Candidate Cancels Fundraiser At “Breastaurant”





This can be chalked up to the “What Was She Thinking” category.

Judicial candidate Lea Krauss has cancelled plans to hold her campaign kickoff at a Fort Lauderdale “breastaurant” that features scantly clad, flirty waitresses.

The invitation for the kickoff disappeared from Krauss’ Facebook page shortly after e-mailed her with a question about the fundraiser.

The event at the Tilted Kilt was replaced with one at a Fort Lauderdale pizza restaurant.

Krauss did not answer the e-mail from

The fundraiser – the invitation is below – was planned later this month for the Tilted Kilt, a downtown Fort Lauderdale restaurant.

The Tilted Kilt is a small chain in the so-called “breasts-and-brew” category of restaurants, also known widely in the media as “breastaurants”.

Hooters is the best known firm in that category.







Tanya: A waitress at the Tilted Kilt was sent the invitation by a source that also e-mailed this comment:

“Could you imagine the shit storm from Lori Parrish (who I believe has endorsed Krauss) and other leading Democrat women and those in the legal community if…. (a) male candidate running for Judge have their campaign kick off at a “breastaurant” like Hooters or in this case the school girl dressed waitresses at the Tilted Kilt?”  



The original invitation followed by the new one:

Tilted Kilt Invitation



Krauss' second invitation


Krauss’ opponents for an open Broward Circuit Court seat are Maxine Karl Streeter and Jason Allen Rosner.


Democrats To Hear About New Media




Love him or hate him, but there is no doubt that Broward Democratic Chair Mitch Ceasar plans interesting party meetings.

This month the subject is an exploration of the New Media and politics. Speakers include consultant Michael Worley.

Worley helps candidates master the Internet, but he also does more traditional forms of communication.

How much does this cost?

An example: County Commission candidate Lisa Aronson last year paid Worley’s firm MDW Communications roughly $19,000. She spent around $146k in her losing race in North Broward.

It should be a stimulating evening. The Democratic meeting is at Plantation’s Deicke Auditorium, 7 p.m., Tuesday, June 16.


Former House Candidate Appt. To College Board




Health care executive David Maymon, who failed in his bid to win a Florida House seat five years ago, has been appointed to the Broward College District Board of Trustees.

In 2010, State Rep. George Moraitis beat Maymon by 48 to 46 percent in the Republican primary for an open northeast Broward beachfront House district. Moraitis still holds the seat.

Here is the news release from Friday, June 13 on the appointment:



Governor Rick Scott Appoints David Maymon to Broward College District Board of Trustees


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott announced the appointment of David R. Maymon to the Broward College District Board of Trustees.

Maymon, 38, of Fort Lauderdale, has been the owner of Advocate Home Care since 2007. He received his associate’s degree from College of DuPage in 1997, his bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois in 1999, and his Juris Doctorate from DePaul College of Law in 2002. Maymon previously served on the Broward County Small Business Advisory Board and the Fort Lauderdale Community Services Board. He succeeds Elizabeth Tonkin and is appointed for a term beginning June 12, 2015, and ending May 31, 2018.


The appointment is subject to confirmation by the Florida Senate.Appt




31 Responses to “Candidate Cancels Fundraiser At “Breastaurant””

  1. Scottaphobic says:

    Anyone against this place for the party is just a scottaphobe, or someone with the unnatural fear of the Scottish. How can anyone be against the garb of the Scott’s?

  2. Pizza party says:

    I wonder if it was moved to the same pizza place that catered her wedding.

  3. T and A fan says:

    So when did we Americans become such uptight killjoys? Titled Kilt is a legitimate business offering (I assume) perfectly good beer and food served by charming young ladies in attire that’s kosher under Florida law. So what’s the problem???

  4. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Oh lighten up. Everybody loves tities. I have bee there. It s very tastefully done. I would go to a function there….Ps. I would love to see some of you in one of those outfits(my lips are sealed)..

  5. Linda says:

    What in the hell was she thinking?

    “The Tilted Kilt – where men are men and women are girls.”
    Oh — that’s right— the girls are working their way through law school.

  6. Ain't no thing but a chicken wing says:

    I can’t believe this woman would cancel her campaign lick off at the Tilted Kilt because some whiners thought it was inappropriate to have a lick off at a “breastaurant”. Kudos to whomever came up with this idea. I would much rather be at a cool place like The Tilted Kilt than some boring law firm conference room or run of the mill restaurant.

  7. Thats interesting says:

    Thats interesting, it also appears her campaign is being ran by militant democratic party women what I call the vagina brigade
    see they only support women, and know thing about getting them elected just ask Nan Rich

  8. Sean Phillippi says:

    There is nothing to see here. This is just an attempt by people who are and/or might be running against Lea Krauss to use a non-issue to make her look bad. The fact that her opponent(s) can’t come up with a substantive issue to attack her with is telling. It makes me a little sad that silly season for this cycle has already started!

