Candidate’s B-Day Party Will Cost Guests




Judicial candidate Julie Shapiro Harris is throwing herself a party for her 54th birthday.

There is a suggested donation of $54.00 — get it.  Fifty four years old. Fifty four dollars.

The money covers an appetizer, finger foods, cheese and wine.  The party is at Julie and husband Barry Harris’ Tamarac home.

Although this appears to be a get-together more than a fund raiser, the party’s Facebook page has a campaign disclosure and states the page was created by Shapiro Harris’ campaign.

Shapiro Harris is running against Stacey Schulman for an open circuit court seat.


Twitter mention of the party sent this week: 

Julie C. Sharpiro Harris

8 Responses to “Candidate’s B-Day Party Will Cost Guests”

  1. Even sadder says:

    I saw this on Facebook it says “1.9k” invited. To date only 11 yeses per fb.

  2. Plenty of Cheese says:

    Wow, tacky. The donation will definitely cover plenty of cheese at this event.

  3. TACKY is right "Cheese" says:

    This is so cheesy alright, its very poor form to ask for a donation for the party food and drinks!Finger food? I got a finger for ya…. I guess Bucky never read Miss manners when it comes to entertaining rules but looks like the Mrs. wont be having much of a party. Way to go big spender!

  4. guest list says:

    I guess Barry couldn’t get the Chaits to pay for it? Damn corruption arrests. At least Talabisco can stop by

  5. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Is this in dollars or pence? If pence, I might be willing to go two quid … If they toss in a pie or two.

  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @4 – LOL, great post!!

    @Buddy – over in the Twitter panel, you retweeted a National Review (= Republican propaganda mill) article about Rand Paul’s isolationist views, in which Rand explains his crackpot ideas about foreign policy.

    If you want to criticize Obama or US policy on Syria, that’s fine – criticism of both is very well deserved – but let’s point to expert criticism from highly knowledgeable authors like Michael Weiss, not mindless pandering from Tea Party isolationists…


    I tweet items because I believe they are interesting, not because I agree with them.

    I do agree with Rand Paul on this. He was early and he was right on staying out of Syria.

    Anybody interested in my tweets can sign up for @buddynevins on the front page of or on Twitter.

  7. Ha Ha Ha says:

    As Michael Weiss and the former US Ambassador to Syria (Robert Ford) and pretty much the entire State Department are correctly saying, Obama was completely wrong on Syria. Read the two articles linked above (@6) to understand why.

    Contrary to Rand Paul’s line of BS, the US knew perfectly well which Syrian groups could be relied upon, but Obama left them hanging out to dry without any meaningful support, while the Iranians and Russians poured tons of assistance into the hands of their ally, the murderous dictator Assad.

    Obama just blew smoke, blathering on about how Assad must step down from power while at the same time refusing to send aid to the groups who could have made that happen. Now those groups are being slaughtered in Syria, left defenseless by the abject refusal of Obama to send aid.

    I have to give Obama points for comedy, though. Bashir Assad must have split his sides laughing whenever Obama went on TV to lay down his “red line” that Assad has to step down from power and wait to be indicted by the International Criminal Court. And the load of bullshit Assad fed Obama about pretending to give up chemical weapons must have had the Iranian mullahs and the Kremlin strategists rolling in the aisles. Amazingly, Obama swallowed all of that bullshit whole.

    Now that Syria is openly refusing to destroy chemical weapons, everyone is eagerly waiting for Obama’s next “red line” to be issued – how, oh how, will Obama come up with anything still more foolish and still more hilarious than what he’s already said? The world wonders…

  8. Señor Censor says:


    Is Barry out of the woods on the Chaits issue? Is the redheaded country western singer still singing?Has the public corruption unit folded up the tent at the SA’s office with the Chait issue?