Ceasar: Appt. Blacks To Help Lead Party



The party that preaches diversity was left without diversity on its management committee after Sunday’s divisive election.

Mitch Ceasar, elected for his fifth term as chairman of the Broward Democratic Party, vowed in an e-mail to “recruit” a black to serve in a “significant position” as one of the appointed management committee.

Ceasar had a black on his ticket running for First Vice Chair.  But when Cynthia Busch lost her bid to beat Ceasar for the party leadership, she ran again for First Vice Chair beating Ceasar’s black candidate.

The result was a perception problem for the Democrats.  Although blacks are the most reliable and durable component of the Democratic base, the election left no black on the committee which runs the party.

“That won’t stand,” Ceasar promised.

Hence Ceasar’s e-mail, sent to Democratic committee members and elected officials:


To: DEC Members

From: Chairman Mitch Ceasar

Congratulations to our new officers:

  • Chairman Mitch Ceasar
  • State Committeewoman Maggie Davidson
  • State Committeeman Ken Evans
  • First Vice Chair Cynthia Busch
  • Second Vice Chair Betty DiMaio
  • Treasurer Diana Pittarelli
  • Recording Secretary Tim Ross
  • Correspondening Secretary Darren Covar

Although there is great diversity in our officerships including Darren Covar (an Hispanic), that is not enough. For the first time in my administration no person of color was elected. I intend to actively recruit individuals to serve in significant positions. The Democratic Party cannot survive without the inclusion of all groups.

Additionally, I must thank Wanda Francis and her entire committee. They skillfully completed an impossible task!

Finally, we must unite if we are to beat Governor Rick Scott. There is always room for great ideas and fresh discussion. I intend to provide a forum in the next several months. I believe that will be our first Managment Committee discussion.


7 Responses to “Ceasar: Appt. Blacks To Help Lead Party”

  1. LifesABeach says:

    Pick Rick Hoye – wonderful guy, hard worker and only lost by 1 vote.

  2. DEC Member says:

    Ceasar had a chance to get an African American on the management committee. It was Rick Hoye and Ceasar opposed him. Shame on him.

  3. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Rick Hoye, as President of the Broward Young Democrats, is already on the Management Committee. So is the Chair of the Affirmative Action Committee. That’s two AfAms already!

    All the Area Leaders are also members of the Management Committee, so the results of the upcoming Area Leader election could very easily add more diversity to the Management Committee.



    8.01.1 The Management Committee shall be comprised of the Chair, First VIce Chair, Second Vice Chair, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Chair of the C.O.L.A. Committee, Chair of the Affirmative Action Committee, a representative appointed by the County chair from the Democratic Womens’ Clubs in Broward County, the President of the Young Democrats of Broward County, the State Committeeman and State Committeewoman. […] Additionally, the Area Leaders shall serve on the Management Committee. […]

  4. Dianne says:

    Everyone know there is a secret code, and the silent contract for DEC and it were broken, people of color is not at the table no matter how you put it, the Community split up now.

  5. Bernie Parness says:

    What you left out is that Michael Lockwood is already illegally sitting on the management committee. The by laws under article 8 says that the Council of Club Presidnets may have a seat on the management committee when they are chartered by the state democratic party. The Council of Club presidents is not charter3ed by the state or the DEC. But Ceaser put him there anyway in defiance of the bylaws. I and Lori glasser were recognized when we were presidents but we were area leaders and therefore on the management committee. I hope in his next term Mr.Ceaser will comply with the by-laws and not his dictatorial actions.

  6. Broward Dem says:

    Ceasar is a bumbling fool, and proved so at his meeting on Sunday. It was the biggest fiasco that I have ever seen. Utter chaos was the over-riding theme of the day, perhaps purposefully.
    Diane Glasser was right to try and retire after admitting to accepting bribes in office, and for she and Mitch to change her acceptance of her nomination so she might win and then quit afterward is a slap in the face to the party, not to mention her parting words on from the podium. Disgusting.
    The entire meeting was run just like the party in Broward, POORLY.
    This should be a wake up call to Ceasar to get off his ass.

  7. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @ Bernie Parness – “I hope in his next term Ceasar will comply with the by-laws and not [continue] his dictatorial actions” – ROFL!!!

    First of all, the bylaws are ridiculously biased toward the Chair. Even if the Chair always followed the bylaws, the bylaws are designed to give the Chair virtually unlimited power, with very few checks and balances. The Chair is thus allowed to engage in uncountably many “dictatorial actions” without ANY meaningful restraint from the bylaws.

    Secondly, the Chair refuses to post an official copy of the bylaws on the Broward County Democratic Party’s website, despite the fact that many other Florida county party websites already do so, including:

    * Monroe County, Florida
    * Miami-Dade County, Florida
    * Palm Beach County, Florida
    * Pinellas County, Florida
    * Orange County, Florida
    * Pasco County, Florida
    * Hernando County, Florida
    * Manatee County, Florida
    * Suwannee County, Florida