Can A Dull Democratic Candidate Beat Lamberti?


Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti can be beaten next year.  All Democrats need is a candidate.

Let’s look at the math.

Lamberti outspent his Democratic opponent Scott Israel by roughly $700,000 to over $300,000 in the 2008 general election.

All that money bought Lamberti a victory of slightly more than 15,000 votes. He won by 51.3 to 48.9 percent. Not exactly a landslide.

Flash forward to today.

The sheriff’s patron, Ponzi scamster Scott Rothstein, is now in prison.  Rothstein raised tens of thousands for Lamberti.

Gov. Charlie Crist, who appointed Lamberti and helped him raise money, is also gone.

“Lamberti will not be as formidable this time,” opined one political consultant involved in the 2008 sheriff’s race.

The sheriff isn’t the same candidate this time around.  In 2008, he was newly appointed to the job and had no record.

“He has a record now,” says Israel, who is running again.

As I wrote here, the sheriff contended he was a non-political law enforcement administrator in that election.  He has proven that he is a partisan Republican, socializing with GOP high rollers and officer holders. Reports of Lamberti’s switching parties were wishful thinking by Democrats.  The sheriff now avoids Democratic events, sending a paid staffer instead.

Lamberti also has shown he is someone who will stoop to political dirty tricks. He launched a baseless investigation of County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger after she opposed his budget.

Perhaps most damaging of all is his connections to the crook Rothstein.

Democratic boss Mitch Ceasar may have the key to the sheriff’s race in his office. He bought it for $180 at an auction of Rothstein’s possessions.

It is a letter from Lamberti to Rothstein.

Congratulating Rothstein on winning a B’nai B’rith Anti Defamation League award, Lamberti goes on to praise the future notorious federal inmate.

The letter on Broward Sheriff’s Office stationery concludes: “I appreciate your friendship over the past year…If I may be of any assistance to you whatsoever, either personally or professionally, please feel free to call on me.”


I could run a campaign against Lamberti with just that letter. But even with that letter, running against him is far from easy.

Lamberti has a Democratic Fifth Column among electeds in the 14 city halls where he provides policing.  He is on television constantly and has high name recognition. Republicans have more money and can raise more money than Democrats.

Israel is the only candidate so far.  Hollywood Police Assistant Chief Louis Granteed is said to be ready to launch a campaign, too.

Democratic activists are not sold on either. Activists want an alternative.

“It would be great if we had a former judge,” one Democrat says.

But they don’t have a former judge.  They have Israel and Granteed.  Nice guys.  Capable guys.  Just unexciting.

And isn’t that the problem Democrats always have?  A lack of exciting, fresh candidates.

Democratic leaders should be trying to recruit a candidate for sheriff 24/7. Having a Republican as sheriff of heavily-Democratic Broward is a symbol of the party’s impotence.

Democrats lack of candidates is the best advantage Lamberti has. Or as one political consultant says: “You can’t beat somebody with nobody.”

It is a lesson Florida Democrats never seem to learn…from Tallahassee to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

55 Responses to “Can A Dull Democratic Candidate Beat Lamberti?”

  1. LEO says:

    Any one is better than Lamberti.

  2. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Can Lamberti be beaten? Lets see under his watch, we have deputies bringing in contraband to the jails seems to be on a regular basis. You have a Steroid scandal w/ no one knows nothing but some of these deputies are bigger than a horse. The Sheriff can’t get along w/ the County Comm. if his life depended on it. So this is the tip of the ice berg. And to his offical spokesperson (Lejedial-whatever) w/ when asked questions pertaining to above also states at the end of his statements to the press what is it, oh yes “where done w/ this”. You are done when we the residents say you are done. These reporters in the media(print esp.) have an obligation to get us the facts, and if your Off. does not like it there Big Al- tooo bad. Can Al Lamberti be beaten. Have the Gov.campaign for you-a sure bet to boot you right out. Enough…..

  3. Keep It Straight says:

    I agree with ou buddy on this column…but to provide some balance there are many things Lamberti has done that only law enforcement professionals would understand….I think he deserves another chance but he needs to lower his political bone

  4. Wranglr says:

    Rothstein threw Satz a fund raiser too. Yawn.

