Candidate With No Money Gets Two Endorsements




Based on the having less than $500 in her campaign bank account, Claudia Robinson appears to be the least likely candidate to win a County Court seat.



Claudia Robinson

That didn’t stop her from getting the endorsement of two local fire fighters groups — Metro Broward Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 3080 and Broward County Firefighters and Paramedics, IAFF Local 4321.

Robinson is one of two local lawyers running against incumbent County Judge Ian Richards.  The other challenger is Jonathan Kasen.

Richards’ campaign had less than $5,000 at the end of February, while Kasen’s had more than $60,000.

The slow pace of Robinson’s fund raising led many observers to speculate that she would drop out of the race.

Her news release this week on the endorsements addressed that subject:

“‘There have been many rumors that I would not qualify to be on the ballot,’ Robinson stated.  Claudia Robinson, Esq. wishes to set the record straight, she will most certainly qualify and be on the ballot on the August 26, 2014 election. ‘The firefighters unions mentioned above who endorsed Claudia Robinson, Esq. would not have done so if they did not believe that I will qualify and be on the ballot in County Court Judge Group 27 on August 26, 2014.’”

More about Robinson, who has an interesting background, can be found here.

More about Kasen, who has the support of many of the veteran courthouse crowd, can be found here.

And another story about the race is here.

7 Responses to “Candidate With No Money Gets Two Endorsements”

  1. Defense Attorney says:

    Richards is rude to those in front of him. He should not be a judge.

  2. Howardtheduck says:

    I thought Richards has made some very terrible rulings from the bench. Just not enough experience and not enough legal knowledge.

  3. Alice McGill says:

    Who in the heck decides who the Broward County Firefighters and Paramedics IAFF Local 4321 supports in political campaigns?? That same Local (4321) has once again endorsed Bobbie H. Grace, a Dania Beach commissioner who is running for reelection. Bobbie H. Grace is also president Dania Beach Economic Development Corporation, an entity that owes several thousand dollars in ad valorem and non ad valorem taxes to Broward County and the City of Dania Beach. Some of the tax dollars owed pay for the salaries and pensions of the firefighters and paramedics. What makes the union think that Bobbie H. Grace supports them?
    Someone in the union seems to have a weak grasp on basic economics.

  4. In the community says:

    Claudia is a great candidate and a great lawyer. She received the endorsements because she is the most qualified for the position. Richards has had six years to prove himself but just doesn’t have the knowledge or ability to do so. Kasen may have the knowledge, but his ethics and ability to follow the cannons leave a lot to be desired.

  5. Here we go again. says:

    Fucking Ahearn

  6. just the facts says:

    put her picture in ALL the candidate info
    voters will vote for her
    Remember Pam Biondi got elected to FL attorney general
    pretty blong 10++ years out of law school
    voters don’t care – they vote for what they like (if they vote at all!)

  7. GO MARLINS says:

    I dont’t know if you all read that clearly but let me just repeat what it basically said.

    An attorney who represented Casey Anthony…??? Hmmmm are you serious?? Why in the hell would you vote for that guy? I mean really. He can have all the money in the world and try to buy peoples votes but in all reality let’s look at Robinson’s back ground. Yes we understand she may not have as much capital raised as the candidate who defended and let me repeat CASEY ANTHONY. The girl who could not ever get her story straight about how she killed her daughter may she rest in peace. Seems to me that Robinson comes from a very humble beginning and is true to herself as I believe she would be if she is elected judge. No question about it, her opponent has represented a liar, a murderer that again could never keep her story straight. What makes you trust her opponent who was born with a silver spoon? Let’s make the right decision here Broward! Robinson by far is the right candidate let’s not fool ourselves and elect the fool with more money. Let’s elect a well grounded judge Claudia Robinson.