Candidate Switches Race Rather Than Face Incumbent



Attorney Rhoda Sokoloff has recalculated her campaign for judge, switching out of a race that pitted her against an incumbent Judge Patti Henning.

Sokoloff switched from Henning’s seat to one now occupied by Circuit Judge Mel Grossman, who is said to be retiring. She made the move from Group 18 to Group 16 less than a week after reported that Henning wasn’t retiring as was widely rumored.

There was already a candidate to replace Grossman: Russell Miller Thompson, a Sunrise lawyer.  So Sokoloff will now be campaigning against him.

Sokoloff has run losing races for judge in 2010 and 2012.

The early story on this race is here

5 Responses to “Candidate Switches Race Rather Than Face Incumbent”

  1. Ghost of McLovin says:

    worst judicial candidate ever

  2. How Many Times says:

    It’s funny that Rhoda has run for judge 3 times and I think Buddy has misspelled her name as RHONDA every time.

    Maybe if you get wiped out in every election and you can’t get anyone to even remember your name correctly, you should just pack it in and realize elected politics is not the place for you….Rhonda.

  3. ex compassionate conservative says:

    I was sort of confused by the headline. At first glance it looked like a candidate was changing from black to white or hispanic to asian or some sort of combo. My goof, but nothing surprises me from SFLA politicians.

    Speaking of race. I caught a few minutes of The Steve Kane show the other day. Brian Craig declared that Trayvon Martin’s mother wishes for a not guilty verdict. Brian says that she has a foundation and can both rake in the money and keep herself in the media spotlight.

  4. Broward Lawyer says:

    @ ex-compassionate conservative
    You are the only one listening to the Kane show.

  5. ex compassionate conservative says:

    I know. I still have a soft spot in my heart from the old WFTL days. The show has devolved into a one horse act about Obama. I have noticed that for a self proclaimed Christian from a big Church that he has become incredibly angry, mean, nasty filled with bile and disgust towards blacks, the poor, immigrants, gays, Muslims, non believers and most of the former listeners of the show. So I guess that he has become a very committed Republican with Steve in driving everyone except a few away for good.

    Today’s show was great because in his never ending anger with a black caller about the Zimmerman trial he proclaimed that he (the caller) must be an expert on law since blacks have so much experience with the Justice system. Next came questioning how the caller” makes money and if he is “typical” in living off of his “mamma”.

    Steve is so crazy that he believes that the whole Zimmerman trial is being rigged by Obama for some incredible massive takeover of America as part of this Mooslim/socialism plot to destroy the country.

    This makes me wonder what else is going on in Brian’s world of anger where guns and THEIR religion/God are so dominant.

    He would be really at ease in the Inquisition putting that complex to work against “them”.