Candidate Has No $$$, But Finds $3.7k To Run





An independent Broward County Commission candidate reported a $21k negative net worth, but still produced a check for $3,683.88 to qualify for office last week.

Jason Alexander Steele could have raised the money for his campaign from four supporters who like his stands on the issues and kicked in $1,000 apiece.

Call me cynical, but I highly doubt that scenario.

The suspicion is that Steele entered the race on June 20 just 36 minutes before filing closed to steal votes from another candidate.  The suspicion is he got the money from that candidate’s campaign consultant.

It is only a suspicion.

But hey, this is Broward where politics is like a contact sport. And just as dirty.

What candidate is helped by Steele’s entry into the race.   You can guess.

The other candidates in Northeast Broward’s County Commission District 4 are Democrats Ken Keechl and Ben Lap and incumbent GOP Commissioner Chip LaMarca.

I would like to ask Steele about this but he could not be reached for comment though his e-mail or telephone.



Steele’s campaign filing documents (click to enlarge):


Steel financial disclosure page one




steel two




12 Responses to “Candidate Has No $$$, But Finds $3.7k To Run”

  1. Hmmmm says:

    Some could speculate Chip and Stern are back up to their old tricks using this guy to fill the role of Chris Chiari of 2010 in order to screw Keechl

  2. Lori Parrish says:

    $25K minus plus $6K is minus 19K not -$21K.

  3. says:

    Come on Judge Haimes and State Attorney Satz how many years does it take for Vicente Thrower to be tried for his crimes of public corruption?

    In a story just broken by Daily Broward, it appears that Thrower has ties to and possibly been involved in putting in the NPA candidate.

    Thrower is on Pre-Trial Release maybe someone should do a public records request to see whom he is spending time with.

  4. Hmmm says:

    Doesn’t this person even have a bank account? Aren’t they suppose to list that or any loans to their campaign? I agree with you Buddy. You are the best and picked up on this one.

  5. Chaz2 says:

    Follow the money……really stupid move by somebody….

  6. Ghost of McLovin says:

    He lists a -$21K NET worth, which equals total assets minus total liabilities. If he has $1,000,000 in the bank and owes $1,021,000, his net worth is -$21K. Seriously?

  7. @Ghost says:

    To #6 Ghost of McLovin

    If you look at his paperwork, he lists total assets of $6k and liabilities of $25,000.

    So this ain’t a guy who has a million in the bank but just owes $21k more than what he has in the bank.

    BTW, he also sucks at math.

    Because if you have $25k in liabilities and $6k in assets, your net work is MINUS $19k, not MINUS $25k.

    He needs a Stern talking to about his shitty math skills.

  8. Chaz Stevens says:

    Can you atleast do a modicum of research, say 20 seconds at the least, before you go off on a rant.

    You see, had you done the barest of due diligence, you’d have known Thrower was recently before the 4th DCA, hoping to get the case tossed.

    That’s most of the delay. Not Satz, not the judge.

    In the end, there’s no truth to the adage, “Just because you say shit doesn’t mean said shit is real.”

    Or words to that affect.

  9. Chaz Stevens says:

    I reached out to the SAO, regarding Thrower’s trial, and learned these facts:

    1. The trial should launch in Sept.
    2. Probably will last 3-4 days.
    3. ASA David Schulson is leading the prosecution (good good news!).
    4. Jury selection mid July.

  10. davis stern says:

    From my understanding and thrower has been spending a lot of time with Mike Ahern, Ken keechl campaign manager. ..

  11. RIght on says:

    Mike Satz and Judge Haimes should bring Thrower in for a hearing to talk about if and what his recent political dealings are in the community. If the rumors are true, how is someone who is charged with public corruption allowed to be involved with elections while on community control?

  12. Jason Steele campaign says:

    Very telling that Jason Steele has spent 40% of his annual income to become the NPA candidate yet does not mention to all his friends on Facebook he is running for office…