Candidate Kicks Off Campaign With $100k





He’s the candidate to beat.

Mark Bogen wants to parley a big bankroll, two decades as a newspaper columnist and a Rolodex stuffed with contacts in Broward’s sprawling condo communities into a seat on the County Commission.



Mark Bogen


A Democrat, Bogen is the only candidate so far to replace term-limited Kristin Jacobs in Northeast Broward’s District 2.

Bogen’s resume is tailored made for a political win:

  • A personable, successful lawyer who has the energy and intelligence to campaign hard until next August’s primary.
  • A law practice that represents two of the biggest condominiums in Jacobs district – Wynmoor and Century Village of Deerfield Beach.  Although greatly diminished in political power, the condos will still have thousands of residents cast ballots in the primary.
  • A writer of a condominium column and previously a consumer law column for the Sun-Sentinel for two decades.  That visibility gives him name ID.  When he opened his campaign, his son and law partner Michael Bogen took over the column.
  • A big enough bankroll to kick start his campaign. He began his run by forking over $100,000 of his own money.


This is not an endorsement.  It is a look at his salability as a candidate.

There are some negatives.

  • Bogen has lived in Palm Beach County for the past 10 years and some have already labeled him a carpetbagger.  The charge is largely bogus. Bogen previously lived in Parkland and even worked a stint as a Broward assistant state attorney before entering condo law. He has represented those two huge Broward condo complexes for years and handled legal work for numerous Broward residents, some for free. He registered to vote in Coconut Creek just before filing for office.
  • He had a messy divorce, which he says caused him to file bankruptcy.  He owed $633,924, including $186k to the IRS, according to federal court records. Bogen says many of the liabilities were legal expenses and charges his ex-wife ran up before the divorce.

He’s not perfect, but who is? I don’t think these blemishes are campaign killers.  Of course, something else always may surface between now and next August.

Here are two telling points:  The court awarded custody of the children to Bogen and he has a spotless record from the Florida Bar.

Bogen, 55, explains his decision to run like this:

“I’ve always wanted to do public service.  I do a lot of pro-bono work as a lawyer and I wanted to do more.  I’m at a stage in my life and career that I can devote more time to the community.”

What could be particularly appealing to voters looking for a change is that Bogen is a political outsider.

He is not part of the web of lobbyists and insiders who hold sway over the Government Center.   Bogen’s only connection to the old Democratic machine is his campaign management — Barbara Miller and Amy Rose.

Rose doesn’t lobby at the commission.  Miller, who did most of her work at the School Board, hasn’t been an active lobbyist for years.

Bogen is a serious candidate who may just be the next County Commissioner from Northeast Broward.

Right now, he’s the candidate to beat.


30 Responses to “Candidate Kicks Off Campaign With $100k”

  1. Just Beachy says:

    Mark has a long time postive reputation with numerous condo folks = voters …as a competent lawyer who seems quite the continously helping soul. He will make a great candidate. Hope he wins it!

  2. go canes says:

    It’s nice to see someone put some skin in the game. I really admire that. I am sick to death of these clueless elected that believe that their s_ _ _ doesn’t stink. Kristin is full of herself but isn’t legislative material. Arrogant and rude is the best way to describe the self important Jacobs.

  3. Lets see says:

    Interesting to see if Amy Rose can win a major race without Ron Gunzberger and Roger Stone doing all the heavy lifting.

    Guess it is official now, now job for Amy at BSO.

  4. tommyJ says:

    I met Bogen over 17 years ago when he was going through his divorce. I
    didn’t know he was into politics. If anything, he’s too “thin-skinned” for Broward politics. He takes things personally and with his tendency to want to help people, it won’t take long for that black hair to turn grey. But he’ll make a great candidate and an even better Commissioner.

  5. Why so lenient? says:

    Interesting that Buddy goes after all the other carpetbaggers but gives Bogen a pass on that issue as well as others.
    I guess its a good thing if someone wants to buy a County Commission seat with their own money rather than from Broward residents and businesses?


    What carpetbaggers did I “go after?” Give me names and I’ll explain the difference.

  6. Bernie Parness says:

    Mark . Is perfect for the commission. He has fought for the little people for years. A smart and save lawyer. Good choice

  7. Come On Buddy says:

    Bankruptcy – red flag
    Messy divorce – red flag
    Barbara Miller – red flag

  8. Rico Petrocelli says:

    Buddy: “He’s not perfect, but who is?”.. I agree…….

    Rico Petrocelli

  9. Not another carpetbagger says:

    Sad to see Barbara Miller following the Judy Stern model of recruiting candidates from outside their districts. I think everyone has had enough of this.

  10. More red flags says:

    What about his NPA registration in Wellington? Is Barbara Miller going to make him out to be a lifelong democrat?


    The Democratic Party next year will nominate for governor a former Reagan Republican turned independent turned Obama Democrat.

    Broward has a former Republican turned Democrat as sheriff.

    Not an issue.

  11. Jack Deitchman says:

    Mark is exceptional and totally qualified and will be very effective and positive for Broward County. Mark will make us all proud he assures us all that the County Commission will have an individual of his ability who is both competent and ethical.

  12. Ron Lichtman says:

    I was a Board member of our Condo.
    We relied on Bogen’s articles each
    week to help us understand the law.
    With all of the condos in Broward County, it is about time a condo advocate is running for the Broward Commission.

