Candidate Vying For Five Offices At Once





I’ve heard of testing the water, but I’ve never heard of testing it in at least five places at once.

Rubin Young is not satisfied running for three offices in Broward County simultaneously — Clerk of the Courts and Supervisor of Elections.  He also has filed papers indicating he would be running for County Commission District 2 in 2018.

A reader today pointed out that Young is running for two offices in Miami-Dade County, too.  He has filed papers to open campaigns for Miami-Dade Clerk of the Courts and Miami-Dade County Commission District 9.

For all I know, he is running other places as I write this.

Young gave his reasons for running for multiple offices in this post on linked here. 

I wouldn’t count on him actually filing for office in any of these races since he will then have to come up with a filing fee.


One Response to “Candidate Vying For Five Offices At Once”

  1. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    I don’t claim to understand “write ins”. I think “write ins” do not pay to get on ballot. So legally he can choose one election in 2016 and one election in 2018 with no money down. Could someone clarify this. Please ask Dr.Snipes, never mind, Dr.Snipes never responds to emails for clarification. Maybe we will have a SnipeGate/BogenGate again this year.