Caught On Video Stealing Campaign Signs In Coconut Creek


Campaign signs are all-too-often stolen and ripped down as an election approaches. 

Yet it’s rare that someone is caught.much less on video.  

That exactly what happened in these last days before the election in Coconut Creek.

A person close to the campaign of Colleen LaPlant was allegedly video taped by a surveillance camera stealing yard signs Friday morning. 

The video will be turned over to the Coconut Creek Police. It may be posted on YouTube.

LaPlant is challenging Commission Lisa Aronson. There is a third candidate in the race —Steve Harrison.

It was Harrison’s sign that was allegedly ripped off.

This is what an e-mail alleged about the incident.  Names have been removed:


From: “(name removed)

Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 21:19:23
To:  (name removed)
Cc: (name removed)
Subject: The latest
(name removed) of  NW 45th Ave took a video of  (name removed)
stealing a sign around 5:19 am this morning on their surveillance camera.
They plan to post it on You Tube.  You can have CC Police follow up.
(name removed)

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

An e-mail sent to Mayor Becky Tooley about the incident. Tooley has encorsed LaPlant.  Here is the e-mail:

From: (name removed)
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 19:14:17 -0500
To:  BTooley <>
Subject: FW: Yard signs
Several Creek residents are disappointed in your actions this morning. You have lowered yourself to new lows in their eyes. Did you know that there is a video of (name removed) stealing yard signs this morning at 5:19am? Several people in our neighborhood have already seen the video. I would think that Laplant’s political aspirations are done once this video is turned over to the police. I may be wrong. But once video hits the internet it will be there forever… 
Perhaps we will be seeing you in our neighborhood again? If so, say hello this time.

(name removed)

All I can say is, stay tuned.

20 Responses to “Caught On Video Stealing Campaign Signs In Coconut Creek”

  1. Weston Dreams says:

    These sort antics have been occurring in several Cities in Broward County that are holding municipal elections on March 10.

    In Plantation a City of Plantation utilities vehicle(small truck) was parked on Old Hiatus Rd. just south of Sunrise Blvd. Several residents watched as the City employee got out of his truck, looking around nervously, then pulled the Jim Davis (candidate) sign out of it’s metal stand and throwed it on the ground.

    In Sunrise this past week, drivers saw a Blue SUV parked at the corner of 44th Street and Hiatus Rd. where several polical signs were posted. Drivers watched as a bald headed man identical to Commissioner Donald Rosen pulled a James DePelisi (candidate) sign and throw it in the bushes, leaving the Rosen sign intact. At least one motorist wrote the license plate number down.

    These are shameless acts from people who want to be in leadership positions in our communities. Leaders lead by example and should be morally correct.

  2. KCK says:

    I had a City of Plantation Public Works employee yank my sign for McCain/Palin and throw it in my yard.

    I guess he didn’t think I’d see him.

  3. Democrat says:

    More dirty tricks from David Brown?

  4. Plantation Res. says:

    Pete Tingom’s signs have been removed twice on Cypress Road in Plantation and replaced with the signs of his opponent Rico’s.

  5. CoconutCreek Voters says:

    I can’t see this as an issue of great importance. I mean, come-on…this is at best a basic bad human reaction for a certain type of person to do when they with all their heart support a particular candidate. The only way anyone could hold this against LaPlant is if it were actually her that pulled the signs. Can anyone out there say that Hillary told Bill to get a Monica? Or that McCain/Palin are responsible for the City of Plantation Public Works employee that pulled the sign from KCK lawn (stated in previous reply). Commissioner Leonard Freund illegally used the city’s logo to try and help him get elected, He is personally responsible for that act. Unless anyone can provide information that the candidate personally gave the order to pull the signs no matter if it were a friend, family or foe, than you can’t lay punishment on anyone till that individuals is proven guilty.

    The sign puller should be brought up on charges and punished to the fullest, but that’s it, WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS, NOT SPECULATIONS.

    Don’t punish me if my wife gets a speeding ticket…

  6. Double Standard says:

    It’s only against the law if you do it to a Democrat.

  7. Concerned in Pltn says:

    No scruples! I saw candidate Rico Petrocelli putting a sign on city property. Of course it was the weekend when code enforcers are not at work. Is this the sneaky leadership our city needs?

