Candidate Registered Under Wrong Name For Two Years


Yomin Postelnik has been running for northeast Broward’s state House district for months.

There is only one problem:  No Yomin Postelnik is legally registered to vote.

His registration is misspelled and he never corrected it.

Yomin Postelnik

Broward Supervisor of Elections spokeswoman Mary Cooney confirmed Tuesday that Postelnik is not registered in Broward nor in Palm Beach County.

However, Yomin Pastelnik has been registered to vote in Broward for the past two years.  

That’s Pastelnik with an “a.  Not an “o.

I smell legal challenges if he won.  After all, anything ends up in court today.

It is all an innocent mistake.

“It looks like a data error on our part, Cooney says.

Postelnik typed his voters application properly in 2008.  The supervisor’s data department screwed up.

Why Postelnik, a Republican with two opponents vying for the GOP primary in House District 91, didn’t bother to correct the registration himself is a mystery?  

My inquiry based on a tip from another candidate’s camp accomplished one thing: The supervisor is going to send out a newly corrected registration card to Postelnik.

He’s in the race legally.

31 Responses to “Candidate Registered Under Wrong Name For Two Years”

  1. Lets guess says:

    Typical Momma Stern move. Judy “Jenne-Eggletion” Stern is up to her usual games again. Momma Stern will do anything to get her little girl republican now democrat daughter elected.

  2. Buddy Nevins says:

    Let me be clear:

    I will not reveal the source of this post.

    Let me add that there is nothing wrong with “another candidate’s camp” feeding a tip to me.

    Don’t make any assumptions about what “candidate’s camp” this came from.

    Did I say it was a candidate in this race? Maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it is just somebody who doesn’t like Yomin. Maybe it is somebody who just wants to help one of the other candidates.

    I’m not saying, despite the e-mail I’m getting asking me to disclose the source.

  3. so what says:

    Am I missing something? Do you have to be registered to vote to run for office? If not, then what’s the relevence?

    If his voter registration was mis-spelled but with the same address, and he did vote in past elections with the voter registration with the typo, is that illegal? If so, that might be a story, but would it? Not sure how this really rises to the level of a story, and I’m not in this district nor do I care who is running or who wins. Just saying.

    FROM BUDDY: To be a member of the state House, you have to be a registered voter, 21 years old, a resident of the district and be a resident of Florida two years. Its Article III, Section 15 of the state Constitution.

    The relevance is that folks who don’t like Yomin were using it in a whisper campaign against him. printed the facts.

  4. so what says:

    And if he has voted using the mis-spelled voter card, is the other side going to send out literature saying Candidate Postelnik is not even registered to vote, thus he shouldn’t be elected? That would be dirty especially given that the SOE has said it was their error.

  5. Guess the leaker says:

    1. Javier M.
    2. Judy S.

  6. "Camp" says:

    My inquiry – based on a tip from another candidate’s camp – accomplished one thing: The supervisor is going to send out a newly corrected registration card to Postelnik.

    Buddy, Buddy, Buddy – You are really good. Not as good as me, but still good. Clap Clap to you…

  7. CuriousO says:

    to Buddy:

    as you indicated to me the other day as it regard the blog posting time, who cares? a non story.

    NEXT STORY, please.

    p.s. speaking of non stories, how about those going on as we speak Broward Days?? uh, like, you know….EXACTLY, the perfect description for Broward lack of Days (Nights, morning, … whatever they are).

  8. yeah this is the guy i want in office says:

    You mean to tell me this guy hasn’t looked at his voter file and realized he wasn’t registered in the District in over TWO YEARS !!!

    FROM BUDDY: He knew his registration was wrong, he told me. He never bothered to get it fixed, even though he is running for office. Hmmmmm.

  9. Proud Yomin Supporter says:

    We have reliable sources saying that this was David Maymon. He called Buddy to tell him that Yomin wasn’t registered.

    Buddy, the candidate’s name does not need to appear on the ballot as it does on the registration card. A candidate may or may not include their middle name, an initial or other things. The only possible legal challenge might be to a petition that Postelnik signed, as petitions do have to be filled out as they are registered. Our son’s card is also misspelled. It’s par for the course with the Supervisor of Elections and it means nothing.

    Yomin sent me a copy of an email that he sent to David and we’ll be holding a conference call tomorrow about how to deal with this. While he’s asked me to keep it confidential, it outlines a series of bad behavior by Maymon. And whoever said that it was Javier M. who did it has some crazy ax to grind. He’s personal friends with both candidates.

    Just to set the record straight. David Maymon never called me to tell me about anything involving Yomin.

    The interpretation of what are the requirements in an election are too often left up to a judge to decides. Or several judges, as in the case of an appeals court.