  9. Troubling says:

    It is bad enough Krauss as a judicial candidate would have a fundraiser at The Tilted Kilt but to have Vicente Thrower on a host committee shows a total lack of sound judgment.

    Thrower the infamous political pimp of Broward County who was cleared of public corruption charges because when he took the money he claimed he wasn’t a public official. Now Thrower is seeking a half million dollars from Pimpano Beach because he claims he should be treated like a public official. Then there is Throwers arrest for solicitation on television while he was awaiting trial. (FROM BUDDY: I believe, this charge was dropped.)

    Ms. Krauss as a person running for Judge should use better discretion as to who is involved in her campaign.

  10. f says:

    She just lost my vote.

  11. Stupid says:

    @3 and @4: Yes, Tilted Kilt is a legit business. So are strip clubs and leather bars. Should a judge candidate hold a fund raiser at either of those?
    To hold a fundraiser at a location that would “turn off” even one potential supporter is foolish. In this case, she turned off many more than one Democratic activist woman.

  12. Anxiously awaiting... says:

    Tilted Kilt would be perfect for Mitch Caesars campaign kickoff. Imagine how busy he would be giving neck massages.

  13. scout finch says:

    Doesn’t Ostrow from the host committee own the tilted kilt? Not saying it was right or wrong to hold the event there, but probably had something to do with the initial choice.

  14. mostly agree with sean says:

    It is a lightweight issue. Krauss made it a story by canceling the event. Had she ignored the naysayers this would have been a dead issue and probably not worth of a column. Same goes for the DEC pulling Chaz from their blogger forum.

    I don’t know Ms. Krauss but I hope she will be more willing to stand by her decisions as a Judge and not be one to cave to public pressure.

  15. Rinse and Repeat says:

    I met her a few times when she began making the rounds at Dem events, like people do before they file for Judge (unless they aren’t Dems, obviously.) I never spoke with her long enough to form an opinion, but it’s certainly formed now. If she didn’t know what the place was I could let it go; but she attended events their before. Someone sent me a photo of her at some legal event there.

    Remind me never to use any of the attorneys in the photo.

  16. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @11 – Judges represent all of us. Not just the 1%. Not just the “church ladies”. Everyone.

    That includes the people who go to bowling alleys, to leather bars, to strip clubs and to Tilted Kilt.

    That also includes the people who go to swinger’s clubs, to nude beaches (Miami-Dade County owns and operates one: Haulover Beach County Park), to motorcycle rallies, to homeless shelters, and even people who go to Justin Bieber concerts.

    We have way, way too many judges who think that they only represent elite lawyers and politicians rather than every single citizen of this county in all of its wonderful diversity.

    A judicial candidate who fully understands and faithfully represents the wide variety of people that exists within the phrase “law-abiding citizen” is a candidate who, if otherwise qualified, fully deserves our votes.

  17. T and A Fan says:

    Dear Stupid:
    The Tilted Kilt waitress shown in the picture looks all-American, wholesome and healthy and like an asset to any aspiring politician’s campaign. I’m not sure how she could offend anyone.

  18. Basics says:

    Come on. This is suppose to be a deeper investigative journalism site, right? Follow the money. Who benefits from having people come to the Tilted Kilt? The owner. Whose an owner? See her endorsement list.

    Ostrow is an owner of Tilted Kilt. Krauss probably accepted the invitation to have her fundraiser there.

  19. #PFLA says:

    Worley is an overpriced hack. Really sad to see what he did to Lisa. He got lucky with Rydell as a shoe-in and STILL price gouged him.

  20. Well their busy now says:

    It’s sure looks like her campaign team is so busy defending her on here, they are too busy to vett the locations she has her fundraisers, she is doomed with a incompetent team and should fire them all now

  21. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I think that the ‘Tilted Kilt” is a fine place. As long as the tities aren’t “tilted” we are in business. Ps.-Tim D/Cat tell the grizzly bear(Brian) that the coyote(me) states to put Little Tony on the stand, along w/ the fat one(the snitch-pudgy). Prove that Big Tony orchestrated the deal. Get Kidan/Abrahoff to sing like canaries….Also bring up th e only reason that he is not waiting for “old Sparky” is because Bogenshulz got the flu(how convient) last year. Lastly, to Peter Pan-hold on, relax, hang on this ain’t easy but you will get justice……

  22. Talks like a politician says:

    The title of the song “God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy” came to mind when I read this story. I think #18 hit the old nail on the head. What is all the fuss?

  23. Debbie McClosky says:

    Lea is a renowned professional. Absolutely respected. The “Tilted Kilt” is just a bar/restaurant. EVERYONE goes there. It has not stereo type. I cannot believe that people are so small that you cannot have a fun event. Trust me, it is just like having an event at McGuires on the Hill. It is just a local place which so many hang out at. Someone, as usual, is gunning for the best candidate. I am not friends of her, I was a prosecutor and general magistrate and she appeared before me. She is an adamant professional and impartial and extremely intelligent. I am appalled at who set this petty article up….seriously????? This is disgusting. Someone, as usual, set this up. She was probably asked by the owner to have it there. Truthfully, the whole courthouse goes there and there is nothing offensive about this bar. It is Irish for God’s sake.

