Ceasar, Enemies Face Off In Orlando


Much to do about nothing.



That’s how Broward Democratic boss Mitch Ceasar described Saturday’s state Democratic hearing on the local party’s elections last year.

The hearing was demanded by a handful of dissidents unhappy with Ceasar and state Committeewoman Diane Glasser’s re-election on Dec. 7.

Four of the dissidents finally got the state party to listen to them this weekend in Orlando.

“I appeared and so did the Gang of Four, Ceasar said.

He named the dissident Democrats as Phil Busey, Linda Bird, Patti Lynn and Randy Fleisher.

Bottom line:  The four claimed that Ceasar gamed the voting so that he and Glasser would be re-elected.

They asked the state party to invalidate the election.  They wanted state officials to hold a second election and forbid Ceasar and Glasser from being candidates.

Like that’s about to happen!

The state decision wasn’t made public, but I believe that the complaint will get nowhere.

I’m told that the state party had three observers at the Dec. 7 election.  They gave it a stamp of approval.

Ceasar and Glasser are mainstays of the local and state party.

There are almost 1,000 Democrat committee members.  A handful of disgruntled activists are not going to get Ceasar and Glasser thrown out of office. 

Or at least, that’s the way it should be.

4 Responses to “Ceasar, Enemies Face Off In Orlando”

  1. Get Over It says:

    Mitch Ceasar won. So did Diane Glasser. These malcontents should get over it and work together with the Ceasar faction to build the part and elect candidates. BTW, the dissidents have been unable to get more than a handful of votes in several elections for chair.

  2. Where To From Here Mitch? says:

    Dear Mitch:

    I supported you and I respect you. But I don’t agree with you 100%. Most don’t. Yet you seem to act like we owe you that. Step back and get some perspective from a longtime D who wants to see us all, you included, do well. And for damn sure, we are NOT doing as well as we could or should in Broward. Not nearly as good. So listen.

    Democrats in Florida face the most important elections in decades. What happens between 2009 and 2010 determines the all important “who’s in charge” question when the census is reported in 2011. That’s the year we will have redistricting. This exercise basically determines what party will be in power for the next ten years. Democrats lost the Florida legislative and gubernatorial franchise in 1998. We screwed up a golden opportunity in 2008. The Republicans cemented their franchise through redistricting in 2001. We should seek to do the same in 2011. Florida has been a Republican ever since 1998. Only Democrats can change that. Our strategies to date have not been sufficient, so it would take a royal ass—le to argue that we keep the same path. Change is a concept we can’t just talk about. We need to live it when it stares us in the face also.

    What’s my point?

    Broward Democrats really don’t have time for divisive chatter. The Mitch opponents must join the majority in the Broward Democratic Party and serve loyally and with vigor. The Mitch leadership must stop acting so arrogantly and vindictively listen to what others are saying about how to elect more Democrats. Because Obama excluded, Broward Democrats didn’t do nearly as well during the last election as it should have. And this result is proof positive that there are smarter ways to do business. We must amend our methods if we want a different result. Condos are no longer the answer to all of our political problems. We must take our message to the single family communities. We must do more with absentee ballots. We must change how we approach elections at the fundamental level or we will again lose, and continue losing.

    Democrats must rise above petty disagreements and embrace what’s more important. Electing more Democrats so that we can get these idiot, small minded, narrow visioned, self-serving, nowhere, arrogant, Leave it to Beaver, Republican types out of the people’s way and pave a new path toward social and economic freedom for the citizens of Florida.

  3. Hail Ceasar says:

    Mitch Ceasar has done built the party against the constant opposition of Randy Fleisher and his disgruntled misfits. why don’t they leave and join the Greens and take Linda Bird with them?

  4. Wrong Wrong Wrong says:

    By suggesting that Mr. Fleisher is at the core of Mr. Ceasar’s leadership woes, you inflate the former’s status and diminish the latter’s ability. Neither are accurate statements. Randy has a point of view and is a good Democrat. Mitch is the Chairman and needs to listen and then orchestrate a movement to gain party advantage. I want them both under the tent. Stop the nonsense and grow up. We have serious work to do, people depend on us, and these personality issues are in the way. Stop it. Go to work.