Chip LaMarca and Gov. Rick Scott: BBF’s?




Maybe County Commissioner Chip LaMarca hasn’t read the numbers lately.

Those would be the numbers that show that Republican Gov. Rick Scott remains unpopular in Florida.

Those would be the numbers that show that LaMarca’s redrawn district now contains about 10,500 more Democrats than Republicans.

So LaMarca, the commission’s sole Republican, was the sole commissioner getting his picture taken with Scott during an appearance in Lighthouse Point on Monday.

Check out LaMarca, in striped tie, below. ¬†What was going through LaMarca’s mind when this was snapped?

You may see the photo again in Democratic campaign literature in the fall (click to enlarge):


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13 Responses to “Chip LaMarca and Gov. Rick Scott: BBF’s?”

  1. Gauntlet thrown says:

    I see Amy Sherman reported that Chip made a plea to the Gov for money for the eroding beaches.

    I guess we shall see how much sway Chip really has, since his biggest claim to fame is being able to get things done in Tallahassee where the rest of the County Commissioners can not.

    If the Gov does not come up with money for the beaches it would show that not only does Chip have no juice within his own Commission he has none in Tallahassee either.


    Indeed, LaMarca did plea for state money for beach erosion. As does the entire county commission in their request to the state annually.

  2. Owl says:

    Chip LaMarca is a great County Commissioner. He works hard and cares about the County. He did the right thing appearing in Lighthouse Point at an event where the Florida Governor spoke. He also appeared at many events in the past where then Governor Charlie Crist spoke. I’m sure you have photographs of that too Buddy.

    Back in the day when things got done in politics, people from both parties actually got along. Chip is like that. I wish him the best of luck.


    I agree with your last paragraph. However, this was a political event that was clearly set up to boost Scott’s re-election.

  3. Straight talk says:

    Buddy, Chip’s grandstanding by making the plea at this event goes a little beyond the annual request from the Broward County Commission.

    OWL, it is hard to say Chip looks beyond political parties to work across the aisle to get things done when he self appointed himself “Minority (Republican) Leader” of the Broward County Commission.

  4. Dreamy says:

    Ummmm Florida’s Republican Governor’s great asses. They must get a free trainer. Look at that tushie on Rick Scott.

  5. Broward Democrat says:

    Chip pleads for cash for beach erosion yet refuses to support climate change initiatives at the County that might help to curb beach erosion. He opposes climate change initiatives to placate extreme right wing wingers while claiming to be fiscally prudent yet cares not where beach renourishment dollars come from. Does he not understand the economic impact of not preparing for these real and impending dangers will have a far greater economic impact than not acting for bogus political reasons? He is a small minded Republican towing the line. Those in Business who like him because they think he cares for the concerns are only cheerleading for him because he is one of them and not because of the results he delivers.

  6. GOPapa says:

    BREC implored its members to attend the LHP event for Rick Scott. The fact that only three dozen, with half of them working at the car dealership, showed up indicates the depth of indifference to our governor. Does LaMarca need the governor or does the governor need LaMarca?

  7. Buddy says:

    This was purely a political event for Rick Scott:

    —–Original Message——
    Subject: Thank you for Attending the event for Governor Scott @ Sheehan Buick GMC
    Sent: Feb 10, 2014 5:02 PM

    Dear Republican leaders,
    The turnout today for Governor Scott’s address at the Sheehan Buick GMC was extremely impressive. We must have had 100+ people and I could not help but thank you all for making it possible. I especially want to recognize the BREC board for being supportive in helping me spread the word as well as Chad Lincoln for doing an email blast of more than 17,000 Republicans in our county. Many of you also made sure to bring friends along which added to our overall numbers in support of the Governor for this event. We definitely showed our Governor that Broward matters and that he has a large number of supporters here that want to see him Re-elected. For those of you that were unable to make it, you were definitely missed but there will be many opportunities to attend another event with our Governor.
    Thank you so much and remember, this is only the beginning. We have got a lot of work to do but if we do it together, we could accomplish anything.
    Have a great rest of your day.
    Sincerely, Diana Ramos, BA
    South East Regional Director Republican Party of Florida

  8. Desperate R says:

    Please. BREC is a useless.

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Well Comm.Larmarca will stick up for his residents no matter who is governor. At least he went up to Tallahasse, where were the rest of them?. Keep up the good work Chip.

  10. Hmmmm says:

    Most BREC members don’t live in laMarcas district. Remember, it is much more democratic leaning than it was in 2010. After all the shenanigans he has been pulling at BREC meetings does the lack of attendance show the lack of support for LaMarca?

  11. two sides to every story says:

    LaMarca said (because I asked him) that he doesn’t oppose climate change initiatives. He voted “no” because no one could tell him how much any of it was going to cost. Not even a rough estimate, a ballpark figure. Who would just vote yes without having all the pertinent information?

    And Buddy, I am going to venture a guess as to say that whenever you feel like your blog is slow, you post about LaMarca because those 2 or 3 whackos that comment about him here and are his stalkers ( will make it look like you actually have more readers than you actually do, because they’ll all comment several times under several names. It’s really sick- they’re fixated and obsessed with him. So threatened. What are they so scared of?

  12. Here we go again says:

    Team LaMarca taking shots at buddy again. Smart move boys attack the media. Great plan.

  13. Informative says:

    Shark tank reporting Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler is supporting Keechl. Bad news for Lap and LaMarca.

    Why would a Republican blogger put out that one of the most popular politicians with both Dems and R’s in Broward County was helping Keechl if it wasnt true? Odd that a Republican blog would even start a rumor about Seiler being against Chip, correct or not, because you never know what rumors people believe.

    Then again, Chip’s recent comments in the Broward 100 ripping the cities lawsuits against the County, voting against 911, and taking all the credit for fixing the beach after Hurricane Sandy could give Seiler good reason to support someone other than Chip.

    Thanks Two Sides for the link to such an interesting article.