Certain Of A State Senate Win, Lauren Book and Lobbyist Dad Buy Condo In Tally




How certain is lobbyist Ron Book that his daughter is going to win a Broward County-based state Senate seat?

Certain enough to buy her new digs in Tallahassee, more than a year before the Democratic primary.

Ron Book and his daughter bought a condominium a short walk from the Capitol building in May, paying $260,000.

They got a deal.  The unit in the Plaza Condominium sold for $419,800 new in 2009.


Ron Book and Lauren Book

Ron Book and his daughter, Lauren Book



Ms. Book, who has a nationwide organization Lauren’s Kids that teaches ways to combat and cope with child abuse, added another $70,000 in June to her political committee Leadership for Broward. She now has collected a stunning $639,950, with the biggest contributor being $100,000 from the Miami Dolphins, a long-time lobbying clients of her Dad.

She is running for the Hollywood-based Democratic-leaning House District 33.  It will be open next year because state Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood, is term limited.

Ms. Book has not opened a campaign account. Currently no serious candidate is considering challenging her for the seat, according to numerous sources in Broward’s political community.

Here is the information from the Leon County Property Appraiser (click on it to enlarge):



Book's condo


15 Responses to “Certain Of A State Senate Win, Lauren Book and Lobbyist Dad Buy Condo In Tally”

  1. Behind the Scenes says:

    A credible challenger to a lobbyists daughter with no previous government or elected experience can win that seat no matter how much money they raise. It only requires the courage to run.


    The key words in your comment are “credible candidate.” There is none at this point.

  2. Ha Ha Ha says:

    So Daddy will just buy his daughter this Senate seat, and what the voters want is just irrelevant. Then, Daddy the wealthy lobbyist makes even more money by increasing his influence over and access to the state Senate. A truly spectacular illustration of the corruption and dysfunction that permeates the state of Florida!

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I hate to say it, but I think most people who love to do as good a real etate deal as Mr. Book. And how can complain a Father is supporting his daughter. I mean to complain about a Father buying a condo for his daughter, what next, a public official taking his children to Disneyland!

  4. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    You certainly have both of Books on your radar Buddy. Good for them. Best of luck PS. To whomever etc. sent me the info in the mail I got it. Allready sent the city att. and the mayor a copy, along w/ the media(print)…

  5. John Henry says:

    So their Charity scam has got them so confident of a win they’re buying tallahassee real estate?

  6. Talks like a politician says:

    Is this an example of “white privilege” or just more peeps feeding off the public trough?

  7. Sweetheart says:

    In whose interest do you think this person is going to be acting when the chips are down?

  8. Who Got the $$$$$$$ says:

    Another Hillary in the making?

    3.8 million in taxpayer money because her father did not properly vet the nanny.

    Taxpayers have to pay for the fathers guilt of “NOT PROTECTING HIS CHILD”

    Taxpayers are now financially molested and raped by a professional lobbyist and his abused daughter.

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    # 8-You Bastard. “Father didn’t vet the nanny”. She is lucky Mr.book didn’t blow her head off. Again, you Bastard…..

  10. Floridan says:

    Wow . . . there are certainly a lot of mean-spirited people out for this one.

  11. Sweetheart says:

    Dear Who Got:
    I don’t know anything about this man and his daughter beyond what I read here. What do you mean about taxpayers having to pay because he didn’t vet the nanny?


    The comment is apparently a reference to the fact that Lauren’s Kids, Ms. Book’s organization, has received money from the state.

  12. Moore says:

    A few of us heard Charlotte Rodstrom meet with Scott Herman for his support for House District 93, as he is looking to run in the City of Oakland Park for 2016.

    However Scott Herman did get some 30 bills past into law. Including one that involved Rep Bobby Debose and Rep George Moraitis worked on.

    Even Rep George Moraitis gave Scott Herman credit on the House Floor.

    Keep in mind that Scott Herman was even a guest of a House Member and on the House Floor during the swearing in of new members.

    Now could you just imagine if Scott Herman was to win the Oakland Park City Commission how much he could get done in funds from Congress and the State. And reviewing reports. Mr. Herman seems to making sizable campaign donations also.

    Now a few of us where talking about possible candidates that has the money and could now call in support for a campaign. Could Scott Herman be a creditable candidate for a House or Senate in the near future.

    Keep in mind I got forwarded a letter from Wilton Manors City Commissioner Julie Carson. She said Scott Herman got the veterans flags up and funded when no one else could back around 2012. From what I have discovered he made sure the funds were in place for 4 to 5 years from him and not one penny of taxpayers monies. But we did not hear this from Scott Herman.

    He seems to do a lot behind the scenes for the people. And now this year more and more keep coming out about what good things he is doing.

    I hear he is active in a number of boards and such for veterans, homeless and a few other topics of interest.

    Buddy I also researched and I see his property is tax exempt. But I saw a picture from another blogger posting as if he was a fake with his name and the formal CFO picture on it which implies they are both fake.

    Then I recall reading on media trackers that he “may” have fudge his resume’ in the actual report but not in the headline. However that outlet did not attack him until the 2014 campaign and that story like the other blogger story failed to hold up to truth.

    What are your thoughts on Scott Herman since he has the money, learned some hard lessons and has the ability to get things done to include have Democrats and Republicans actually pass bills he pushing for and they acknowledge him. And Scott Herman just stays quite about it all. What is your take on all of this?

  13. Ghost rider says:

    Does anyone remember when Ron Book was convicted of insurance fraud. Pitched his car in the water and collected the insurance money. Apple probably does not fall far from the tree..just sayin’


    First of all, Ron Book is not the candidate.
    Second of all, Ron Book was not convicted of anything involving insurance fraud. He pleaded no-contest to a misdemeanor and the judge withheld adjudication. That means that Book has no criminal record. By the way, all this happened roughly 30 years ago.

  14. Kpan says:

    Not so quick guys! Do not discount that there’s a candidate also running for that seat that I know personally, yeah, its true he probably doesn’t have the amount of money Ms. Book has but he has a chance, or should I say, give Emmanuel Blimie a chance in Florida Seantorial District 33. He’s pretty honest.

  15. Count L F Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Emmanuel Blummie is a Black African refugee who has US academic degrees headed self created organizations to help African Black victims of civil wars and then became a financial advisor n possible author on these subjects according to the internet. No local political or community activities were found on a routine internet search. Politically he claims to be an notable Obama political backer. He has no qualifications to be an elected official except in Foreign Affairs
    Where his knowledge is limited to West Central Africa and possibly sub-Sahara Africa