  5. Dem. Club Member says:

    I will agree with some of what you said Buddy, but don’t feel you are getting accurate information.

    I will agree Lamberti has problems this next election. He was fortunate to get the appointment over Israel, who in my opinion has never been a good candidate.

    Then the 2008 Election came and Lamberti was much better than Israel. People never liked Israel, so they either voted for Lamberti or didn’t vote for anyone because they didn’t like Israel as a Democrat.

    I am not sure what Democratic Activist you are talking too because only part of what you said is true and I agree.

    The Democrats are not excited at all about Israel, but are excited and waiting for newest political Sheriff Candidate Lou Granteed from Hollywood P.D. to announce.

    I have personally seen him speak and have to clarify one major point where I disagree with you.

    Lou Granteed has made himself a major player in the party. People don’t realize he has been involved in politics for years, just not as a Candidate. He is very qualified and brings a great deal to the table as a Candidate for Sheriff.

    Democrats really do like him, believe in him and most of all trust him, unlike Israel. I think he is going to be the next Sheriff and Democrats feel he will win the Primary and General Election.

    This is not meant to disrespect anyone, but I am in alot of Democrat circles and want accurate information out there.

  6. WTF says:

    Granteed a “strong candidate”??? I recall New Times lumping Granteed by name right into the middle of the Hollywood PD corruption mess. And New Times also reported the City of Hollywood was forced to pay a six-figure lawsuit settlement to a female cop (Fortunato) who sued the City & Granteed for his sexual harassment of her. That’s why Israel seems to be the stronger Democrat in the race. He’s just got less baggage.

  7. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Israel is a real scum bucket! Hey, Scott, are you Jewish this cycle? ARe you going to be handing out Israeli flags this time around?

    Leave Broward and do us a favor!

  8. WAWW says:

    The article remarks and has quotes made by Scott Israel, which is what makes people run from him.

    Israel states Lamberti has issues in the next election… Israel, you had tons of ethical, integrity, character and honesty issues in 2008 and have more now than ever, but you state Lamberti will have issues in the 2012 election. Look at yourself!`
    What’s the difference, it won’t help you. You lost last time and will not even come close to even winning another primary. You have enough reputation and character problems of your own. You have no room to talk about anyone, but it is true you are consistent. You talk trash and lies about everyone. Sheriff material? never.

  9. WAWW says:

    The article remarks and has quotes made by Scott Israel, which is what makes people run from him.

    Israel states Lamberti has issues in the next election… Israel, you had tons of ethical, integrity, character and honesty issues in 2008 and have more now than ever, but you state Lamberti will have issues in the 2012 election. Look at yourself! You took $190,000.00 from Rothstein’s WAWW Corporation…

    What’s the difference, it won’t help you. You lost last time and will not even come close to even winning another primary. You have enough reputation and character problems of your own.

    You have no room to talk about anyone, but it is true you are consistent. You talk trash and lies about everyone. Sheriff material? never.

  10. All you need to know says:

    Google “Granteed FBI Hollywood” read and learn.

  11. guest says:

    Granteed didn’t do anything. Israel and his friends just like to try and link people to anything and everything. Israel lied about bring jewish and goes to calvary chapel, israel told everyone he is jewish with flags and is not, got caught shoplifting in uniform in fort Lauderdale, had paternity suit against him and forced to pay, beat up young black men in fort Lauderdale and has criminal Ron C as friend and campaign manager… he stinks as a republican that changed to democrat….

  12. hollywood says:

    I have looked at every article and Granteed was never involved in any harassment you idiot, the officer was awol and was written up. Bosses have to protect other officers and make sure back up officers are in their zones not leaving them unprotected. Thank you Granteed for doing your job…people can throw peoples names around and it doesn’t mean they did anything….more israel bull… here we go again. Bring it on… Israel and his friends must be very worried the guy hadn’t even declared yet, but had my vote. Granteed IN 2012

  13. Retired says:

    I googled Granteed FBI Hollywood and got links to comment sections and stories about the cops that got in trouble. Besides some anonymous people spreading lies and false innuendos about Granteed and others, its obvious he played no role in the FBI investigation.

