Child Abuser Kutun Wants To Be A Lawyer Again


Former leading state politician Barry Kutun, who had his Bar license suspended for child abuse, wants his ticket back.

barry kutun

Barry Kutun Talks To Channel 10


Kutun has petitioned the Florida Bar for reinstatement.

The former Miami Beach lawyer had his Bar licenses suspended for two years in October 2007 after pleading guilty to two felonies of child abuse in Broward and one felony of child abuse in Miami Dade.  Adjudication was withheld and he received probation. 

The charges stemmed from trysts with a prostitute and her 16-year-old daughter.  Kutun was in his 60s when he had sex with the 16-year-old.

The incident cost him his job as North Miami Beach’s city attorney. 

Kutun was a major force in South Florida politics in the 1980s.  He was one of the leaders in the state House and ran in 1986 for governor.

After spending $1 million — $200,000 of his own money — during the 2 1/2 campaign first for insurance commissioner, then for governor, Kutun dropped out of the Democratic primary.  He endorsed state Rep. Steve Pajcic, D-Jacksonville. 

steve pajcic

Steve Pajcic

Pajcic won the 1986 Democratic primary after beating Attorney General Jim Smith.  After Smith endorsed Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob Martinez, Pajcic lost the general election.

Martinez served one term.

2 Responses to “Child Abuser Kutun Wants To Be A Lawyer Again”

  1. paul says:

    Wasn’t he a lobbyist, too?

    FROM BUDDY: I believe so.

  2. gonzo says:

    if reinstated, would or should he run against Satz?