‘Canes Kept Crist Off McCain’s Ticket

Republicans made a smart move by not putting Gov. Charlie Crist on the GOP ticket.
If Crist had been picked as the vice presidential candidate, he might have helped John McCain in Florida.  He would have been a no-show in the rest of the country every time a hurricane threatened the state.  
This weekend Crist again will be hunkered down in the Tallahassee emergency center.  The way the hurricane season is going, he’ll be there a lot.
How could a vice presidential candidate campaign across the country when his state was facing or recovering from a hurricane? I’m sure Florida’s hurricane season figured into the McCain team’s thinking. 
The same hurricane threat had to be a strike against Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, too. 

2 Responses to “‘Canes Kept Crist Off McCain’s Ticket”

  1. S. Only says:

    not bad, Buddy…you still have it.
    FROM BUDDY: Was there any doubt?

  2. Joe Bfstk says:

    Crist is too busy picking out his wedding dress, anyway.