    He was never accused of any wrong doing. You should really stop spreading lies! It will only come back to bite you in the end.

  14. Be real... says:

    Scott and Ron. Will it ever end…. same story different cycle…. Israel is always trying to deflect his poor reputation onto other people with better character,ethics and personnel records. Obviously you have no experience running a big organization.. o yeah you can’t get or keep a job… or a house in lauderhill. Remember. poor financial decision foreclosure… you could never be trusted with tax payer dollars…

  15. The Other Democratic Fifth says:

    As for Democratic supporters, you forgot about the Dolphin Democrats:

    Michael Albetta went ALL out for him during the election and crowed about it afterward when Lamberti won.

    And if you’re sayin’ to yourself BUT Albetta’s no longer the Prez well think again because The new Prez Ron Mills supported a staunch Republican in the Oakland Park City race recently, in exchange for money of course, which looked real bad and went against the spirit of his Democratic Party loyalty oath. He Also along with the new VP Barbara Stuart, loves him some Lamberti!!

  16. Death Frog 3 says:

    I too would like to see a judge run. In fact I opined on that months ago. I personally would like to see Charlie Greene run for Sheriff. Save that, Israel is not the guy.

    Israel’s team, the infamous Ron Cacciatore and a few disgruntled terminated and current deputies are going negative whenever/wherever possible. Often times with mistruths and exaggerations. Like they post in here. The FBI investigated the leak at Hollywood, charged people in connection with the leak, accepted pleas, and not one of the officers said that Granteed was involved. But they continue to post in here about it.

    Obviously, “scorched earth” is his campaign strategy.

    I also cant believe that the D base is supporting Israel. His company G6 investigations is a proud member of the US Chamber of Commerce (a well heeled big R Republican organization).

    I am not 100% sold on Granteed as of yet. I have done some research, (that is talked to guys at Hollywood and people that are politically active) and he is very well received. I do like that he talks about what he will do instead of other candidates.

    As for Lamberti, this is a struggle for me. I loved Sgt Lamberti, Lt Lamberti, Capt Lamberti, and Maj Lamberti, this Sheriff Lamberti isnt the same guy. I think he would be a great Sheriff if the position were appointed and not elected. He is to busy trying to keep his job instead of doing it.

  17. TamaracTalk says:

    Al Lamberti is doing a great job, is a great leader and people genuinely like him. He deserves another chance in 12. We don’t need a judge in this position.

  18. Broward Politico says:

    @ Death Frog 3

    You don’t know Charlie Greene at all, do you? If you did, you wouldn’t be backing hin for sheriff. He once made an insensitive remark about minorities and that sealed his fate. This County is after all 50% Black and Hispanic.

  19. Death Frog 3 says:

    I know Charlie Greene and I know his NHI comment. I have been in that courthouse and at the Downtowner and Maquires and My Market and heard SAO’s PD’s Private Attorneys and other Judges make similar comments.

    Your post said he “once” made an insensitive comment. I am sure he has made more than one insensitive comment. I have heard far worse from the current Sheriff and Scott Israel. The question is not stupid things they say but their actions. I have not seen any of them disparately treat any minority.

  20. What's Mitch Doing? says:

    Mitch Ceasar isn’t looking for a sheriff’s candidate. Party leaders are suppose to be “leaders!” They should be out finding the best candidate for sheriff to beat Lamberti. Ceasar is an empty suit. I guess he can’t find a candidate who promises to give his clients business.

  21. Anonomyte says:

    @DF3 Your opinon means a lot to me DF3. You have your own blog following (from blog-to-blog). I liked your reasoning on judges last year, and most probably will follow your reasoning on sheriff too.

  22. Dem. Activist says:

    DF3, I agree with a few things you said, but want to make sure you are clear on a few too.

    I agree and so do most Dems that Israel is not a good candidate and has no chance of winning. All of the rat pack, Scott Israel, Amy Rose, Ron Cacciatore, Russ Deperna, Reynolds, Bairlen etc. are a majorily negative and dirty group. They will make up anything and everything about others and lie like crazy. Israel not the guy…

    I really like Granteed and unlike Israel, Granteed is doing excellent and has unbelievable democratic support.