    And please, this is not Watergate. I believe Yomin should have fixed his registration long ago. He told me he knew it was wrong. Why would you run for office when your registration is misspelled without correcting it?

  10. Proud Yomin Supporter says:

    I must say that Buddy did a great job on this one. The funny thing is that Postelnik and Moraitis both seem like decent people and Maymon’s supporters have been trying to pit the two against each other for months. Kudos to them both for not taking the bait. Buddy, I think that this campaign is going to give you a lot of stuff to write about. It’s amazing what happens when you pit three otherwise mild people against each other. It’s just not always fun to watch.

  11. Good call Proud Yomin Supporter aka Yomin says:

    How did that “reliable source” work out ?

  12. There is a story says:

    I work with Yomin. There is a huge story here. Yes, Yomin called David to the carpet and David first denied any knowledge but then let slip that “it can’t be traced to me.”. But here’s the real story. The same David Maymon supporters who are on this board saying that this is a non-issue and who have the nerve to blame Javier Manjarres and Judy Stern are the same Maymon supporters who were calling Yomin names when his wife gave birth.

    Why are they saying that it’s a non-issue? Because Yomin told David that if any of the lies that his campaign’s been concocting go public he’s going to let loose each one of David’s dirty tricks. Why else are they saying it? Because someone with the initials KZ already called Yomin to get his support for another race. To his credit, Yomin refused, but anyone connected with Maymon needs to have themselves checked. David started out this race liked but all. He’s done so many underhanded things that both of his primary opponents will tell you that he’s the worst guy to run agains and most of their supporters would never vote for him if he were the nominee.

    Here’s another interesting tidbit. Yomin placed a few calls to supporters and sent copies of an email to David to some friends with instructions not to send it out unless “David pulls another stunt.”. David’s been calling people frantically, because if the fact that he and his campaign leak misinformation on a regular basis gets out, he’ll be done for. Now his supporters want to finger Javier and Judy Stern. Maymon should stick to losing debates and sending out press releases that he won. That’s about all he’s good for.

  13. PYS says:

    Yomin’s talking about it on his facebook page. I think that David should shut up and concentrate on getting a message because there’s going to be trouble now.

    Here’s just a taste of what’s to come:

    *Yomin Postelnik* Great. A primary opponent who isn’t running on a single issue is now leaking false stories to the press that I’m not registered to vote (obviously I am). This is the 3rd time his staff have leaked misinformation, but the first time that it’s actually been printed by anyone. Here’s the question: Should we call him out on all of his behavior or let it slide and hope that he never does it again?
    about an hour ago · Comment · Like

    *Yomin Postelnik* The only reason why I’m posting this is because this time his misinformation became public.
    about an hour ago ·

    A number of people responded, all telling him to call Maymon to the carpet.

    *Yomin Postelnik* Thank you (to each of you)! I’m going to send a short email to my friends on this thread outlining what he’s done. The problem is that he’s ordinarily a great guy who lost a debate last week. Since then he’s been making more mistakes than Mike Dukakis in a nuclear power plant. If I go public with everything, he’s done, which would be a shame. If we do a column, it will be read by thousands of people and I don’t want to put him through that. He also has big friends, but they should know by my pieces on Michael Steele that I don’t scare.
    38 minutes ago ·

    I read Yomin’s Michael Steele stuff. David’s in for a treat. Unlike Maymon, Yomin actually sticks to the facts. I love the Dukakis in a nuclear power plant reference too.

  14. How did aka David blogs now says:


    I can guarantee you that a) I’m not Yomin b) I’m as sick of your Chicago thug style tactics as your opponents are and c) I have Yomin’s email and I’ll print it in full if you don’t crawl bat into the cesspool that you crawled out of in 2005. One more word and I’ll do it.

    Next time don’t use underhanded tricks on someone whose friends, family and volunteers actually like. Chicago may be a great place for you.

    Stop blaming Yomin, Javier and whoever else and start owning up to your own actions before your career is done.

  15. More lies? says:

    Now he wasn’t registered in the District? Keep it up Maymon. I hope that your voter card doesn’t say Davidr because then you’d be next. Genius.

  16. Mark says:


    Please stop blogging about yourself.

  17. Broward GOP says:

    Yomin Postelnik is trying to turn this race into a circus and to both Moraitis and Maymon credit they are not taking the bait. It’s widely know in BREC circles that Postelnik is a ticking time bomb and a danger to the party. Many of us have never seen a candidate run around throwing out unsubstantiated reckless allegations like this in a long time. All three of these candidates should be out walking homes and meeting voters instead of doing what Yomin is doing right now. George and David are the only candidates capable of winning this race and it’s time for someone to give Yomin the hook so we can pick from the two grown ups.