  13. Patti Lynn says:

    Mark Bogen is a REAL person. He has volunteered his legal expertise, for years, to help condominium residents.
    He will have to “learn” to be a politician…but, I hope that he never does. He does not talk out of both sides of his mouth, he tells it like it is; he does not give you the answer that you want to hear, he tells you the truth. He already has a record as a public servant, with his newspaper column, as well as volunteering for many condo/hoa associations. He is a formidable candidate based only on his UNPAID record of service to others. I hope that he does well.

  14. Tally says:

    That decides it for me. If Patti Lynn is supporting Bogen I am not. Still hoping Lisa Aronson gets in this race. She is good for us.

  15. Warrants check says:

    I thought Amy ‘s criminal history was no big deal and would be hired by bso. I guess her history wasn’t up to snuff for bso but boden has no issue.

    Amy was the one who ran the abby freedman campaign. Looks like she is trying to bring another Richie Rich to buy an election.

  16. sad and pathetic says:

    Hard to guess who is going after Amy. The same person who leaked her information to Bob Norman. Stern, Amy and team Israel beat you fair and square. As usua, all you can do is smear others because you have no ability to win a race. Barbra Miller and Amy Rose have more class and character in their little toe than you do on your best day.

    Sticks and stones, no matter what your say Amy, Israel, Stone and Gunzberger kicked your butt against both your candidates, Granteed and Lamberti. I cant wait until they send Gibbons back to Jacksonville.

  17. Tomato Tomatoe says:

    What happen to all those begging for Commissioner Lisa Aronson of Coconut Creek to run for this county commission seat?

    Cricket chirp.

    Thank goodness for Michael Bogen for putting his name in the race plus dropping a $100k. That ought to keep the ” I have a Master’s Degree, therefore I’m better than you” frosted blue eye-shadow witch out of
    the race!!!

  18. Guess who says:

    Lisa Aronson will wipe the floor with this poseur.

  19. Ken K says:

    What’s the big deal? All of my houses are outside the district I’m running in.

  20. Karnack says:

    Phrase…warrants check

    Parkland eab
    10 day suspension
    Draft Lisa

  21. Christine says:


    Not so good imitation . The real Karnack is much more verbose and oblique .

  22. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Parkland Education Advisory Board here:

    Nine members, apparently including the much-discussed attorney Nick Steffens…

  23. Oboedad says:

    After reading the comments above, it appears that many of you have no
    interest in the truth.

    Someone mentioned Lisa Aronson’s name. Did you know that the person
    who is pushing for Lisa Aronson (he put together a facebook page
    supporting her) is attorney Nick Steffens. If anyone goes to the
    Florida Bar website and plugs in his name, you will see that in 2011 he was suspended from the Florida Bar, and in 2013 he was reprimanded twice by the Bar….

    You can knock Amy all you want, however she pulled off an impressive victory for her candidate. That’s more than most people have done.

    Also, if you do your research, you will see that Bogen lived in
    Broward County (Parkland) for 10 years. Is that a carpetbagger? Maybe you need to look up exactly what a carpetbagger is…..

    If you want to bash someone then just say that you want to bash – If you want to support someone – then just be honest. But don’t pretend that you know the facts when, in all actuality, you really don’t have a clue!

  24. Hey Chip? says:

    LaMarca , Ken K making your team nervous? At least none of his houses are in foreclosure.

  25. Jack says:

    I would never support anyone that is involved with Amy Rose, who…is associated with the sheriff with absolutely no ethics. Also, Patti Lynns endorsement is nothing but poison Patti has been scamming the Broward Coalition and is hated there. He might be a good person, but you get what comes with a bad circle of associates. Just ask the sheriff who is involved with Amy and hired her and all their…friends.

  26. City Activist robert walsh says:

    # 24-Maybe ken Keechl isn’t in foreclosure because he was paying himself over 3grand for a campaign office in his own home. Ok so what Comm Lamarca is in foreclosure process (who isn’t). Then Keechl will throw in the gay card. Who cares what Keechl’ sexual origination is. Ok I get it as long as a candidate is Gay-sure vote for him-(no way). What has Keechl done for the LBGT community, except line his pockets($).3g-ring a bell. Some of you really. Cheap shots. Next it will be Lamarca’s DUI over what almost 20yrs ago. Comm.Dean Trantalis’ ex boy -toy has one(huh Dean-and they al better be wrong that he voted in District 2 election-you know damn well you threw him to the curb way before the election-if all these dots connect -start packin). Stick to the district issues and enough of this. Remember Chip when they come @ you the motto-“that was then, this is now”. Bring up all the functions you go to concerning the District. Also to note I never hear about Keechl attending these functions. Just shows up w/ his hand out($) when election season comes around. Don’t fall for their tactics Chip….

  27. Boca Spin Doctor says:

    Good candidate

  28. Broward Dem says:

    Looks Like Barbara Miller’s email has been hacked again. Don’t open any emails from her or Bogen unless you want a virus.

  29. Oh chippy says:

    Boi oh boi does your brother in law know how much robert Walsh has your back?

  30. Tom Connick says:

    I am an attorney in Deerfield Beach. I had occasion to represent a resident in Century Village in which Mark and his son, Michael, represented the condominium association. Both Mark and Michael were professional and very positive, nice people. They appeared to be excellent attorneys. My impression of Mark is very favorable, and I believe he would make an excellent elected official.