    You are right about Granteed not talking about people and talking very well about the issues. He makes Israel look bad and just has to be himelf. I think he will be the next Sheriff without a doubt.

    Also, AL has problems, but Israel is definitely not the answer and with no dem support doesn’t have a chance. Granteed has been on his game and once he is out officially is going to be lights out for Israel. I am sure the Israel group will continue to attack him for no reason and with more lies and false alegations.

    This just shows for the second election cycle he doesn’t have the right characteristics, ethics, experience or professionalism to lead the BSO. Not a chance….

  23. There's a New Sheriff says:

    Steve Geller for Sheriff!

  24. Death Frog 3 says:

    Steve Geller is not the answer. If you want to use the Lamberti/Rothstein letter. Then we have the Jewish Avenger costume and allof the other “old Guard” corrupt Broward politics with Geller.

    If we cant get a judge… I’d say Ari. Granteed looks good so far.

    I agree with Death Frog3 about Steve Geller. Geller isn’t exactly a new face. He was first elected to the Florida House in 1988.

  25. Brick Man says:

    Jeff Marano used to be Granteed’s brother-in-law. Marano is supporting Scott Israel. Marano might be in jail if Granteed hadn’t tipped him off about the FBI investigation into the Hollywood PD a few years ago. But Marano’s loyalty goes about as far as his you-know-what (a quarter inch).

    Here’s more on Marano and how hw has cost the taxpayers in Hollywood serious money. In fact, if it weren’t for Marano, the HPD officers wouldn’t be getting pay cuts now, but he is such a liability that legal fees alone to defend his crooked butt have cost Hollywood upwards of one million dollars.

    On May 10, 1998, Mother’s Day, Hollywood police stormed into the backyard at 1847 Buchanan St. According to a lawsuit filed by 35-year-old Denise Rose, Officer Nick Singley indiscriminately pepper-sprayed the crowd and ordered Officer William Price to throw Rose to the ground. Singley and Price then repeatedly kicked Rose while she was on the ground, the lawsuit claimed. “Jew bitch!” one of the officers allegedly yelled. Rose suffered broken ribs, torn ligaments, and bruises. The city later settled her lawsuit for $35,000, plus $55,752 in legal fees. Singley, who was a neighbor of Rode’s, was hired despite a juvenile charge for shoplifting and six traffic citations, according to Hansen’s report. Additionally, a psychologist who interviewed him wrote: “Applicant appeared to be immature and lacked insight into his own behavior… It is likely the applicant would be a problematic employee if hired.” Singley’s lie-detector test revealed “pronounced physiological reactions indicative of deception” regarding a question related to illegal drugs.

    According to another lawsuit settled by the city for $35,000 in May 2002, Officer Blaine T. Howard Jr. beat and falsely arrested a 67-year-old Jamaican-American man, Alfred Mullings, based on a false report of a black man with a gun. After acknowledging to other officers that the man did not have a weapon, the lawsuit claimed, Howard told fellow officers that he at least “got a battery charge” from the incident. Howard is the son of a former Hollywood police officer and was hired despite a psychological report that described him as “on the low end of the suitability scale” and “somewhat immature.”

    Officer Dwayne Chung, who was hired despite admitting on a polygraph to poaching deer and stealing items from cars, is currently being sued for negligence and false arrest by Hollywood resident Donovan Gordon. On June 16, 2002, Chung, working an off-duty security detail at Ginger Bay Cafe at 1908 Hollywood Blvd., allegedly assaulted and arrested Gordon after an argument between him and the bartender over $10, the lawsuit charges. As a result of the incident, Gordon claims he “has fears of crowds and being in social gatherings.”

    Narcotics Detective James Callari — whose mother worked for the Hollywood Police Department and who, though deemed psychologically fit for duty, was hired over more qualified applicants, according to Hansen — was one of two officers who arrested Hallandale Beach resident Valarie Curry on a charge of trafficking in cocaine in 2000. Last year, Curry’s conviction was overturned unanimously by the Fourth District Court of Appeal (see “Entrapped,” February 3), which ruled that the cops’ tactics “rose to the level of egregious.” In December 2004, Curry notified the city of her intent to sue.

