Children’s Services, School Bonds Pass Easily






The good news from Tuesday’s election: Voters renewed Broward Children’s Services Council.

Council CEO Cindy Arenberg Seltzer and her crew are a safety net for so many at-risk children and families. They do a terrific job with relatively little money.

If it had been abolished, nobody would have been there to offer a helping hand to those in need.

The Broward Schools $800 million bond referendum also passed. This is good news to the journalist in me, because I know the school system will misspend the money generating numerous stories in the future.

The bipartisan push by parents and civic activists under the umbrella BUILD (Broward United To Invest In Learning and Delivering…) reinforced my long-held belief that dedicated volunteers are the most valuable resource in politics. Without the volunteer effort that reached into every school, this bond issue would have failed.

I hope the BUILD volunteers keep a close watch in the future to guarantee this $800 million is spent wisely.

It is sad that Superintendent Robert Runcie is now unassailable. This unelected bureaucrat with a history of questionable veracity will be running the school system. I only hope the School Board won’t become a mere rubber stamp for him.

My prediction: Despite his promises, Runcie will do everything he can to thwart any effort for an independent board to oversee the spending of the bonds.

My second prediction: Runcie will open the doors of the school system to every lobbyist who funded the campaign.

My third prediction:  Political consultant Ashley Walker and her team, who was hired to save this bond issue from defeat, will get even more business in the future based on this win. I hope with all the money she makes she’ll buy me a drink someday (Only kidding, Ashley.).




9 Responses to “Children’s Services, School Bonds Pass Easily”

  1. The Scoop says:

    Ashley and Bryan were able to raise money and put out five of the most generic, stock photoed mailers anyone has seen. They ran some robo calls and that is it. Period. All for $450K plus.
    You know better Buddy.


    There was no campaign at all before they came aboard. They got the campaign launched and got it moving with very little lead time. They raised money.

    The pieces were exactly how you described them, frankly boring and highly misleading, but the bonds passed…overwhelmingly. After all, that’s what consultants are hired to do. Get the issue passed.

  2. Kevin Hill says:

    I have to say I am surprised the bond issue passed.

  3. Sam Fields says:

    I suppose this kills any chances for Runcie naming one of those buildings NEVINS-GREENBARG MIDDLE SCHOOL

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Fear Not Personally!

    I named my morning constitutional after you!

  5. The Truth says:

    The truth is, voting for that 800 million dollars had nothing to do with showing support for Robert Runcie and his incompetent Administration. Most voters and parents wouldn’t know any of them if they passed them on the street. This vote shows support for Broward Public Schools. It shows that communities, parents and employees know the schools are in dire need. They all know there is a BIG problem and they are trusting that the money will be spent on legitimate needs and not squandered. So to the corrupt Robert Runcie, I must say, this is not your win. This was a win for the community that came together and said…the schools need this money. In spite of the corrupt politician that has almost completely destroyed this district and completely destroyed any trust we had, the students deserve better! Good will always prevail. And yes Buddy, he won’t dissapoint the journalist in you! I look forward to the updates!

  6. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    That’s funny, Sam. As if.

  7. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    For good or bad, the voters of Broward County voted in large numbers to hand over 800 million dollars to at best a fauld School Board and a Childrens’ Services Council that takes tax money and distributes it to other organizations. It is a joke and it may make the left leaning Democrats happy here in Broward County, but it is philosophies like this that made Florida a REPUBLICAN STATE! Remember when we had DEMOCRATIC Senators, Governors, State Senators and State Representatives? The Childrens’ Service Council may get Mr. Nevins, Mr. Fields votes, and most New York-born Jews in Broward County, but these semi-socialist big government and high tax philosophies have destroyed the Democratic Party in the South.

  8. Also Attended says:

    @7 Count chocula is clearly a kook.

  9. Juliet Hibbs says:

    I do understand that this was support for the schools from the people of Broward, but if the schools are BLEEDING money and they are abusing children (and they are….I have shared video on Browardbeat before) and they cover up so much, this money will NEVER make a difference for students! Only go to the same criminals that are in or are in support of the School Board, Mr. Robert Runcie and his upper level leadership.

    I am AMAZED at how many of these people in the upper level leaderships have their own businesses and are consultants so many places! Now, I am not suggesting that having a business is wrong, but are they doing the jobs in Broward? I don’t think so. I believe much of the money money will go to the people that have give to them, or a discount (like say on a house), a job, a relative, ect! That list is endless and history of this already in Broward Schools.

    Broward Schools STILL owes one contractor almost 1/4 of a million dollars since 2009! How many jobs could be created in Broward if Broward Schools paid their bills on time?

    How many jobs would be created if the staff was as well paid as the leadership? I mean, the staff gets 2% and Mr Runcie’s group got that PLUS the other 22-34% raises! Broward schools is the LARGEST employer in Broward, last time I checked! But, those raises would be insane for staff, as they have been for upper leadership.

    We can do this with everything, right into the classroom! If they were not bleeding money, corrupt, lying scum, then I would have been able to support the bond!

    But, I can only say that I am sad to say how much I think you will have to report Buddy! I am sure, it will be coming to you daily, soon!

    Thank you, as always, Buddy! You have offered such honest reporting! I am always ready to read the Browardbeat!