Charlie Crist Building His Broward Team



He’sssss back.

Former state Sen. Steve Geller, D-Cooper City, has been largely invisible since losing a bitter, hard-fought 2010 Democratic primary to County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger.

Geller is about to materialize…at Charlie Crist’s side.

Steve Geller


Geller is expected to have a key role in the Crist campaign for governor against current Gov. Rick Scott.

Also said to be on the Crist team is former Attorney General Bob Butterworth.

The two veteran Broward pols would be joining a campaign that is the Democrat’s best bet to beat Scott.

But it won’t be easy despite the over-optimism of some dreamy Democrats.

Still giddy from President Barack Obama’s win, these Ds believe Scott has done such a poor job that almost anybody will be able to beat him.


Scott is deeply unpopular.  But a governor has the power to turn around his unpopular poll numbers by 2014.

He controls much of state spending.  He makes dozens of appointments every month.  He can get media attention any time he wants*.

For instance, Scott can pour some more money into education. Reverse earlier Tea Party positions, which he has already begun doing. Present a commanding presence during a disaster.

The poll numbers start climbing.

He’s got almost two years and millions in his campaign committee already, with more being collected every month.

The Democrats?

No money and little prospect of raising anywhere near the amount Scott can.


In a field of Democratic Lilliputians, Crist stands out.  But he is far from a Gulliver.   He’s more like a bigger Lilliputian.

Crist is a deeply-flawed candidate with a history of shameless self-promoting flip flops who will make an easy target for GOP attack ads.

Yet he’s clearly the best that Democrats have at this point.

Still, it won’t be easy to beat Scott regardless of any help Geller and Butterworth can provide.


* Media is easy for a governor.  Below is part of his schedule for January 3.  This goes on regularly. Can any Democrat get that kind of attention?





Location:         WINK News

Address:          2824 Palm Beach Blvd

Fort Myers, FL



Location:         NBC-2 Fort Myers

Address:          3719 Central Avenue

Fort Myers, FL




Location:         Starbucks

Address:          4450 Fowler Street

Fort Myers, FL


An earlier post about the Democrat’s chances in 2014 can be seen here. 

25 Responses to “Charlie Crist Building His Broward Team”

  1. christine says:

    Actually I think if Crist runs, he’ll beat Scott hands ( and pants) down. As a Republican, I voted or Alex Sink. Although Crist’s posesses some significant liabilities, at this point, I think folks ( Democrat, Republican or Independent)would prefer anyone over Scott….

  2. Crist The Loser says:

    This idiot Crist only thinks about himself. He is a loser and switches parties every time he wants a chance to win an election.I am sure Mr. Gay Crist loves Obama since they are both gay and idiots and only think about themselves. GET A LIFE IDIOT

  3. Keeping It Real in 2013 says:

    Crist-Butterworth in 2014!

  4. Plain Language says:

    Two people Crist should totally avoid in Broward: Steve Geller and Al Lamberti. Either will seriously hurt his chances. Both kill any chance.

  5. Bernie Parness says:

    That is a bunch of crap. The Gov can raise what he wants. The Tea party got it.s ass kicked last night. Sane Republicans will not support Scott. Democrats will work to defeat him. They thought they won Florida and lost.

  6. Ghost of McLovin says:

    Crist hasn’t been out long enough. Let him prove he’s a republican, er, independent, er, democrat first. I don’t think the voters of Florida are that stupid or forgetful.

  7. Jurassic Park says:

    Oh Charlie, you have no clue. Where go Geller there go Judy Stern. So most likely Stern will be involved with Crist in Broward (has she won a major race since Obama has been in office?). Butterworth is another Stern pawn. Awesome to see that people under the age of 50 heck not even 55 are a major part of the team. It is bad enough many Dems don’t trust Charlie as it is, now he brings in people with enemies a mile long. This will create a split in Broward between the Scott Israel people and other dems. Then again word is Charlie did a robocall for Lamberti, which would not be surprising since Stern and Geller were heavily involved in that campaign.

    I would love it if Kane would do a poll on the name recognition of Geller and Butterworth these days outside of Hollywood, I bet people would be shocked at the results.

  8. voter says:

    just 2 locals for ‘local’ name recognition. crist will have others from central and north FL, and Tampa area. its not his first time to the dance.

    geller can run for gunzburger BCC seat in 2014 as shes term limited (in cast Crist doesn’t win).

    crist has just one more term, right? he may get it. we could do worse.

  9. Real Deal says:

    Judy Stern is politically radioactive. Those foolish or desperate enough to ignore that rule will continue to be incinerated. I can’t believe Charlie Crist would be that stupid. Her every relationship ends in failure and misery.