    Among the reasons that Hollywood remains an unruly police agency is that the Broward Police Benevolent Association, led in part by Lt. Jeffrey Marano, has for more than a decade held a firm grasp on power. Marano was the defendant in a case that is likely to cost city taxpayers $225,000 for the wrongful strip-search and interrogation of 19-year-old Dwight Edman in 1996. Marano’s influential police union was partially responsible for ousting Chief Witt and his successor, Rick Stone, after both tried to clean up the force.

    This is extremely interesting, but I must remind readers that it is alleged. I am always suspicious about material alleged by someone who doesn’t sign their name.
    I would love to see any proof Brick Man or anybody else wants to send me about the candidates in the sheriff’s race. Contact me at

  26. moron says:

    even if you are correct the officers took a 12.5 % pay cut amounting to millions, so i seriously doubt a quarter mill settlement even if marano’s fault would have has no impact on the problems down ther. maybe someone ought to look at louie and lemack they were there when the problems took place

  27. Siobahn says:

    Except for the first paragraph, this is a cut and paste job from a 1996 Broward New Times story.

    If you contact the FBI, you can confirm that Granteed didn’t tip anyone off to the investigation. That’s just more lies being spread by the Israel campaign team.

  28. Frank White says:

    Granteed is from hollywood pd. Either he knows about the corruption and turned the other way, or he is an incompetent moron. Either way, he’s not fit to be sheriff.

  29. Death Frog 3 says:


    I am not sure how you can say that. I know several fine officers from Hollywood PD and actually quite offended by that characterization.

    I will say I am ignorant of Granteed’s background but am educating myself as we speak.

    I have long said we don’t need a “cop” as Sheriff. We need a good leader and administrator.

  30. James Alvarez says:

    Hey Frank??? What the hell do you know about anything. Just because people like Scott Israel and his friends post lies and false information about people doesn’t make it gospil.

    Israel goes around telling everyone he is Jewish while passing out flags and he IS NOT Jewish. What do you call that? lack of ethics, corrupt, a moron??? Take your pick, Israel is not competent to run the garbage service at the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop…

    You are way off base making remarks about Granteed or anyone else without any facts. A bullshit story in the newspaper means nothing and you must no be able to read. He has never done anything wrong. I have know him for 25 years and he is an honest, caring and hard working person, who is highly respected.

    No matter how much dirt Israel and his friends throw, nobody is buying it and no body cares. O one more thing, nobody is going to support or vote for him either…. I posted my name…

  31. FBI Associate Jim Lind says:

    Dear Readers,

    I attended the FBI National Academy with Louie Granteed. He was elected by the class to be a Section Leader by men and women from around the world.

    The FBI Academy and is build on knowledge, courage and integrity. He has always displayed leadership, courage, integrity and high levels of job knowledge. Louie is very well liked, loyal and is real with people. If a person did not possess those types of qualities, he or she would never be accepted to attend.

    Louie has an outstanding reputation around the world. It was an honor to attend the FBI National Academy with him. It’s an even bigger honor to be the friend of such a honorable human being.

    In closing, don’t believe any of the false information. Louie will be an outstanding Sheriff. Thank you.

  32. Central Broward says:

    The Sheriff’s race is going to be something interesting. You have the incumbent Lamberti in trouble already with all kinds of issues personally and professionally. Lamberti’s people are waiting for him to file???? Dem. or Rep… Insiders say they know they can beat Scott Israel and welcome that race again.

    Scott Israel is not a good candidate with his poor reputation and years of baggage. King od mud slinging. Everyone knows he could never beat Lamberti, so that makes him an outsider.. The last election numbers prove that convincingly.

    Louie Granteed has brought a new dynamic to the race. He is a big big problem for Israel. israel runs around Broward thinking he should have been anointed by the DEC, but has for some reason not realized people are not interested in him as Candidate and would just like him to get out of the race. Plus, no matter what he tells people, nobody believes he has a chance against newcomer Louie Granteed, who excites people about the race and he is a life long Democrat.

    Israel was a Republican turned Democrat and it’s not flying this time around. Nor is him tellign people he is jewish when he is not. The Dems want one of their own and it’s not Israel, it’s Granteed.

