Candidate “Explains” Run For 3 Office At Once





In four decades of being involved with Florida politics I have never heard of a candidate that runs for three offices simultaneously.

Until I heard from Rubin Young.

Young told why he is running for three offices at once: “It like keeping your options opened.”

It’s perfectly legal.  The law only restricts a candidate to one office when they qualify, which won’t take place until next Spring for two of the jobs he wants — Broward Clerk of the Courts and Supervisor of Elections.  He is also running for County Commission District 2 in 2018.

I doubt that anybody would be lining up to give Young money after reading the rambling post below.  Rambling is the nicest thing I can say about Young.

That reminds me of another South Florida reporter — not me– who believed a local office holder was a dolt. I know the list of suspects is a long one, but this office holder (and reporter) will go unnamed.

The reporter couldn’t openly criticize the office holder in  “objective” news reports. So the reporter started taping the pols statements and reprinting them in long verbatim quotes.  When the rambling, almost incoherent lengthy comments of this politician appeared in print, they were clearly the utterances of a fool.

The journalist conveyed his opinion without reporting anything inaccurately.

In that spirit, I edited nothing in Young’s statement.

Young appears to have his biggest beef with Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes, but also lashes out at County Commissioner Mark Bogen and the political system in general.

Read this from Rubin Young and you judge:





I am Rubin Young a candidate and probably one of the first persons residing in the Great State of Florida that have decided to run for 3 elected positions within Broward County. These positions are the Broward County Supervisor of Elections, the Broward County Clerk of Courts and the Broward County Commission, District 2.

My reasons for running are that “Enough Is Enough”. For too long we have people or ruling parties over the majority dictate to us the voters who are going to be the persons that they have decided to represent us in public office. They meet in parties and they gave us the best person that they have in the club who will represent the party and move their agenda forward. Ultimately their agenda isn’t our agenda and we go along with them because we lack the organization necessary to win public office.

The reasons are in my opinion they make sure that the positions are central to a political scheme held by the person that they believe will protect their interest or incumbency. So, month after month, year after year we the voiceless people along with these individuals or groups control our very lives without saying one word on behalf of our children’s future and those who do speak up and out and run for office they silently laugh among themselves because they know if that person isn’t part of the click he or she is not going to win over their person. Their person in power is going to see about that so aren’t you tired like I am “Enough Is Enough”.

So, I am running because when I get elected there will be no protections for incumbency and if an ordinary person runs and win he/she will finally take their elected office because my staff and I will see about making it happen. There will be no more elected officials using their office or powers to influence the voter by endorsing a candidate’s political campaign or where you have a Political Party Club President or a Church Pastor involving themselves in getting absentee ballots or endorsements for the candidate they either favor or have received monies for their supporting his/her campaign that’s a violation of election law.

Elections are not for sale? Right now they are for sale and from what I witnessed in 2014, Dr. Brenda Snipes was made aware of all the ethical violations by myself which she was too slow or too slow in referring them to the right people and she knows all about who these people allegedly are that’s buying and selling political campaigns. If these are county elections which are local elections then why are so many people raising and spending $500,000 to 1 Million dollars in local elections. Florida has campaign spending limits laws which should be enforced by the Supervisor of Elections, but currently the laws are not, but if you are someone like me not part of the ruling party and if you attempt to do it they will come down on you.

These elected positions pays approximately $100,000.00 to $170,000.00 dollars at best and let me tell you why they fight so hard to keep them it’s for money, power and control over the rest of us which allows them to gain the competitive advantage over us and establish relationships with groups, associations, political party presidents and businesses that would contribute to present and future campaigns which keeps them employed whether they are right person for the job or not, it’s all about them and not us. I want to encourage every 18 year old and older to run for office and change our future vote for anybody but Brenda.

So their circle of friendships throughout the state will crush and destroy anyone that gets in their way of taking tax payer’s money for them or their families and these circle of friends which include those who support them and works for the media, so we who are running for office have to be extra careful because the media have the ability to slander and defame you under the protection of the First Amendment and there is nothing a person without money can do about it.

The “We the People” theory becomes second to “We are the Real People and Not You” theory and these people will do whatever it takes to keep their friends in public office, so the favors can keep coming their way. So, Dr. Snipes keep quiet about all of this and she say nothing about the public wrong as an elected official because she depends on the county to fund her offices and they depend on her to keep them in public office, in order for them to continue maintaining power and control of the rest of us.

So, I hope that you now understand why I am running for 3 key positions because I have had enough and “Enough Is Enough” which I hope you all have had enough too.

These positions are very vital to the maintenance and upkeep of county funds and county records. When lawyers file foreclosure paperwork in the county court and they are not the original documents that you first signed to get a mortgage that is fraud, because when you don’t have a clerk willing to speak out people homes are sold or placed in foreclosure and auctioned off on the court house steps. 

The Supreme Court already ruled on who has legal standing in civil lawsuits and yet the Clerk and/or his staff won’t utilize their powers by refusing to accept fraudulent mortgage foreclosure pleadings filed by alleged dishonest attorneys because we know that if they are good only the good die young; especially if he/she knows they are not complying with the law and their goal is to win at any cost or ignoring those rulings issued by the United States Supreme Court on wet ink standing. In 2015, it is my opinion with the budget cuts and mismanagement by the Clerk have allowed the effectiveness of the courts to fall by the wayside and now employees are being unnecessarily furloughed and laid off he should cut his salary and the salary of his executives to compensate for the losses. In addition, we also are having seniors and single moms now losing their homes due to illegal foreclosures whyThey have nowhere to turn and have surrendered their rights to fairness, honesty and justice.

