of both candidates to raise money.

LaMarca is the commission’s only Republican. Keechl is a Democrat.

In this case, party labels don’t mean anything. It’s all about business to the lobbyists who supply much of the campaign cash.

The only thing lobbyists are interested in is winning access through their donations to county commissioners after the election. Thus, lobbyists’ donations are awarded on a non-partisan basis. They will support anyone they believe will win.

It is easy to compare LaMarca’s fund raising to another incumbent county commissioner running for re-election. Barbara Sharief raised $52,905 in the same second quarter – 2 ½ times more than LaMarca raised.

In other commission races, sucking up a lot of money is the South Broward contest between former Hollywood Commissioner Beam Furr and state Rep. Joe Gibbons. This is an open seat because the incumbent, Commissioner Sue Gunzburger, is term limited.

Furr raised $58,501 — some of it bought in by Gunzburger, who is supporting him.

Gibbons has raised $31,850, with money coming from his Tallahassee contacts.

But Gibbons has spent almost nothing on his campaign, while Furr has used $12,531 already.

Back to LaMarca. My take:

LaMarca needs to step up his fund raising so that he is not out-raised by Keechl in the third quarter report due in early September. Lagging behind in fund raising could be disastrous to an incumbent like LaMarca.

25 Responses to “Chip LaMarca’s Mediocre Fund Raising”

  1. Hudson12 says:

    Chip LaMarca is a disaster himself, and he’s arrogant and incompetent. The people who work in his office don’t even know how to answer the phone. I’m actually one of his board appointments and can’t get anyone on the phone to discuss a potentially serious issue. Chip is a cry baby who couldn’t find his own a** with both hands. I’d vote for my pet ferret before ever voting for that guy again.

  2. Steve says:

    One need only look at Keechl’s huge fundraising advantage four years ago (over $600,000 raised) to see the fallacy of this article.

  3. Kevin says:

    Mediocre? Even by Broward County standards, where people raise laughably low sums of money (most of which gets sucked away by campaign leeches, and not spent on effective voter outreach), that’s not “mediocre;” that’s pathetic.

  4. Watching the race says:

    Scuttlebut is that a union leader is considering a run for that seat too.

  5. Office of Commissioner LaMarca says:

    Hudson12, we have not recieved any phone calls or messages that have not been answered. Please call us with your concern and we will work to remedy your potentionally serious issue immediately.

  6. Just Saying says:

    The “Office of Commissioner LaMarca” may be inept, arrogant, or not caring about answering constituent calls … but they clearly do know how to post blog comments. A lot. Under various names. On multiple blogs.

  7. WatchingRaceTLJustSayingCLKettleblackDevilsAdvocate says:

    Yo Se Señor Intolerante

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I have called Chip Lamarca’s office many times. His staff always is very helpful and always answer his phone lines. Service was very good. Who cares if Keechl raises a lot of dough. Keep in mind he raised what was it over a 1/2 mill and still couldn’t win. People will never forget the scam him and his boyfriend played out regarding the 3grand to have a campaign office in their home.. If this race is between Lamarca and Keechl and if your theory is right Buddy the support($) will go to lamarca. All this negativity (comments) are coming from Keechl’ camp(it so obvious)…

  9. Hudson12 says:

    Well if Robert Walsh says so, it must be true just like every other statement he’s made.

    As for contacting Chip’s office, now that I’ve identified myself as a board appointment, and also made it clear that I’m not a fan, it’ll be a while before they hear from me. I’m not going to face the retribution of others who dared to cross the almighty chipster!

  10. Frequent caller says:

    I live on the Galt and have had to call Commissioner LaMarca’s office many times over the years and I must say when Ryan Saunders ran the office my matters were addressed in a timely manner. I know the staff now is new but they should have learned more from mr. Saunders. While the staffers are very nice they seem more focused on what Commissioner LaMarca needs than focusing on the reason for the call. The new guys are young, no doubt they will grow into it the position but mr. Saunders leaving has created a big hole in the office that those of us on the beach have noticed.

  11. Galt Mile Resident says:

    I’m a Galt Mile resident and I must say I have been treated very well the past few weeks by the young man who assists mr. lamarca. He called me back first thing in the morning and is always responsive to my emails.

  12. Oscar says:

    This whole discussion shows what’s wrong with the Broward County Commission. What’s the biggest concern? Do I get a call back from the commission staff! What about vision and leadership for Broward County…guess that’s not a big concern!

  13. A Grown Man named Chip? says:

    Sorry but a grown man called “Chip” sound like a real boob. Next up is “Buffy”

  14. Vision and Leadership says:

    Vision and Leadership from a guy doesnt pay his mortgage and lands in foreclosure. All the while driving around in a Jaguar with his En Vino license plate and a plate protector that says “life is a cabernet”. He has almost $200k in household goods, including a wine collection. All the while he lives off his part time County Commission salary.

    A true leader would find a away to get a real job to pay down his debt or (GASP!) sell off some of the $200k household goods including the wine collection.

    How can this man lead by example to be fiscally responsible if he himself cant manage his fiannces.