  18. Another Dirty Primary says:

    The leak came from David Maymon’s camp. One can only assume that he’s aware that his people are doing this. Yomin is one of the most honorable and generous people you could ever hope to meet, especially in politics. For people to say nasty things about him after his child was born and to leak ridiculous stories about him is exactly the kind of garbage that turns people away from politics.
    Maymon owes Yomin and every voter in District 91 a public apology and should consider dropping out of the race.
    The fact that Yomin has waited so long to react and done so in such a low key way is a credit to him. Most of us would have gone for the jugular long ago.
    This just became a race between two men and one weasel. Hopefully the weasel will go home and take his team of weasels with him.

  19. David stop blogging says:

    He’s not just a weasel. He’s a Chicago thug. He’s now posting as “Broward GOP.” ROFL. Go home Maymon. If this is the way that Maymon conducts his primaries just imagine what he would do to constituents. He needs to go back to Chicago and fast.

  20. David cry baby says:

    I love how David leaks stuff to the press, blames Javier and Judy Stern and then says that Yomin’s throwing bombs. This guy is serious trouble and everybody in the district should be warned about David Maymon.

  21. Frank White says:

    Man up and post it “How did aka David blogs now”

  22. Can we please move on says:

    How is this a “leak” if its easily accessible for anyone to find with a simple voter search ? It seems to me the only person in Broward who was able to notice this was Yomin. In the end who cares ? Let Yomin keep blogging and Moraitis and Maymon can keep campaigning.

  23. Everyone stop blogging ! says:

    All Maymon, Moraitis and Stern supporters should leave this blog forever and Yomin can just keep writing entries about himself throughout the day. It would eat him alive. You all are currently playing right into his hands right now.

  24. Frank White says:

    The funny thing is that as long as posts like this get 20+ responses, he will publish them.

  25. Typically but not in this case says:

    Buddy is smart. He knows that if 20 of them have come from Yomin it’s not a true reflection showing the need for future blog action.

  26. How did aka David blogs now says says:

    The moment Yomin says go I’ll post it. And then your campaign goes bye bye.

    Apparently this is the fifth time that David Maymon’s done something like this. Yomin refused to act unless anything actually got printed. Now that it has you’re done.

    David called him from Tallahassee last night and told him that “you can’t trace it to me.” His wife was on the line too and sent out this message.

    —David spoke with Yomin. He was nasty, frantic and loud. First he kept yelling “I didn’t do it.” Then when Yomin told him that the reporter had fingered him and that this was the third time David said “you can’t trace it to me.” Class act.—

    David Maymon for Dog Catcher! Join the winning campaign!

    Another Chicago Thug Bites the Dust.

    Oh, and Maymon Moron, Yomin’s not going to blog. He’ll issue a press release. His wife said they’re talking about a press conference if all of David’s bad acts are exposed.

  27. Howdy Doody Dandy David says:

    Isn’t it interesting that Maymon’s up in Tallahassee again trying to cut shady deals with lobbyists instead of campaigning. Guess he’s bored up there and the lobbyists have told him that they don’t have any use for him.

    Davie, you have to meet voters. Leaking made up stories to 3 newspapers isn’t what campaigning’s about.

    I don’t know too many lobbyists who stay behind candidates who are revealed as snakes.

    There’s a reason why both Moraitis and Postelnik hate the man and so do all of their supporters and it’s not because he “campaigns.”

  28. Common Sense Republican says:

    Yomin – As long as the voters know how to find your name on the ballot you are golden.
    Maymon is a tool.

  29. this is all very revealing says:

    Maymon plays dirty tricks, gets caught, first blames Javier and Judy Stern and when that doesn’t work he starts crying that Yomin’s beating up on him. Everyone knew what a lowlife Maymon is but this shows what a danger he is to the party. MAYMON every Republican with an ounce of decency wants you to crawl back under the rock you crawled out of. You’re plain pure scum and you blog like a moron too.

  30. Very Revealing says:

    So, David Maymon leaked a false piece of information, that Yomin Postelnik’s not registered to vote.
    Then they find out it’s a misspelling, so David then blogs that it’s a non-story and blames Javier Manjarres and Judy Stern. Then that doesn’t work so David starts crying that Yomin’s beating up on him and everyone who is fed up with his sociopath-like dealings is Yomin. That would mean that half of the Broward GOP is Yomin. I think somebody’s revealed themselves to be the lowest form of scum and the biggest disaster that the GOP can ever have.


    Quit blogging and go get the help you need. I always thought you looked like Ted Bundy. Now we all know who you are.

  31. In the know says:

    If anyone’s campaign is affiliated with Javier M, they are already in trouble!