So, again I am running because “Enough Is Enough” and it is time the voters change the way they pick people serving within our county government our children need the best future possible. In 2014, I worked with Terry Williams-Edden campaign for Broward County Commissioner, District 2 and I saw a great number of irregularities that took place within that election that was either ignored by Dr. Snipes Supervisor of Election’s office or the state.

Dr. Snipes being a constitutional officer within the State of Florida never invoked her constitutional authority to halt the illegal absentee ballot voting that allowed Mr. Bogen and his campaign team to win the seat he currently holds.

I don’t know maybe this may not mean much too a great number of people, but it means something to me. I was always taught by my parents that cheaters never win and we now have a lot of parents telling their child or children to do their own homework and study for their own tests if they want to get ahead in life. Well, that’s not what happened in last year’s election because the powers to be allowed Dr. Snipes office to give Mr. Bogen a pass by which they allowed him to violate allegedly every campaign spending limit law on the books so he can win a seat paying about $100,000.00 a year and these powers also allowed his campaign staff to go into voter’s homes and fill out and turn in more than 2 absentee ballots as a campaign staffer when that’s a clear violation of our new absentee ballot laws.

Dr. Snipes in my opinion was aware of this and she and the powers to be went out of their way to ensure that Commissioner Mark Bogen a Palm Beach County resident win a district seat my question is why?

Therefore, in my own imperfect way to protect the integrity of the district and of the electoral process. I even filed an election protest that got stalled by Judge Imperato who have chambers in the Clerk of Courts courthouse and by law F.S. 102.168 the law requires that an election contest receives an immediate court hearing.

Wherefore after bringing this information to the clerk’s attention no Clerk of the County Courts fought for my rights to due process nor did the clerk make sure that an immediate hearing took place as required by law. The Clerk of Courts is the official record keeper, clerk of the board of county commission, comptroller and he’s responsible for keeping the county’s seal, like a giant notary public.

He is responsible for certifying that all official records are true and correct within Broward County and when they are not he can remove his county seal until they come into compliance. If there are any new instructions, ordinances, laws and/or statutes passed by our State Legislature the Clerk is responsible for informing all deputy clerks, judicial assistants and judges about the new information and changes within law.

I also want to go back and look at every record and election held 20 years ago and see if they were done correctly and if not ensure justice is finally served.

In addition, I want to also make some proposals into asking the legislature to pass laws that teaches young children about knowing what their civic responsibilities are at birth and I want election laws that uses new technologies which allows voters to vote by cellphone, touch screen TV, internet, smartphones, and computers because I want to ensure that no voter get left behind or is denied cut offs access to voting under the Voter’s Right Act of 1965.

Again, I am not looking for any endorsements, interviews or political packs support or money under today political machines. I am looking to connect with those people in Broward County over the months who had enough because “Enough is Enough”. As a commissioner, I want to give local residents more control of the money that flows through the district which allows the communities to tap into County Program funds now being used for maintaining and up keeping cracked sidewalks, abandoned building, painting senior homes, trash pickups, street sweeping, grass cutting and community safety etc and take these services over from the county.

I also pray that the voters get rid of their notions of how they feel a candidate should act, dress or look and thereby focus on putting the right person in office that’s committed to protecting them and their children’s best interest. This may be the best person for the job so we got to stop thinking the way the ruling party have taught us to believe today.

Lastly enforce Mary L. Hill, National Regional Community Service Director Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, 1972, 1978 and Community Service Act of 1974 programs which was abolished illegally in the United States by Congress in 1981.

You may join in this bloodless revolution my number is 786-641-9845 or

Rubin Young,

Candidate for Broward County Supervisor of Elections – 2016

Candidate for Broward County Clerk of Courts – 2016

Candidate for Broward County Commission, District 2 – 2018

8 Responses to “Candidate “Explains” Run For 3 Office At Once”

  1. Kevin Cerino says:

    “who says he lives in North Broward.”

    According to the paperwork which he filed with the SOA’s office, he lives in Miami-Dade County. Perhaps he will blame this on Dr. Snipes.


    You are right. However, some of his paperwork uses a Coral Springs post box and his campaign bank account is in North Broward. The Sun-Sentinel said he lived in Miami-Dade. I eliminated the statement to end the confusion.

  2. Zowie says:

    I’ve seen enough to be convinced this person is qualified to be Donald Trump’s attorney general.

  3. Deez Nuts says:

    I love this guy. He should also run for PotUS, US Senate, and a dozen other offices.

    This totally rocks.

    Deez Nuts

  4. Keep on Ramblin' says:

    Angelo Castillo’s comment are succinct in comparison to Mr. Young’s statement.

  5. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Boy, Mr.young three(3) is the charmer apparently. Icoudn’t even run for one before I was disqualified huh some ya. Thats ok because at the end of the day these residents(most) support and trust me. Keep the phone calls coming, keep the emails flowing etc.Our voices will be heard. (ps to some of you my sources are my suporters, and my supporters are my sources-and they would never lie to me-some of you”who, who, who”(sound like an owl)-followed by what if someone stated that I murdered my late mother. I mean really honestly really…)

  6. Fake Angelo Castillo says:

    I like this guy. He and I apparently went to the same school of blog posting.

    This beautiful piece is actually a little bit shorter than most of mine, but he’s just getting started.


  7. Yikes says:

    This guy is running for 3 offices – 1 office for each of his brain cells – or 1 for each of his IQ points.. Both are equally applicable.

    Yes Mr. Young, Mark Bogen cheated with absentee ballots soooo much that he was able to win with 53% of the vote! Some people are just far too convinced that there is a conspiracy against them!

    You are wasting your time.. but by all means (it sure will be entertaining to watch!!)

  8. Yikes 2 says:

    Just for fun take a look at Mr. Young’s facebook page and then look at his photos!! WHOAAAA!!