Candidate: Why My Net Worth Is Only $25k





Judicial candidate Dennis Bailey says he has “taken a lot of heat” from skeptical voters because as a veteran attorney he has a net worth of only $25,000.

The financial disclosure information, filed when Bailey qualified as a judicial candidate in April, has been whispered about in the political world.

“It’s low,” Bailey concedes.

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The net worth raised eyebrows because Bailey is a 57 years old courthouse veteran. He had a long stints as a prosecutor working for State Attorney Mike Satz. He currently is a private attorney.

After finding out about his net worth, some say that Bailey is running for less than altruistic reasons.  They accuse him of running just because he needs the money.

Not true, Bailey says.

He is running because he wants to give something back to the community after 28 years of practice.

There is a simple but painful explanation for his low net worth.

The candidate has a special needs child. A big chunk of Bailey’s $140,000-a-year salary is placed in a trust for the child’s future.

It is Bailey’s interpretation of the candidate finance laws that he does not have to report it.

“It is no longer my asset,” Bailey says.

A former prosecutor and now a civil attorney, Bailey is running against lawyers Andrea Gundersen, Rhoda Sokoloff and Russell Thompson for the open Group 16 Circuit Court seat.

17 Responses to “Candidate: Why My Net Worth Is Only $25k”

  1. Steve Moyer says:

    Setting up a 3rd party trust ensures that after you are gone there will be adequate funding to care for your special needs child. It is every parent of a special needs child’s worse nightmare to think of what will happen when you are gone.
    Parents do what they have to, too bad Mr Bailey had to disclose this type personal information, but I understand disclosure and sunshine is a good thing.

  2. How is this is a story says:

    What is pathetic is that Bailey feels the need to create sympathy for his campaign via his special needs child. Less than 60 days before a primary and this is what the Bailey campaign is talking about?

    I wonder if the two divorces and previously filing for bankruptcy protection had anything to do with a lack of net wealth.

    I heard Dennis speak recently and attempted to belittle Andrea Gundersen’s prosecutorial experience be cause he was paid more money than her.

  3. Notocorruption says:

    Every time I read the phrase “give back to the community” I always think, did you steal it to begin with?

  4. Les says:

    That’s Character with a capital “C” in my book.

  5. Scum says:

    Bailey is a scumbag who has been overcharging families to set up these trusts for years. He claims to be supporter of children with special needs. I have only ever seen him support that he takes money from parents who need to put away for their children as well.

  6. Señor Censor says:

    Riding on brother Tim Bailey’s coattails.

  7. Heard often says:

    “Tim is a great guy, Dennis is no Tim.”


    “Heard Often” is referring to Broward Circuit Judge Tim Bailey, who is Dennis Bailey’s brother.

  8. Lawyer mom says:

    As a mom this story reminds me of when dad’s say they are babysitting their kids. It’s called parenting not babysitting

    Same with Bailey, he uses being a responsible father to elicit praise or sympathy for doing what any responsible father should be doing without seeking reward or attention.

    Dennis it’s called parenting not shilling for votes.

  9. Lee says:

    Someone actually suggests that Dennis is “setting up” sympathy? Sick mind to come up with that one. Bailey is the consummate gentleman and esteemed as a lawyer in the Courthouse. Friends and colleagues have been aware of Bailey’s personal issues for years and have admired his coping skills. His vast experience is also well known. No one can argue he would make one hell of a jurist.

  10. Rhoda Sokoloff supporter says:

    definitely won’t be voting for this guy

  11. Lee is right says:

    Bailey should be running on his resume to become one hell of a jurist not as you say his personal issues

  12. Señor Censor says:

    It is quite obvious that Bailey’s personal issues will take away from the time needed to properly serve on the bench he needs to spend more time at home ……. that is more important. After all it is a full time position he is seeking.

  13. Unfortunate says:

    Sad when someone addresses their special need child as a “personal issue” warranting great coping skills. I guess here one parents coping sklls is a loving parents parenting skills.

  14. Ed says:

    God Bless Dennis Bailey.

  15. @ Sokoloff supporter says:

    Gee, you just figured out you wont be voting for him? LOL newsflash Soaky support: Your candidate isn’t getting my vote and a lot of other votes. She is a PERFECT example of using ones child to capitalize on the sympathy it draws to have a child with special needs. Makes me cringe to think of Soaky on the bench..CRINGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE

  16. Gary Ostrow says:

    I have had the pleasure of litigating cases with Dennis, back in the day, particularly a First degree pbl, before Joel Laz when he was presiding over felony cases. Independent of his candidacy, Dennis is an excellent litigator and lawyer who is Honorable and practices with integrity. I don’t know anything about any special need issues so I will restrict my comments to what I do know! All young lawyers today should only aspire to be half the lawyer Dennis has proven to be both inside the courtroom and out!!

  17. Lucy Davis says:

    Although Dennis Bailey’s words make it appear he is eliciting a response to parenting a special needs child, it may be that he has more difficulty discussing this aspect of his life because it is PERSONAL. That being said, after 20 years teaching special needs students, it is incredibly rare to find a single father raising the special needs child and he is raising two other children as well. I am IMPRESSED. Way to go Mr. Bailey!