  24. Ha Ha Ha says:

    OK, now that we’ve spent the past several days talking about breasts, can we just for a brief moment actually go take a look at the candidate’s qualifications?

  25. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Lea Krauss at least HAS a campaign website… Rosner has a pseudo-website that can’t even successfully display a home page ( ) and Streeter apparently doesn’t even HAVE a campaign website.

    I did find this bio page on Streeter which made me wonder why she would even want to become a circuit judge – it says she’s a specialist in complex commercial litigation and financial products and “the intricate legalities of prosecuting civil RICO claims”. This all has very little to do with the typical caseload of a Broward circuit judge; it only makes sense if Streeter is just viewing this as a stepping stone toward becoming a Federal District Judge.

    I think I’d much rather have somebody like Lea Krauss who actually wants to be a Circuit Judge for all the right reasons.

  26. Broward lawyer says:

    Debby’and Phillipi are correct, having this fundraiser at the tilted kilt should not have been a story. What made it a story is the fact that Krauss caved to public pressure and moved the event. Krauss moving the event gave credence to the argument that having it at the Kilt was in poor taste.

    I don’t know anyone running in this race. I do know that I would be less inclined to vote for someone as Judge who knowing there was nothing wrong with her decision, reversed themselves because of some people may not be happy. If you want everyone to like you and willing to flip flop in the face of a controversial decision, she shouldn’t run for Judge she should run for County Commission.


    Wrong! I would have written it either way.

    By the way, I ran this story past two attorneys and another woman — all unconnected to the race — before running it. All three were extremely critical of the selection of the Tilted Kilt as a place to hold a judicial fund raiser.

    The fact that Krauss did not call me back figured into it, too. I can be talked out of writing something if someone has a credible story. It has happened numerous times.

    Campaign Consulting 101: Always call a journalist back unless the journalist has proven unreasonable in the past. I actually wrote a very positive piece about Krauss earlier, which she thanked me for. There was no reason not to call me back.

  27. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Here’s a link to Buddy’s earlier article on Lea Krauss:

  28. Good for One Good 4 All says:

    Buddy, you write one sided stories all the time. Sheriff Israel was found guilty of ethics violations and you defended it. Why don’t you defend her. Like the place or not its a legally licensed establishment. The Sheiff took money in 2008 from Scott Rothstein and its on his ECO Report write about that. The Sheriff and his….Counsel Gunzberger do wrong things everyday. Where is the story. Gunzberger on blogs and while on taxpayer time writes derogatory remarks about tax paying citiZens at County Commission Meetings and should be reprimanded by the Florida Bar and fires from BSO for violating policy and procedures for being on county time and clearly disrespectful to people. Write a or that shit.

  29. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The Tilted Kilt received a lot of publicity when it opened in the Sun Sentinel, does that mean the Sun Sentinel is sleazy? (Okay at the time the paper has fired Mr. Lyons this may not be time to ask the question, but, what the Hell!) As for the people Mr. Nevins “ran the story by”, really, I can imagine some people being outraged, others smiling and thinking it was “cute”, but most people outside of the “court house crowd and their stalkers” does anyone care l). who is a Judge, and 2). where they have their fundraisers. The fact is the Judicial candidate either knew what it was like and should NOT have changed the venue or IF SHE DID NOT, then, okay, cancel the fundraiser and EXPLAIN. Simply “pretending it didn’t happen” is the worst thing she could do.

    Frankly I note people are more interested in what this location is than in issues like unemployment rates, overdevelopment, failing educational standards, the environment and waste in government. May IT WOULD HAVE HELPED HER CAMPAIGN TO HAVE THE EVENT AT THE TILTED KILT so her enemies COULD HAVE GONE, FUNDED HER CAMPAIGN, then gone home to ketch uselessly on this blog!

  30. Ghost of Leo Rosten says:

    Dear Count
    Last sentence at your 29 comment you have incorrectely spelled a meaningful yiddish word

    Ketch as you spelled it is a 2 masted wind powered sailing vessel and has no context in your last sentence.
    The correct spelling of the word you apttempted to use is KVETCH. Kvetch is a Yiddish word that means “to complain”, and would be in context with your sentence.
    SO I GUESS I AM KVETCHING ABOUT YOUR MANGLING of a fine yiddish word. 🙂

  31. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Seriously! I left out a v on my cellphone while on a train from Rome to Rimini and someone writes two paragraphs about it!
    I understand why miss Greenberg left town!
    Never mind about a missing v in kvetch, What
    About corrupt co school n commission boards and the ft Lauderdale’s plans for a garage on every blade of grass n a hotel on every grain of sand and swapping city land for sleazy unshaven dirty t-shirted ex-schmatta handlers from Chelm!