  15. Professor D. says:

    I am not in the habit of commenting on blogs but I just have to say that I had very positive experiences both times I contacted Commissioner LaMarca. I was able to secure an appointment in a timely manner, he was patient and attentive and very helpful, actually. It is glaringly obvious as Mr. Walsh pointed out, that there are a few people that wait for his name to come up in a couple of these political blogs so they can pounce. I can only surmise it is coming from his opponent.
    I also see a very strong presence in the community at various events both within and outside of the district. Extra time and attention given to the military, as well as public servants. Conscientious staff.
    Mr. Nevins, the bashing of Commissioner LaMarca is becoming boring, and is the mark of an amateur. I have been a reader for about a year as I am a fairly newer resident of Broward. I am looking for an unbiased view of local politics. It appears that you have some sort of an axe to grind with Commissioner LaMarca. Would you care to share with us what that is? When searching his name here on your blog you only write negatively. It is the polar opposite of what I experienced.
    I don’t even get the reason for your original post. After reading some of the above comments I googled around to verify, and it is in fact true that Commissioner LaMarca won the last time without raising anywhere near what Ken Keechl raised.

    What gives? Why do you obviously have such a problem with this man? I am genuinely curious.

  16. Dear Professor says:

    Ironically, you cant name one lie or untruth that Nevins has said about LaMarca. Why don’t you tell us if what Vision and Leadership is untrue and why.

    Run along Reiter and before you call anyone else an amateur take a look in the mirror.

    “I have been a reader for about a year as I am a fairly newer resident of Broward.”

    So I guess you are not from here, started reading Browardbeat out of the blue and decided to move here, lol. Cmon Reiter you and Chip with your high school diplomas show a complete lack of creativity, lol.

  17. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    # 15-Professor D- for a newbie as you state-you are very observate. Sighn me up for one of your classes.

  18. Professor D. says:

    #16, When you google “Broward Politics” it leads you to the Sun Sentinel, the Twitter feed for THEIR political blog, something called Naked Politics and this blog, all on the first page. Since I have had to meet with LaMarca twice, of COURSE it is of interest to me what is written about him. Nothing positive is ever mentioned. It’s very selective reporting. It wouldn’t matter which public official you chose, you will find that Mr. Nevins is clearly either “for” or “against”. Commissioner LaMarca routinely votes in what I find to be in the best financial interests of the county for the most part. As long as he continues to do that, a foreclosure proceeding wouldn’t change my opinion of how he has been performing as commissioner. Overall I feel he has done well.

  19. Dear Professor says:

    MDG, is that you? I google too, as in “LaMarca and Mona Lisa” and I see comments going back to 2010 and all seem to have a word or two in BOLD within the comment. For those who have read your comments in your own name on FB and other places it is obvious. As you would say, EPIC FAIL.

    Thank you for confirming that nothing written in the comment of Vision and Leadership is false.

    I guess if I lived at home like yourself and scam candidates and political parties to pay for your useless advice, being in foreclosure would not make you question LaMarca’s ability to be fiscally responsible.

  20. Pope of FLL says:

    That awkward moment when Ryan Saunders attempts to appear as a “constituent” commenting on this blog.. @#10.. We get it, Ryan. Time to move on, big guy. Everyone thinks you did a good job, ok? Do you feel better now? It’s embarrassing, dude. Seriously. And painfully obvious. Excruciating.
    To Chip… looks like they come out in droves (all 2 of them who comment about a dozen times each under different names) whenever your name is mentioned here at the Broward Beat. Take a look. Every time the post is about you it’s the most comments Buddy ever gets, so try not to take it personally. A bloggers gotta do what a bloggers gotta do to drive traffic to his site. Besides, it’s not like Ahearn has any actual clients to attend to or anything so what else is he supposed to do with all that free time?

  21. J Dog says:

    Chip is going to be targeted by all sides – Democrat Republican and Tea Party. This guy is toast

  22. Wait a minute says:

    If Ahearn blogs all day and has no clients how come LaMarca is the one in foreclosure?

  23. mike says:

    I too agree with the “professor”. Chip, as an elected offical has done what he was elected to do-represent the people of his district and Broward County. He has taken the job seriously and has been active on the beach re-nurishment project and other concerns throughout his district. He is out in the community, and attend events and meetings day and night.
    In regards to his house- know the facts- he leveraged the equity in his house to start his constrcution business and then the industry went south- many people, including many of your friends were affected too. Do you judge them? He’s working to improve the situation. His car was his mom’s so get off it.
    The funny thing is that the blogs really never attack the work he’s doing as a commissioner, they just babble like they are jealous of a wine collection….

  24. Walkers mom says:

    Those dumb service members with their high school diplomas. Can’t they just finish their degree in Iraq instead of using the G.I. Bill back home?

  25. Tits McGee says:

    Take it from Tits McGee: there are lots of boobs in south Florida but one of the biggest boobs is Commissioner LaMarca and his team of misfit bloggers. This Republican military veteran will skip this race on my ballot if it is Ken vs Chip. Does Sheriff Lamberti live in this district? Lets start a draft Lamberti petition