Candidate Backs Away From Campaign For Clerk





Pembroke Pines Commissioner Iris Siple was widely believed to be running for her boss’s job in 2016 — Clerk of the Courts.

Until last week.

Siple, who  currently works in the Clerk’s office, filed last week to run for re-election to the city commission in the March, 2016 election.

The March city elections are  five months before the August Democratic primary for Clerk.

Ryann Greenberg, who has been running for the Pines District 3 seat since the beginning of the year, smells a rat.

Greenberg charges in a stinging news release that Siple may be still planning to run for Clerk right after she gets re-elected to the commission.

That would cost taxpayers $100,000 for a special election to replace Siple.

But it looks to me that she has dropped her intention to run for Clerk.

It would be difficult for Siple to win her re-election without making a solid commitment that she won’t immediately abandon her city seat to run for Clerk.

Plus, there is a political reality.

If Siple waits until next Spring to start running, it will likely be too late to catch up with the other possible candidates like Democratic boss Mitch Caesar, Public Defender Office business manager Liz McHugh, Current Clerk Howard Forman’s wife Brenda Forman, former Judge Victor Tobin, and Lauderhill Mayor Richard Kaplan. 

Word from inside the Clerk’s Office is that Brenda Forman’s candidacy triggered Siple’s departure from the Clerk’s race.  Brenda Forman also once worked at the Clerk’s Office.

Once Brenda jumped in the race, Siple lost the chance for Howard Forman’s support to replace him, according to sources.  That made the task of winning a Clerk’s election a more difficult uphill battle.

No word from Siple yet.


Greenberg’s news release: 

Ryan Greenberg


Spill’s Campaign form on file with city:





15 Responses to “Candidate Backs Away From Campaign For Clerk”

  1. Real Clear says:

    Howard has got every man’s nightmare, which is the ex and the wife fighting. They both work in his office. Of course, the wife is going to win.


    I’m told that Brenda Forman resigned her position in the office before marrying Howard Forman. Here is the e-mail from Howard Forman:


    Brenda Forman has not been an employee of the Broward County Clerk’s office since May, 2013.

    Howard Forman”

  2. Broward says:

    Howard should be ashamed of himself. Siple has been with him much longer than his wife. I am not saying he shouldn’t support his wife, but I think he should have had the balls to let Siple his right hand person and closest alley know his wife was considering running for his job. Howard is nothing more than a self serving politician who talks out of both sides of his mouth. Howard must have forgotten his first wife made him! How bad does it look that his new wife is running for his job!!!

  3. Lisa Franz says:

    You can put my name in as a potential Clerk of Court Candidate since, I believe only Brenda has officially filed to date. Thank you

  4. Just Saying says:

    “No word from Siple yet.”

    I read that as Siple saying (by not saying) she is running for both … first for reelection and then for Clerk a few months later. This has certainly happened several times in Broward in recent years (Charlotte Rodstrom, etc).

  5. Broward Voter says:

    Nobody seems to care what Iris Siple does. Boring.

  6. twoplustwo says:

    Ryann Greenbarg is full of herself and a self promoter; never has the correct facts and makes a mountain out of a molehill just to get her name out there

    She is a wannabe

    Ryann, no one knows who you are outside of your homeowners assocaition

    get a life

  7. Robert Lockwood Dead Corpse says:


    I, like Lisa Franz, need to be mentioned as a potential Clerk of Court Candidate as we share about the same level of relevancy.

  8. The Guess Who says:

    Trust me on this, Mitch is going to win this race. I mean, Vic Tobin? Are you kidding me? Ugh.

  9. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    I am not sure how much of the public is familiar with Mitch’s lobbying for foreign entities base in Turkey. Mitch Ceasar is taking a chance with the wealthy retired Jews in Broward. Israel and Jews don’t exactly have a great relationship with Turkey. Please take your time and read this link

  10. Ghost of Granteed says:

    Iris Siple has told many people that she’s running for re-election in Pines and will open an account for Clerk a few months after she is re-elected. Anybody that doubts this should just ask her directly.

  11. Payback Time says:

    Mitch Caesar has been the heavy-handed “political boss” for the past two decades. He has delighted in manipulating the process and intimidating anyone who dared cross him.
    Elections for the leadership of the Democratic Party in Broward and in no way democratic. There is no secret ballot. A committee person wants to be effective in his/her precinct? Better support Caesar for Chair. Your vote is public. The entire DEC is expected to “Hail Caesar”
    Well, the ballot box is a different story. Every person that Caesar has stepped on in the past two decades will step into that voting booth and finally have their say!

  12. LizMcWhoEnoughSaid says:

    As a follower of the upcoming election for Clerk of Court, reading/researching the potential candidates, I see two that stand out. One would hope the public can see through the BS.

    One is a long time politician that has used every trick in the book to be elected. “Trick” is the key word, my definition is “Dirty politics”. Incapable of treating the opponent with the dignity they deserve as a human being, just because he wants to be elected. He immediately slings negativity and belittles by using comments like “Pigs in the trough”. Let’s not forget the accusations that have been leveled at him for sexual harassment. Doesn’t this reek of a “Horrible Boss 3 – The Movie” in an office with a large percentage of females? A boss, not a leader, that would have no remorse in degrading an individual if they step out of line, “Mitch Caesar’s line”.

    The second candidate is Liz McWho…err, McHugh. A human being that has a stellar reputation as the Administrative Director of Broward County Public Defenders office. Over 25 years of dedicated experience in the court system, managing an annual budget of several million dollars. A B.S in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Business. She has a great rapport with the Public Defender staff. She has a temperament which makes her a very approachable leader, not everyone has the ability to lead people in such a dignified manner.
    She helps in the community, volunteering her time and knowledge at functions throughout the county.

    Mitch had mentioned the “Pigs in a trough” only wanting the job for the money. The money that he doesn’t need. Frankly, his reasoning is skewed and he is omitting to mention (typical dirty politician), Liz McHugh has a pension with the state for her dedicated service. Mitch doesn’t have a pension with the state but he obviously wants one that is why he is running for Clerk. Just who is he trying to fool? The public of course!

  13. Dear luz says:

    If Liz is running then why she doesn’t she file? Maybe because she has no support or ability to raise money. Put up or shut up Liz

  14. Sober As a Judge says:

    The retirement of Howard Forman is a perfect time to amend the county charter and eliminate electing a clerk of courts. The administrative support arm of the courts should answer to court administration. Decades ago there were reasons why clerks were elected. Those reasons no longer exist. The courts deserve the best administrator available to run that office. Not politicians.

  15. Courthouse Insider says:

    Liz McHugh is extremely professional and always gets things done. When she says she’s going to do something, she does it. Which is not something you can say often about government. McHugh for Clerk.