  8. Weston Dreams says:

    Were talking about this, but i have no clue what the punishment would be if an person is caught taking down another candidates signs?

  9. CREEK voter says:

    Where is the video? The police don’t have it, and it’s not on YouTube… the election is tomorrow. If this is true, lets see it.

    David Brown must have you has one of his Fav 5 on his cell phone!!!

  10. Creek Political Observer says:

    LaPlant “actually” has a video of Steve Harrison or (as they like to put it, very close to Mr. Harrison)
    driving over 2 of LaPlant’s
    political signs that were placed
    in her neigbors front yard. That’s what I said: he drove his vehicle,through their front yard and drove over the signs because unlike all the other signs he allegedly stole through out the neigborhood (with the help of a few other brain dead neighbors he associates himself with)he knew these signs could possibly be on video and he was correct.The guy doesn’t even have the stones, to get out of his SUV. Yeah, I want this guy representing my city. stop the madness!!!

  11. Yeah Right says:

    LMAO! Being a gambling man i’d give 10 to 1 odds that reply number “10.” “Creek Political Observer” above is none other than our infamous David Brown. It would look like politics as usual in the Creeks political (gutter) these days…..

    I hope that Lisa Aronson used Ruden McCloskey’s multiple maximum campaign contributions wisely by hiring this charlatan for her. NOT!

  12. kim says says:

    I just got off the phone with Steve Harrison and asked to see the video, he said if he has time, I told him he was being caget and dishonest, he had the time to try to ruin Ms. Laplants’s reputation, you think he would back it up. No one has seen the video it is not in police hands. WHere are the ethics!

  13. Michael. says:

    I have seen the video. So have others. Unfortunately, the individual who owns the video is afraid of reprisals from the individual who stole the signs. I know of 4 different people who saw what they saw…no mistake.

    Harrison is not being dishonest. He has much more integrity than that. Too bad we can’t say the same about Kim’s good friend.

  14. Michael. says:

    The person who says Harrison drove his vehicle across their yard is smoking crack or needs glasses. Harrison has got much more class than to lower himself to match the actions of his political opponent that lives in the same neighborhood.

  15. Sunny in Coconut Creek says:

    Hello all,

    I think whats really sad in for a neighboor to be displaying “Home Made” signs in front of their house, whata disgrace and how low can you go, especially when they are not even speaking the truth!

    Video, yealph I have someone on video “running over” yard signs, how tasteless can one be, what is this neighborhood coming too?

  16. Victim of Society says:

    Political signs are not to be placed on city property or medians. Plantation city workers remove the signs and call the canidates to pick them up. Also, signs are not allowed in the swales, if placed their they are removed as well, you can only have them in the yard, not the swale.

  17. kim says says:

    No one has sen the video, what is the Mafia! Reprisals, mive me a break! Harrisons is a creep.

  18. watchful says:

    The City of Plantation has rules about where signs can be placed. Rico’s signs were placed around town in common areas as well as Jim Davis’ Were Jim’s signs on Hiatus road along the C42 canal? That is not permitted. They are also not to be placed right next to the road in the easements either. Which I believe they were abundantly located. I had Rico signs along my vacant property. I guess he didn’t realize you are supposed to ASK the land owner’s permission. He also had signs all over city property. Again, not allowed. Oh well. Now hopefully all the signs can go in the rubbish can.

  19. michael says:

    homemade signs?…someone exercising their constitutional right of free speech? How is that a disgrace? Yyou may not like what they had to say, but you can’t argue their right to say it. After all, this is America and this, in part, is why so many people want to come here.

    Iif you don’t agree with The Bill of Rights I suggest you move to Iran.

  20. Dennis says:

    It was Colleens thug husband who is video taped stealing signs. The home made signs did exactly what they were suppose to do. Jim Laplant went as far as to park his truck in front of the sign at school release time. He told police on scene his truck broke down. Then jumped in and drove away. Did Colleen also tell you she was attacked by dogs at the same house. Maybe licked to death that anyone in the area could attest to.hoodNeighbor kids get paid a dollar to walk these viscous dogs. Where are the injuries to go with the false police report. It is what it is. Total lack of character and honesty is what the La Plants display