Chip LaMarca Plays Footsie With The Tea Party





Republican County Commissioner Chip LaMarca needs crossover votes of Democrats and independents to win reelection.

LaMarca’s district has a Democratic majority. There are roughly 8 percent more Democrats than Republicans.

But despite needing the votes of Ds, LaMarca has been cozying up to the Tea Party. That’s a group and philosophy abhorrent to many Democrats.

Check out this invitation to a rally featuring LaMarca. The Tea Party is one of the sponsors. Their ID is on the left side on the bottom of the page:





This invitation went out to Republicans. Maybe LaMarca didn’t think Democrats would see it.

Although I couldn’t care less who wins the Northeast Broward commission race, Democrats need to know this: LaMarca plays footsie with the Tea Party at the same time he is courting Democratic votes.






19 Responses to “Chip LaMarca Plays Footsie With The Tea Party”

  1. Sam The Sham says:


    LaMarca, one of the only elected Republicans in Broward, attends a Republican mixer and fund raiser!

    What event do you expect him to go to? The Jefferson/Jackson Dinner?

    Besides the Tea Party, I see at least a dozen other sponsors. Where is the story here?

    He has to keep his base so he will go to these party events. If he wants Dems and Independents, he will go to nonpartisan events where he can expect to find people willing to listen.

  2. Not a profile in courage says:

    LaMarca never said one word against Danita and the Tea Party when this blog reported they were distributing anti gay flyers at the last BREC. One person said LaMarca entered the room where the BREC meeting was held, saw the flyers and got out of there.

    This is not about party affiliation,it’s about what is right. Serving as the District 4 County Commissioner on behalf of all residents, LaMarca should have called these racists out.

  3. FTL Voter says:

    Any truth to the rumor that disloyal Democrat Lori Parrish is hosting an August fundraiser for LaMarca at her home?

  4. Bob Adams says:

    Forget the invitation; look at Chip LaMarca’s record! He is no right winger. He is moderate, even liberal by today’s Republican standards. He was the only County Commissioner in June’s Gay Pride Parade! Commissioner LaMarca represents all of his constituents. When his opponent held this County commission seat, Ken Keechl represented himself. For the record, I’m a gay Democrat proud to support this straight Republican!

  5. excompassionateconservative says:

    Somehow, the phrase “Round up” and Republican party means something different today.

  6. No moderate says:

    A moderate or someone looking to work across the aisle does not draw a line in the sand with his fellow Commissioners by self appointing themselves as the (Republican) Minority Leader of the Broward County Commission.

  7. Wow says:

    Chip is slimy. Good riddance.

  8. Ghost of McLovin says:

    @Bob Adams: good for you! if everybody would think for themselves instead of voting blindly along party lines, this country, state and county would be a better place

  9. Mike Rump says:

    This is a non story. What are we now, the guilt by really, really minor association now?? I guess all this rain has dampened interesting stories!!!

  10. Andrew Miller says:

    That Tea party support worked out so well for Al Lamberti.

  11. Carlos Grande says:

    Hey #10 Andrew,

    Love the way you can spew out comments on Buddy and Bob’s blog, but yet can’t seem to allow folks to comment on your Israel mouthpiece. Joseph Goebbels has nothing on you.

  12. Just sayin' says:

    It’s my understanding that newcomer Tim Ryan appointed Lamarca as the “Minority Leader” of the commission. It does make sense that they send him to Tallahassee and DC to work with the people who hold the purse strings. Wait, he did that with funding for the beach and port.

  13. Get a better lie says:

    Do you mean the same vice mayor ryan who chip refused to applaud for when he was sworn in as vice mayor over chip? The same chip who refused to speak to tim ryan for months after tim was named vice mayor? Has tim endorsed minority leader chip yet?

  14. Chip n dale dancers says:

    Nice to see Wallman expose who was really behind npa Jason Steele.. Chip and dale have a lot of dancing to do to get away from this one…

    Some even wondered whether Commissioner Dale Holness put Steele, an African-American, in the race as a favor to Republican incumbent Chip LaMarca, to draw Democrat votes away from whichever Democrat ends up on the November ballot (Ken Keechl or Ben Lap). That theory had it that Holness was doing a favor for LaMarca by splitting the non-Republican vote so that LaMarca could win. Observers have noted that LaMarca is one of the few allies Holness sometimes has on the dais.

  15. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    Lamberti is a scumbag. It doesn’t matter who he bullshits into supporting him.

  16. frank says:

    Haha chip lamarca didn’t even have any influence on what he ordered for dinner in Tallahassee, much less influence spending decisions.

  17. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    What Comm.Lamarca needs to do is court the Independants. Even though they tend to sway to the left it doesn’t matter. Chip needs to convey to them that he is the best person to address their concerns. Comm.Lamarca is always at every function going on in the district. All this emphasis on Comm.Lamarca being a Republican is secoundary. Bottom line Chip is our best choice.Get out there Chip. Attend every HOA in the district and let then know you are there for them. Comm. Dale Holeness watch Chip’ back(thank you,)…

  18. Miramar Insider says:

    Dale Holeness had a secret meeting in Miramar with Carmen Jones, Hubert St. Claire, Alexandra Davis, and Bernadette Noris Weeks to run a black candidate against Scott Israel for Broward County Sheriff.

    If Dale taps the likes of Chief Smalling from Lauderhill then Israel’s Black support county wide is gone forever.

  19. Wow says:

    Miramar Insider- if true, what a bunch of losers… They make Al Jones and Eggelltion look good.