Challenger Crushing School Board Member In $$






If contributions are any guide, School Board member Ann Murray has been dumped by the political establishment.

Murray has $22,668 in contributions for her re-election to a third term. But about one-third of the money — $7,200 – is her own.

Observers say that Murray’s widely reported use of the “N” word is taking its toll. Many of the usual contributors figure that Murray can’t win with that kind of baggage.

Opponent Felicia Brunson, a West Park Commissioner, has $49,136 in donations and a small loan from herself.

Brunson is benefiting from the support of County Commissioner Dale Holness.

Word on the street is that Holness is helping Brunson raise money, but apparently the word on the street is wrong.  Campaign treasurer Carolyn Hardy  said his only involvement is a $100 personal contribution.

Brunson has $14,623 left, having paid for printing and other campaign doodads. Murray has $8,702 left.

The two are vying for School Board District 1, which includes Dania Beach, Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, Pembroke Park, West Park and a portion of Miramar and Pembroke Pines.



7 Responses to “Challenger Crushing School Board Member In $$”

  1. Carolyn Hardy says:

    Please know that as Brunson Campaign treasurer, I can assure you that Commissioner Dale Holiness has not fund raised for our campaign. In fact he only make a $100.00 personal check contribution in the infancy of campaign.
    This is a grassroots campaign and one that Holiness has No Connection to at all.

    Don’t know who informed you of his involvement……..but they are incorrect!!

  2. Running from the stink says:

    No one wants to have an association with Dale Holness these days, lol.

  3. Wow says:

    Holness is the new F word in broward politics

  4. Night Watchman says:

    Rightfully so Running. I am African-American and live in the district. I was not going to vote in this race which is something I am loathe to do. I for obvious reasons cannot vote for Murray BUT I also cannot vote for a Holness puppet. This Ms. Hardy is welcome news.

  5. Night Watchman says:

    Btw, Buddy please be more careful in the future. The information on this site is an important part of the decision making process for regular folks like me. What if Ms. Hardy was not on top of this?

  6. Hardy is full of crap says:

    Holness is 100% behind Brunson. He is the kingmaker in Broward. Sorry if you people don’t like it but IT IS HAPPENING!


    He is the wanna-be kingmaker. He has been largely unsuccessful to date.

  7. Miramar Insider says:

    Face it. Dale Holness is the most powerful man in Broward County Politics.

    You haven’t seen anything yet.

    Wait until Dale’s secret candidates unseat Lori Parish and Scott Israel in the next election.


    Lori Parrish is on record as stating she is not running in two years.

    You may believe that Dale Holness is the “most powerful man in Broward County politics.” That doesn’t make it true. His sponsorship of candidates for many offices has been largely unsuccessful.