Candidate’s Flip Flop: For Her, Before He Was Against Her



School Board candidate Nick Steffens was for her before he was against her.

Just like the famous line that sunk John Kerry, Steffens flip flopped on who would be the best candidate for the northwest Broward School Board seat .

He first supported Jaemi Levine.

He even filled Levine’s campaign Facebook page with praise.

Then he decided to run himself.

Just two years ago, Steffens was in another candidate’s corner — Robert Mayersohn.

Steffens posted on that his primary recommendation in the August, 2010 primary for the northwest Broward School Board seat was Mayersohn.

Now Steffens is running against Mayersohn.

Flip flop. Flip flop.

Here is a reminder to Steffens of what flip flopping did to John Kerry.  Look here.   Or here.

This is just one comment by Steffens on Levine’s Facebook Page:



‪Nick SteffensElect Jaemi Levine Broward County School Board Dist.4 October 4, 2010 at 1:08pm ·

Enough playing games. Jaemi needs your support. Support means money. If you can help Jaemi with money so the differences between her and her opponent can be highlighted, please contact her directly. Every penny helps!
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19 Responses to “Candidate’s Flip Flop: For Her, Before He Was Against Her”

  1. LifesABeach says:

    Backing Jaemi is only 1 reason Nick is not a viable candidate. He lacks the emotional maturity and self control to represent District 4. Even after he was aware of Jaemi’s CSPD incident in July ’08, after her misguided attempts at sympathy by filing criminal charges, after he was very well aware that she knew (and continues to be ignorant) nothing about school board affairs, he continued to think she was a good candidate.
    They are both terribly wrong for this or any elected position.

  2. Life Lessons from Steffens says:

    I hear Steffens on his personal FB page yesterday said “Protip: Keep Emails forever”. I wonder if he lost the email where Ritter called him co-campaign manager.

    Nick it seems you are always losing things, you know like those letters from the Florida Bar asking you to respond to the bar complaint where you took a client’s money, did no work and ducked returning the retainer.

    Nick, here is another Protip, be more organized and attentive your email and snail mail.


  3. Real Deal says:

    It is not a flip flop to initially support a measure, and then get additional information you did not have before, was not available, etc., and change your view. It would be capricious and worse public in the face of compelling new information to maintain your position for or against a measure when that position no longer makes sense. That would be worse public policy. That is not what a true flip flop is.

    A flip flop is where a politician has all the information required and takes a position for or against an issue on the merits. Then changes their view without the justification of new information. It is a flip flop when you change your mind for reasons other than logical reasoning.

    Let’s get the term down correctly. People should be encouraged to change their views on issues WHEN the facts or circumstances demand it. God help us if that isn’t encouraged. This is not a flip flop. Which happens when someone changes their view for no logical reason, most commonly to gain advantage through political pandering.

  4. Jaemi Levine says:

    Would you give me the opportunity of an actual interview? It would be nice to put the truth out there.

  5. LifesABeach says:

    Please Buddy, give Jaemi an interview with the condition that she set the COMPLETE record straight as to all the questions about her defunct non-profit, her repetitive problem of failing to file campaign reports on time or accurately and her 2008 police incident

  6. Life Lessons with Steffens says:

    As you can see in the link below, Steffens “extreme preference” in 2010 for the Dist 4 was Robert Mayerson, who is currently running in the Dist 4 seat.

    Flip flopper, sellout, whore, Steffens is what he is.

    Finally, LET JAEMI SPEAK!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Seth R says:

    To Life Lessons- here’s a protip for Steffans: no one cares what you think.

    I have an extreme dispreference for a kid, and I do mean kid, who thinks he’s somehow relevant to Broward politics.

  8. who cares says:

    Who cares about Jaemi Levine? Why would i vote for Jaemi when all she does is sit around and talk about Nick. I have never heard from Jaemi and I vote in every election. She has never contacted me as voter; therefore, I am not voting for her. She can do all the interviews with Buddy that she wants but she will not get my vote.