  10. facts are facts says:

    For over a decade Stern was radioactive but she won so no one cared. Now is she does not win and still radioactive, not worth it for most. The problem is that the old timers like Geller and Butterworth still cant see a world were their old ways do not rule. As the above poster said, name a race since 2008 besides city races Stern has won, zip. Even the races she wins, i.e. Tim Ryan, the winner does everything to deny even knowing her.

    Lets not forget the fact that she ran Lamberti and Mancini against Sats. I wouldnt want to be in her shoes these days being the top of the poop list with the Sheriff and State Attorney.

  11. Duke says:

    It’s far too late for Rick Scot to undo the damage. Informed voters know how he tried to suppress the vote. I’m not the only one voting for Charlie.

  12. s only says:

    Charlie needs a woman on the ticket and a younger crowd on his side.

  13. Dont Agree says:

    Actually don’t agree. Scott is aloof and very good businessman but Christ is a skilled politican. Nobody takes Scott seriously because (he is akward in public arenas) and he spent an insane amount of his own money on the campaign. Not a huge fan of Christ but he would crush him. Keep in mind Scott won by decimal points (after spending insane amounts of his own money on the campaign) and Christ bowed out after the bottom fell out of the FL economy…..thoughts ???


    I guess you meant “Crist” and not “Christ.” I’ve made the typo myself.
    Here is a thought: No matter how bad some think Scott is, Christ could beat him.

  14. Dont Agree says:

    You could give Scott a huge public appearance a day and it wouldn’t help for his re-election, it’s not a question of “if he will win” only a question of “who will he lose to ?”

  15. Independent says:


    According to the Constitution:

    “No person who has, or but for resignation would have, served as governor or acting governor for more than six years in two consecutive terms shall be elected governor for the succeeding term.”

    Therefore since Crist, if elected, wouldn’t be consecutive from his prior term, he could run for 2 new additional consecutive terms.

  16. florida cracker says:

    @ Crist the Loser:

    Always trying to be a comedian, aren’t you!

  17. Bob Adams says:

    Charile Crist was my choice until the name Steve Geller came into the mix. Yes, there is “local recognition” but in a bad way. Geller is slimy – at best!

  18. Broward Democrat says:

    Just what the Florida Democratic Party needs to win… a Republican nominee. Big deal.

  19. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Plain Language got it exactly right. Those two are poster children for crooked politicians. Crist is a self serving politician who needs to get gone. The D’s need an electable candidate.

  20. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Meanwhile, there is a battle being fought over the Florida Democratic Party Chair’s position. It’s a lobbyist (Allison Tant) vs. a grassroots organizer (Alan Clendenin)…

  21. @don't agree says:

    @ don’t agree:
    Crist didn’t leave because the economy dropped out. Charlie left because he and his long island wife felt they were too good for Tallahassee and belong in the Washington croud. The reason he wants back now is that his high-maintenance wife likes being a queen in Tallahassee more than being a nobody in Tampa.

  22. @don't agree says:

    Charlie won’t run 2 terms if he wins. He’s setting himself up to be nelsons heir apparent(see above). Even if he loses he wins by getting people used to Charlie crist Democrat. Its a repeat of crist v. Grahm.

  23. Voter says:

    Thanks for clarification on the “Two Consecutive Terms” vs. a term, then a break from office, then back in Gov. seat. His uncontrollable ambition will use Gov run for later Senate run (again). Voters will see thru this.

  24. Steve Geller says:

    I was out of town, so am just now responding to the article and some factual innacuracies in the responses.

    I generally agree with Buddy’s analysis. It will not be easy to beat an incumbent Rick Scott. I believe that we can do it, and Charlie Crist gives us our best chance to do it. Charlie first needs to win the Democratic primary, which may be a tougher race. Those of us that want to see the strongest Democrat emerge should be backing Crist.

    In reference to the letters, 1) I am under 55, and 2) I had nothing whatsoever to do with the Lamberti campaign. It’s not a well kept secret that I don’t get along with Lamberti, and in 2008 I raised money for Scott Israel. I supported Granteed in the primary because he was my hometown guy from Hollywood, but would certainly have helped Israel in the General if he had asked for my help, which he didn’t.

    I don’t understand the continued hostility from some of these supposed Democratic activists. I raised Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for Democratic Candidates and the Party or Clubs in both the 2010 and 2012 elections. It is unfortunate that some people can’t move on from the 2010 election.

    Steve Geller

  25. Nice try says:

    Oh Steve, everyone knows Granteed was a Lamberti shill with the involvement of your friend Judy Stern and Neal Dejesus. You raised money in 2008 because, hmmm, your pal Judy Stern ran his race. You want to pal around with the toxic Stern then you get the hostility that comes with it.