    On the other hand, Lamberti would prefer Israel over Granteed. He is less a threat and knows he is not even a worthy opponent after the 2008 Election results.

    Granteed is a big problem for Lamberti. A well liked real Democrat that is surely qualified to be Sheriff.

    The Dems are coming out and they want their Democratic Candidate in that Office. People around Broward can already read the writing on the walls. Israel has no chance and Granteed will beat him in 2012.

    As it plays out, everyone will rally behind Granteed. Everyone wants to be with a winner. He has what it takes to win the Primary against Israel and most of all people trust him and believe he will energize the Dems and win against the incumbent Sheriff Lamberti.

    I give Granteed alot of kudo’s for running. I do believe he has everything it takes.

  33. Death Frog 3 says:

    @ Central Broward

    Over the past few days, I have done some more research on Granteed and as far as it goes he is the best name on the D side of the race. I’ve had a conversation with him and he is truly passionate about this race and making a difference. He has more “energy” than Lamberti or Israel and he’s just a positive guy.

    I will withhold annointing him until after I have had more than one conversation with him but if he performs at half of what I observed, he will be very tough to beat.

    Lamberti will not run as a D, no chance. He was just at the big R “shindig” at Aligator Ron’s. He just had his picture taken with every R involved in local politics including the Democrate Anti-Crist Allen West.

    Let me ask you this though, say Granteed and Israel bloody each other up in the primary, doesnt that almost ensure the win for the R aka Lamberti?

    I think Israel is in over his head this time around.

  34. i dunno says:

    until granteed files and shows a quarter of being able to raise as much as or more than Israel, all this talk about Louie as a winner is very premature. Scott still has an organization (regardless of those you like or dislike in it) and campaign infrastructure from 08, who is Team Louie? Lots of blog fans (which all seem to have the same writing style, hmmmm) but who is Louie paying to fundraise, run the campaign etc. Who is endorsing him? How can anyone seriously annoint him a successful campaigner until he is actually running a campaign. Let’s wait and see if he filed yesterday? They usually put it up on SOE same day so it looks like he didnt file yesterday.

  35. Brick Man says:

    Granteed can become the instant front-runner and probably win this election in heavily Democrat Broward County. All he has to do is come clean about Marano and show what that guy truly is. The proof is there; but, no one will stand up to him. By doing so, Granteed will gain credibility, show he is against corruption, knock out Marano’s buddy Israel, and give Lamberti a real run for the money.

  36. Central Broward 1 says:

    Death Frog:

    You bring up excellent points and I respect your thoughts.

    Scott Israel has a history of mud slinging and surrounding himself with dirty players. I have worked with some of them before they were fired at the BSO.

    Israel and his group are always on the attack. You just have to be in the same room with them to hear the things they say about Lamberti and Granteed. I am not so much worried about the Lamberti part because he is a Republican, but as a Democrat I don’t like that he attacks another Democrat.

    As you stated, I have also had converstaions with Granteed and have heard him speak many times and you are right, Granteed is very professional, very positive and doing very well. What I like most is he does not get involved in the name calling and dirty politics. Israel showed last election he is dirty.

    Granteed has been out there for months and has not attacked any other candidates because he rises above it and from what I personally see he will not engage in it. I like that he already demonstrates leadership and good decisiion making for a person that has never been a political candidate. He doesn’t seem to have any problems with that aspect of it either. He is highly qualified and is politically astute.

    Months back there was word through Israel’s camp that Granteed set up a meeting with Israel. He asked him not to run and to join him. Israel’s ego was to big and here we are now. It was a great move, but it seems to me Israel is in it for himself and the wrongs reasons.

    Death Frog, You have a very good perspective on things and I do read you posts. We have one Dem Granteed in my opinion that can and will win and we have Israel who can’t win, but will be an intentional spolier for the party. That’s wrong. The party should ask him to step aside.

    I have read posts along the way that Granteed is a shill for Lamberti. Not a chance.

    I actually asked Granteed about that remark. I am totally convinced it’s a rumor started by the other camp and that he is very focused on the upcoming campaign.

    He said he is in it to win it and is not interested in a position other than being Sheriff. I beleive he is in the race for all the right reasons. I think he can and will win. I think he can deliver Broward County and is highly qualified to be Sheriff.