  9. Mitchell Levine says:

    Poor “Who cares”: I guess you don’t vote in any election where they do not call you. Why are you so special that someone needs to call you. BY THE WAY SHE CALLS A SHIT LOAD OF PEOPLE EVERY DAY, I DO NOT GET TO TALK TO HER ANY MORE. Just another Kraft Brown Nose. I can smell you guys a mile away. Get a life, let people that really want to help people do their job. What have you done for the community besides wasting air. Do you people relize that if you spent as much time fixing the problems with the School Board as you do trashing good people, the School Board would have been fixed years ago. If you have nothing good to say that will help fix the problem, SHUT THE F..K UP. THE SCHOOLS HAVE PROBLES BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU, GET RID OF THE THEVES, FLUSH THE BOWL. FOR ALL YOU WEENIE HUGGERS THAT WILL BLAME MY WIFE FOR THESE POST, THIS IS ALL ME. THAT WHY I PUT MY NAME ON IT, NOT LIKE THE REST OF YOU. AS FAR AS NICK STEPHENS, HE CAN KISS MY ASS, NO BODY EATS MY FOOD, STAYS IN MY HOME AND USES MY PRINTERS. THAT NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT.

  10. Oy vey says:

    Some serious dementia in the Levine household.

  11. Prudence says:

    Wow. If she can’t control her husband can we let her be responsible for our children’s education? Mr. Levine, if you respect your wife you won’t post with this attitude and poor grammar and spelling. You are obviously not someone that should have anything to do with education,other than gettIng one yourself.

  12. Jaemi Is The Wrong Choice says:

    Jaemi Levine is just like Nick Steffens. She is a loose cannon.

  13. Stephanie's Pick says:

    Mayersohn is Stephanie Kraft’s choice and he is her little puppy. That’s all I need to say. We don’t need a Kraft clone on the School Board.

  14. Real D says:

    Mitch, you really have to stay out of non-partisan races with more than one Democrat in them. Just because Nick wants a change in the DEC leadership doesn’t mean you should smear him by leaking to your BFF Buddy. Start trying to re-elect Obama and quit trying to sabotage hard working real Democrats.

  15. Stephanie Kraft says:

    To Stephanie’s pick and all you others,
    I have no “picks,” “choices,” or favorites in this race. There are several candidates that would make good School Board members, and several that would be a disaster.

    I’ll let you all figure out which are which.

    And to Mr. Levine, what is it with you? I’ve been off the Board for 2 and a half years now; there have been 2 other people representing District 4 in that time, and I am totally not involved in this years race. I have moved on, why can’t you?

  16. Mitchell Levine says:

    I would have responded to you awhile ago but I don’t check my posts everyday.

    Tring to convince me that you have moved on and are not involve in these races is at the very least a line of bullshit. Nothing about the school board happens without you knowing about it. The problem with having loyal followers is that they have big mouths. We know for a fact that Meyerson & Steffens are under your wing, and maybe one other person in this race. Over the last 12 years you have used the Broward School Board for you own personal bank account. Maybe if you were good lawyers you could have had a good business. Many of my customers are lawyers and make a boat load of money. The fact that you and hubby have your pictures in the Broward County Jails is not because you are nice people. The only reason the two of your are not behind bars, is because of the knowlege you have collected over the years, with the names and dates of the people you did business with. When you cut throught all the bullshit you are just common theves. The sad part is that the children have paid the price for you greed. I would have moved on a long time ago if you would have stayed out of my wife’s way. Remember your statment to her, If you run against me you will never get anything done in this county. You really screwed over the kids on that one. All those programs she wanted to do would have helped these children. You really need to move on and stay out of things that do not concern you before the come back to bite you in the ass.

    Think of it this way all the untruths that your followers spread about my wife. What if some one started to spread statements about you directed to your family. How do you think they would feel. All jaemi was tring to do was to help children. You just could not deal with that,could you.

  17. Mitchell Levine says:

    Real D,
    You don’t know me at all. How can you make that statement. For you information I work 13 hours a day Busting my ass.
    I have owned and operated my own business for 21 years in the same location. I OWN THE BUILDING I WORK IN. I have had no ballouts, no loans, no nothing, just good old hard work. Can you say the same. The problem with people like you is that you complain about other people, but hide under a fake name. By the way which hard working real Democrats are we talking about. The lyers, cheats or the theves. OR THE REAL WORKING PEOPLE. WHICH GROUP DO YOU FALL INTO.

  18. christine says:

    @Mitchell Levine

    I am amazed at the wonderful command you have of the vulgarities of the English language. Looks like the Broward school system failed you as well.

  19. Teachers says:

    Is Nick Steffens done serving his suspension from the FL Bar?