Candidate Plans Breakfast Campaign Kickoff





Breakfast is a strange time for a campaign kickoff.

That’s not stopping John Contini, who is launching his race for Broward Circuit Judge with pancakes and coffee at 7:30 a.m., Wednesday.

The event is at Lester’s Diner, 250 W. State Road 84 in Fort Lauderdale.  Anybody is welcome.

Contini is running against incumbent Circuit Judge Steve Feren.

Veteran judicial campaign manager Norm Leonard is handling Contini’s race.

Word is that David Brown and Stan Atkins, two long-time political consultants, are running Feren’s campaign.


7 Responses to “Candidate Plans Breakfast Campaign Kickoff”

  1. Roger That says:

    Feren is a lousy judge. Contini is nuts. The public has no choice.

  2. Well Said says:

    The elction of ANY Judge in this country FAR outweighs the importnace of electing “regular” politicians…..the Judges decisions have much more impact on peoples everyday lives than any politician.

    I have often wondered why this fact escapes most voters.

    Think Roe v Wade or the recent decision to let the fiscal floodgates open related to campaign contributions.

  3. Out With Feren says:

    Steve Feren is lazy and nasty to witnesses and families. I was speaking to a bailiff, who told me Feren was exactly the same disagreeable bastard when he was mayor of Sunrise.

  4. Claudia Robinson's filing fee?? says:

    Where did Claudia Robinson get
    the filing fee?


    Good question. Here’s a good answer: Her filing fee was paid May 1 and will appear on the May report.

  5. Robinson follows the rules says:

    Robinson qualified and cut her check on May 1 so the expenditure will be on the May Report which can be seen on June 10.

    Unlike Bailey, Robinson follows the rules.

  6. Rico Petrocelli says:

    VOTE Contini……….Rico

  7. what says:

    More politicial hacks but in different sides of the isle