Supporters Follow Candidate’s Wife Giving Birth


Florida House candidate Yomin Postelnik gave Broward the best example this week of how the Internet’s social media is changing campaigning.

Facebook allowed Postelnik, who fighting an uphill battle for state House District 91, into the delivery room on Tuesday as his wife Shaya gave birth to the couple’s third child.  

Minutes after birth shot by the candidate with a cell phone camera and sent to supporters

Postelnik fed supporters breathless updates from the delivery room on Facebook:

  • “Leah just called Shaya. “What are you doing Mommy?”— Yesterday at 11:19am via Facebook for BlackBerry ·
  •  “Still watching the monitor that’s drawing lines on paper. Not yet born baby still doing very well on his or her lie detector test. Yesterday at 2:50pm via Facebook for BlackBerry.
  • Sheridan Folger: “This is taking on the pace of an election. I’m starting to think you and the child have concocted this entire drawn out event merely for campaign publicity. ;)”
  • “Shaya doesn’t care if it’s a brother or a sister. Just so long as it’s another healthy terrorist.” 3:05pm via Facebook for BlackBerry.
  • “They say you can talk to them in the womb but I don’t know about planning. The baby’s already announced his support for CDR Tom Garcia in FL-24 and likes me for state, but that took place after we met face to face.” Yesterday at 3:22 p.m. for BlackBerry.
  • “It’s a boy! Thank the Almighty! And blessings to all!” Yesterday at 3:59pm via Facebook for BlackBerry
  • “And it’s a Republican! (looks very smart).” Yesterday at 4:11pm via Facebook for BlackBerry.

Later, another Facebook friend asked Postelnik for the baby’s name.

“We have the name picked out, but don’t name him till the 8th day – will let you know,”  wrote Postelnik, a religious Jew.   

Later Pastelnik e-mailed me:

“My wife Leah’s doing great. We have two other children – a son, Shaya (turning 3 on Sun. – who we adopted through Camelot Care here in Broward) and Sarah (16 months).

“Just spent the whole day with Leah (and two phones) and facebook being the easiest place to give updates to friends, family, etc.

“We’re the campaign that works tirelessly. It started out with just the two of us and a few friends helping part time and it’s growing. We’re the only ones to put forward an economic development platform, a jobs fair and more. We’re going to keep fighting hard and this only makes me focus harder. We’ll also be having a series of debates (starting 03/11 at the Davie GOP – not in the District, but am expecting many activists throughout Broward to be there). You don’t need to raise a ton of money if you get all your materials donated, get your precinct captains in place and properly motivated. But, as you know, to keep them motivated you need to present real solutions.

“I like how you demand better of our political representatives, even if we have different political philosophies (intentions go a lot farther than ideology, especially on local and state issues). Feel free to call or email any time.””

The Republican-leaning, northeast Broward state House District 91 is currently held by state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, who is leaving it to run for state Senate.

The other Republican candidates are David Maymon and George Moraitis.  Republican-turned-Democrat Barbra Stern is running as a  D.

(Note: Please forgive Postelnik for the spelling and punctuation during the emotional event and the aftermath.)

14 Responses to “Supporters Follow Candidate’s Wife Giving Birth”

  1. huh says:

    “Shaya doesn’t care if it’s a brother or a sister. Just so long as it’s another healthy terrorist.”

  2. Newsflash says:


    I can 100% assure you this is how Postelnik spells and punctuates every second of the day. The birth of his beautiful new baby has nothing to do with it.

  3. Read? says:

    Postelnik thinks Keith Wasserstrom is innocent. That disqualifies him for office right from the start.

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Thank goodness we didn’t see any afterbirth.

  5. Concerned GOP Voter says:

    Yomin is a lunatic and should be sent away. He is the only thing standing in the way of a Republican landslide in November.

  6. momorait says:

    Yomin spoke at our club last night. I know him and David Maymon and both are excellent candidates for the GOP. Three guesses as to who’s posting this garbage. We all know who.

  7. Steve Rosenblum says:

    Just beautiful. Anonymous cowards attacking Yomin, who happens to be one of the nicest, most generous people you’d ever hope to meet.
    If Yomin has a fault it’s that he cares so much that he sometimes gets too enthusiastic. If you MUST attack him publicly, at least have the courage to use your real, full names and attack him on issues not personal ad hominem attacks. Otherwise shut up!

    Yomin Postelnik will make a fine Florida State Representative. Florida deserves another great representative to take over for Ellyn as she moves onward and upward.

  8. wrong says:

    You’re saying it’s Moraitis? I don’t think so. We all do know which group likes attacking conservative candidates and who can’t help but overplay their hand. And they’re certainly not backing Moraitis.

  9. Republican with Common Sense says:

    Congratulations to the Postelnik Family on their addition. Leave it to friends of Maymon’s campaign to leave inappropriate comments. Becoming a parent is something that 20 something’s obviously have no respect for. Grow up and take a grammar class while you are at it.

  10. maybe says:

    In my experience these malcontents don’t usually belong to any campaign. They just delight in bashing conservative candidates, period. The sad thing is that they are politically active. They contribute bugger all of substance and spend all day ripping people while hiding behind a thousand masks.

  11. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Actually, I never hide…

  12. well says:

    No complaints about you being hidden Chaz.You don’t fake being a GOP member and aren’t one of the inner party malcontents either. All we’d complain about you is that you should be less judgemental and use your energy to build up instead of tear down.You have a lot of energy. Use it properly and use it well.

  13. Steve Rosenblum says:

    The comments regarding being anonymous weren’t directed at you, obviously.

  14. Conservative Diva says:

    First Yomin I would like to congratulate you and Leah on your new Blessing…xoxo

    How sad that cowards have the right of the first amendment, something they do NOT deserve!

    Yomin is a fine example of who WE need to represent the good upstanding citizens that only want what is right! He is not only an AWEsome friend but a generous and kind person that wants the best for everyone!!

    Yomin we all know you have MANY supporters and those who have nothing better to do than make empty statements are quite insignificant…ignore them!