    You thoughts…

  37. Death Frog 3 says:

    @ I dunno,

    My writing style is the same and I post under this moniker (well it was Godfather 3) and have since November 2009. Most of my comment activity was on Bob Norman’s blog. I have recently started participating here for the last few months. I do know that campaigns (including Israel’s) astroturf using blogs. That is one of the things I dont like about election season.

    Pick a moniker and stick with it. How many times have you posted under different monikers?

    @ Central Broward

    I heard that a meeting between Israel and Granteed took place. I also heard that members of Israel’s campaign were trying to meet with Granteed. I dont know.

    I do not believe Granteed is a shill for Lamberti. Too risky for Lamberti.

    Again, I am not endorsing anyone at this point. There are more candidates that will come forward. If there is a candidate that I think will do a good job, I will let people know.

  38. i dunno says:

    DF3 my apologies I was not referring to you. What is the risk for Lamberti if Louie is a shill? Lamberti didnt seems to mind taking the risk hiring Wiley Thompson after the 08 primary. Louie will be the Wiley of 2012

  39. Central Broward 1 says:

    I dunno…. I respect your opinion, but it is obvious your are a friend or supporter of Scott Israel.

    There is a big risk for Sheriff Lamberti. Remember, Scott Israel couldn’t win in 2008 and has less a chance this time when it’s all said and done.

    Wiley Thompson is a nice guy, but knew all along he couldn’t win.

    Granteed has the qualifications and support as a Life Long Democrat to win the Primary and beat Sheriff Lamberti in the General Election.

    I know that’s not what you want to hear, but it’s the reality. Granteed has said he is not a shill for anyone and will be filing to run. Granteed is no Wiley Thompson and I mean no disrespect to Mr. Thompson.

    Also, the Israel Team that you mention had a Candidate that didn’t win 2008.

  40. i dunno says:

    I have not said anything pro or con about Isreal. I am anti Sheriff and wish a better candidate was present to give him a run.

    All I did was question how Granteed can be annointed as someone who can win a primary when he has not filed, raised no money and no one knows who is working with him.

    While I believe Granteed is a shill for Lamberti (and a smart move by Lamberti if so) in the mold of Wiley Thompson that does not mean I am a supporter of Israel (I dont have the flag they passed out in 08).

    All I have done is raise legitimate questions about Granteed which once he files maybe answered in his favor and said I think he is a plant.

  41. Death Frog 3 says:

    My .02 is this I know Thompson who never had a chance. The only two D’s that competed was LeMack and Israel.

    Israel was supported by the D’s like a spy who defects to the other side. All of Israel’s inside info on the R’s is gone.

    It is too risky for Lamberti for Granteed to be a shill is because Granteed can win.

    Tony Man linked an article about Granteed longer than the one he wrote on Israel’s announcement on Israel’s announcement.

    Even this article and Buddy Nevins has said that its time for a new candidate.

    I am not sure if it’s Granteed. The people I talk to like Granteed.

    I have said I dont think you need a cop as Sheriff. I just want a good Sheriff. Be it Granteed, or someone else. I’d like to see Ari run.

    I will officialy issue my “palm card” closer to the primary.

  42. Central Broward 1 says:

    To Dunno:

    No disrespect meant to you on the inference that I though your remarks were in support of Israel, but are not.

    As to your comments on the shill… I am an activist with close ties to the BSO. Granteed has been all over Broward County for months. He was out long before Scott Israel was even mentioned again. Why would Lamberti need a shill when Granteed was the only person talking about running against him for months.

    Then Israel showed up after two years of ignoring everyone that helped him and decides to throw his hat in again. One could say Israel is the Wiley Thompson shill for 2012, who knows he can’t win, but needs a job and is Lamberti’s shill….

    I have to say, Granteed is very well known in Broward County for a person that has never run for office. I see him at many events and he is well respected and liked by alot of key people. That is significant, plus he is highly qualified for the position.

    I have watched this play out for months because I have a major steak in this election. I say to you, the whole shill thing doesn’t add up. A person in his position and with the creditability he brings to the Dem. Party is not going to waste his time, effort and money when he could win the Sheriff’s race or even be a Police Chief.

