Can Poll Be Believed: Kristin Jacobs Winning By 5 to 1?





Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs is crushing former state Rep. Steve Perman in their state House Democratic primary race 5-to-1 in a recent poll.

The poll was done by automated telephone. It found Jacobs winning 52.6 to 11.4 percent. There were 36.1 percent undecided.

In the most amazing part of the poll, Jacobs was ahead 86.1 to 8.3 percent among those who already voted.

Can the poll be believed?

There is no doubt that Jacobs is the favorite to win the Democratic primary for the North Broward House District 96.

But even the poll’s sponsor, the, cast doubt on the survey here.

Here is the original poll. 

My take: Jacobs may be the front-runner, but there is no way she is ahead by that huge margin.

I’ll be very interested in the results of this one on Tuesday.

Deluge Of Palm Cards

Broward’s polling places are awash in palm cards.

Take this one for example:


It looks like this one is designed to benefit County Commission candidate Mark Bogen.

The piece is credited to an unregistered group called Concerned Citizens of Northwest Pompano Beach, 1250 NW 27 Avenue, Pompano Beach.  That is the home address of political activist Walter Hunter, who has been on the Bogen campaign payroll for months.

Here is the funny part:

Bogen apparently paid for this to be distributed at early voting.  But he isn’t even on the ballot!

The primary in North Broward’s Commission District 2 was postponed until November because of a legal fight over the legitimacy of a write-in candidate. The write-in doesn’t live in the district, and it will take judges until November to decide whether the write-in can lawfully remain on the ballot.

The legal delay in District 2 has apparently cost Bogen more than his four opponents because he spent the most to date.

Bogen has spent $255,846, much of it paid for from the $241,500 he loaned his own campaign.

Some of those expenditures — like these palm cards — will have to be paid for again in November to have any effect.


Here are more early voting pix:

(From the top: Judicial candidate Russell Thompson waves his sign outside a polling place and County Commissioner Marty Kiar, on the left, campaigns with a volunteer for the re-election of his colleague, Commissioner Barbara Sharief.) 


Marty Kiar

7 Responses to “Can Poll Be Believed: Kristin Jacobs Winning By 5 to 1?”

  1. FTL Voter says:

    So much for Lori Parrish and her aging “1980s in-crowd” cohorts having the political juice to destroy Jacobs. Mrs. Parrish loudly put her political clout on the line to prove she was still relevant, vowing she would defeat both Commissioners Jacobs and Sharief and be the “boss” of Broward once again. So much for that crackpot idea. I think Mrs. Parrish goes 0-2 on the two races she seems to care the most about. What will Sharief and Jacobs next do to get revenge on Mrs. Parrish after Tuesday?? Could be interesting.

    Mrs. Parrish-Cohen is also aggressively backing Judge Feren but the jury is still out on which way that one will turn out, and she’s trying to defeat Judge Ian Richards (one of our few black judges in Broward County).

  2. The biggest bus bench owner in Broward says:

    Keep spending your money. Barbara and Amy both are looking to buy new cars in December, and Mike Kaplan is looking forward to a European vacation after the cycle.

    They’re counting on YOU to help make their dreams come true.

    Don’t let them down, Mark.

  3. Aletheia says:

    Parrish has no more clout. In fact it’s amazing to most people that this washed-up, old hag ever had any. Many are still wondering how a high school graduate with minimal qualifications ever became the Property Appraiser! It doesn’t pay for any political wannabees to kiss the ring of this repulsive loudmouth any longer! She doesn’t matter!

  4. Frayed Knot says:

    On July 26 the Jacobs campaign paid Extensive Enterprises, aka Peter Schorsch, ask Saint Peters Blog, $750.

    So no, she paid him to put that out there. Which means don’t believe it.

  5. Kevin Hill says:


    I have no direct insight to this particular poll, BUT:

    Robopoll = No Cell phones = Only polling old people in North Broward.

    Than again, maybe that’s exactly what the electorate will look like.


  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Early voting numbers: strong lead for Jacobs (77-23).

  7. Floridan says:

    I know it’s fashionable on this blog to attribute political success to payoffs, dirty tricks and backroom shenanigans, but Kristin Jacob’s landslide victory came as the result of her forward-looking positions on issues such as the environment and transportation, her history of representing her constituents well, and the hard work she put into campaigning (often door-to-door).