Ceasar’s Arch-Enemy Can’t Vote Against Him Sunday


Broward Democratic boss Mitch Ceasar got a big break this week.

His arch enemy Randy Fleischer learned he won’t be able to vote in Sunday’s election for chairman of the party. 

Ceasar is fighting to hold on to his job against former U. S. Rep. Peter Deutsch of Hollywood. 

Fleischer received a letter from the Florida Democratic Party saying he is ineligible to vote in the election because he made mistakes on a paper he filed, according to a party source. 

Fleischer is an attorney.

Davie Democratic activist and former Broward Young Democrats president, Fleischer tangled with Ceasar in the past many times.  He ran against Ceasar for chair in 2000 and was badly beaten.

Fleischer told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel his exclusion was unfair.  In addition to being unable to vote against Ceasar, he will be barred from running for state committeeman.The paper quotes Fleischer: “There is going to be change and I want to be in on it.

The election is held every four years for chairman of the local party. Only about 900 elected precinct committee members can vote in a Tamarac public school Sunday afternoon.

The job is a political prize. The chair of Broward, with the largest Democratic Party south of Atlanta, gets courted by national politicians and quoted by the national media.









The campaign has been rough. Ceasar’s forces charged that the Deutsch team are spreading malicious rumors about the current chair.

First of all, they allegedly called precinct committee members, stating they are “representing the Democratic Party, which they are not.

Second, they are alleged to have told committee members that Ceasar has represented Republicans like Sheriff Al Lamberti. 

Wrong again.

“People are entitled to their own opinion, not there own set of facts, Ceasar said.


6 Responses to “Ceasar’s Arch-Enemy Can’t Vote Against Him Sunday”

  1. Oops!!! says:

    Ha, Ha, this one outta be wild and funny especially since Randy Fleischer can’t vote. Fleischer always thinks he’s better than most… NOT… Better luck next time

  2. Kevin says:

    You would think that a lawyer wouold know that a spouse can not notarize the other spouse’s documents

  3. arizona rising says:


    You have been saying for years you are moving to Arizona, will please go already.

  4. Tommy Boy says:

    Randy has always been a whiner who perceives himself as a victim whenever he loses. He should have been a woman.

  5. robin rorapaugh says:

    News to me that Chairman Ceasar represented Lamberti as a lobbyist. And the “Broward for Change” slate represents Democrats who want to change the leadership. Every piece of literature, slate cards and correspondence makes that point very clear. BTW to the current chair, all registered Democrats are part of the Democratic Party.

    I hope all eligible voters turn out on Sunday and I hope Randy gets a fair hearing on his credentials. It is time for growth and transparency in our party. Lets see what Sunday brings!

  6. stewie griffin says:

    Arizona is lovely this time of year!