Chiari: I’m Still Running


First, thank you for spelling my name right.

I am back home in South Florida after spending several months up north and am still a candidate in the District 100 State House race.

chris chiari

Chris Chiari

The last several months have been a challenge for my family and thank you for asking, my grandmother is doing okay. It is often the challenging times in life that bring family and friends closer together.

You may not have heard but the membership of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Democratic Club did in fact elect me to serve as the clubs Vice President, a role that proudly and happily accepted.

One thing is clear from reading your article the corrupt Broward County political machine, which Rep. Even Jenne is a part, will say anything to keep what they have and to retain their power.

Respectfully Yours,

Chris Chiari

12 Responses to “Chiari: I’m Still Running”

  1. You are a Putz says:

    Only a total and complete putz would write a thing so blatantly stupid. You are a nowhere man in Broward politics. A loser with a capital L. Zero future in elected politics and all your bridges are burned. Radioactive. Political leprosy.

    As to Evan Jenne, you aren’t a fraction of the man he is. Just ask his girlfriend. Welcome back from rehab.

    FROM BUDDY: I wonder whether you believe Chiari is a penis, the literal meaning of the Yiddish word putz.
    No, you probably are using it as a term of contempt, in which case you are calling Chiari a fool, simpleton or a jerk.
    Or maybe you are using both definitions….

  2. Blue Man Scoop says:

    “Welcome back from rehab.”

    Tiger woods just got back from rehab also…

  3. Bob Adams says:

    Granted, my judgement is clouded by years of great representation by Tim Ryan and Anne Mackenzie, but we have no representation now!

  4. Barry Sacharow says:

    I don’t understand, Bob, Scott Rothstein got HIS moneys worth in representation. Perhaps you just hadn’t given young Mr Jenne enough payola to represent you as well!!!!!

    (Disclaimer – I consider Chris Chiari both a great honest new legislator-to-be and a personal friend, one who I have believed in enough to work on his campaign.

  5. CuriousO says:

    to Christian Chiari:

    well, were you in rehab or not? if you were, you should just say so, instead of hiding behind an excuse. if you weren’t, my thoughts and prayers to your family.

    exclusive of either issue, you were once a promising young fresh face with some vision. for various reasons, mainly what seem to be some severe personality disorders, mental illness and personal inadequacy issues, you have very much fallen apart, lashing out at systems, individuals, girlfriends, boyfriends? … and generally blaming everyone but yourself. you need to slow down, look in the mirror and take responsibility for you and your actions, what you say to anyone within earshot and your behavior. it all starts at home. maybe you need to get away from politics and just come to some hard truths about yourself, get a grip, take a deep breath and start all over. people might remember the original you, not the version that has slowly and painfully evolved over the past couple of years. honestly, it has been painful to watch.

  6. CuriousO says:

    Folks, I think the fact that Chris Chiari would not answer my question above about clearing up if he was in rehab or not versus purportedly being in rehad, speaks volumes. He chose not to come clean. He can’t blame his not wanting to be forthright on the corrupt political system.

  7. Barry Sacharow says:


    Not only was Chris not in rehab, the few times he was not with his family, his travels (like to see me in Atlantic City a couple of days before New Years Eve and to inspect a site he was looking at for a monument for his former school the next day) were documented on his facebook page.

    It seems to me the one who needs to come clean is you. Who are YOU shilling for and how much Rothstien money are you getting for attacking him?

    Did you miss the Bob Norman blog entry that discussed what Evan’s Papa ad former Wategate Dirty Trickster Roger Stone were doing at RRA? They were setting up a law enforcement agency to do what you are doing now. Edify, the company that gave young Jenne his payola was another Rothstein shill corporation, using stolen money to influence and pay off politicians.

    When you read up on this (I don’t doubt you already know about this) you can see that Ellyn was his young Red rising star (sorry Buddy) and Evan his young Blue one, supervised by his father and paid for with stolen money.

    There is much more to come on this criminal enterprise including additional charges, according to MY sources. But the best plan you can come up with is to attack Evan’s opponent with lies. Was that plan yours, Evan’s, his father’s or Roger Stone’s? My bet is a little of each. You know what warning they giv to people who live in Glass Houses …..

  8. Blue Man Scoop says:

    I also read on Bob Norman’s blog that more arrests were imminent…back in early November.

  9. CuriousO says:

    to Barry Sacharow:

    i just want him to come clean and make the statement that it was not rehab. the way he has acted over time, the more out there he has gotten, one can not discount the possibility.

    and if he did go to rehab, good. i hope it helped him. he just has be upfront with people, if this was the case.

    i don’t care who wins his race. may the person who runs the hardest and has the best message win.

    and why do you have to defend him. let him defend himself and make his own statements. that’s what political leaders do, not rely on others to do their heavy lifting.

    have a nice day.

  10. Barry Sacharow says:

    C O,

    When did you stop beating your wife (gender unimportant)?


    Why won’t you answer? When did you stop beating your wife?

    Obviously the smart move is to ignore such a trick question because the question and answer is designed to demean and belittle you. The real answer remains unimportant, the point is to get you to respond. This is the point you are trying to make with Chris.

    You didn’t answer my question, i.e., who is behind your attack and what copmensation are you receiving for attacking Chris namelessly on a blog (regardless how “Fair and Balanced” the blog is.)

    If I were advising Chris, I would advise him not to respond to anyone who posts without their full name. If you are interested in offering a question to the candidate, write to him directly with your full name and then you might just find yourself answered.

    As for your fake accusation, I happened to have direct knowledge and responded with that information including the sourcing of that info and how it could be checked on. It is not the job of a candidate to respond to nameless attacks, it is the responsibility of a candidate to understand when and where is appropriate to respond and to who, at least IMHO.

    I wish you the best and when you stop beating your wife, let us all know … we are interested

  11. CuriousO says:

    to Barry SuckAndRoT (aka Sacharow):

    you are obviously one demented jerk. why would you evoke such a horrific subject mater as you do, which has nothing to do with the subject at hand. what you say has alot to do with your subliminal thoughts and tendancies, so let us just say, my thoughts are prayers are with you, Mrs. Sacharow.

    to answer your queeries, no one is behind my attack nor do i receive compensation to post an observation(s) on a blog.

    now, why don’t you call Mr. Chiari (like the nice little suckup lackey you are) and you can tell him “you sure told me” ……. and along the way, ask HIM to respond back to me, versus you.

  12. Barry Sacharow says:

    The reason that lackeys like me take on unbalanced folks like you is what you have shown here. I’ll not be discussing this with Chris, he has enough on his plate campaigning against a corrupt machine and its youngest candidate.

    I wish your wife well.

    G-d Bless us every one…