    He does not appear or act in any way like a shill. A shill would thrown his or her name in, show up at a few events to be seen and would have probably filed already because reporting a lack of fundraising dollars would be no big deal. For real Candidates, it’s the opposite and his actions for months say “Candidate.”

    I listen to people at the meetings and around Broward. I am sure he and his team will file when he is ready. My perception is he will definitely raise alot of money. I don’t think he is the kind of person that would consider a shill game. He is a real contender.

    Everyone has said the people want someone new in the race and not another recycled politician. Granteed fits the bill and people believe he can win and will be the next Sheriff.

  43. Real Deal says:

    Granteed never challenges Lamberti’s poor record at BSO or explains what he would do to run BSO better. That combined with his refusal to state that he will never accept any position at BSO offered by Lamberti makes him a shill as far as I am concerned. Beyond that the last thing we need is for Granteed to do for Broward what he’s done for Hollywood PD. No thanks. Scott Israel is going to win this election hands down and will become the best law and order sheriff Broward has ever had.

  44. Guest says:

    People on this blog have said they talked to Granteed and he made it clear he is not interested in a job when he will be the next Sheriff.

    You seem very frustrated. It must be because Granteed is doing all the right things and your boy Israel is having a rough time getting support and raising money. It is obvious Israel is already out matched. The reporting time is days away!!! We are goig nto see…

    Granteed has done an excellent job in Hollywood and has more experience than Israel will ever have running an Agency. Israel is not qualified or capable of running the BSO. Everyone knows it too and the BSO does not want him.

    How will Israel be the best law enforcement Sheriff when he was caught shoplifting in uniform in Fort Lauderdale, had a foreclosure in Lauderhill because of bad money management, was served with a paternity suit because he doesn’t know how to accept responsibility. O yeah… just who everybody would want to be Sheriff.. NOT A CHANCE!!!

    Granteed is a far better and more qualified candidate. At least in Hollywood he proved he will stay in good times and in bad times. People in Hollywood really like him. Israel never stays anywhere long because people can’t stand him and he is not qualified to run any organization. In North bay Village he came in at 10:00 and was gone by 1:00 everyday while everybody else had to work full days. They were ready to fire him before he decided to leave yet another place. Nice of him to shit on the rank and file.

    I am in with Granteed. Let’s go 2012 and get rid of Israel and his crew once and for all.. Real Deal?? He tells more lies around town than he could even remember, that’s the real deal..

  45. To Guest says:

    To Guest;

    I agree with you. The major problem I have with Israel is the lying about being Jewish when he is not.

    He still tries to tell everyone he is Jewish, but the word on him attending Calvary Chapel is out and the Jewish card is not going to work this time.

    My Jewish friends are spreading the word all over Broward and find it repulsive for a person to lie about that and have the audacity to hand our Israeli Flags at the pools. Disgraceful!!!

    Israel is not Jewish!!! He is a liar. Do not trust anything that comes out of his mouth.

  46. Hawk says:

    To Real Deal;

    If you ever met or worked around Assistant Chief Granteed you would know first hand he is an unbelievable professional. He does not have to attack others to get his message across.

    I have worked with him in Hollywood for many years and learned from him you don’t want to be a negative person just because others want to start something.

    Assistant Chief Granteed has done more quietly for Hollywood P.D.and the community than anyone I know. Look at his record. That’s what makes him a better leader than Israel. He treats people with respect and that’s not always easy when getting attacked for no reason.

    You clearly don’t know him, you will not get him to engage in that kind of behavior. He is a real professional. People in Hollywood P.D. will tell you he is incredible at responding to other people’s negativity in the right way. True Leader.

    He is above it and has proven it time after time. He will not lower himself to that level and has always shown it in his actions. I don’t know how he does it because we have our fair share of pain in the asses to deal with daily.

    In my opinion, he is a much better leader than Sheriff Lamberti and can bring the people of the BSO together. Believe that!! He is really good and we love him at the Hollywood P.D. You might find a few mal-contents, but nobody cares about what they think, every Department has them. No matter what you do, you can neve rpelase a certain few..

    Assistant Chief Granteed for Sheriff in 2012.

  47. Al and Louie's Lies says:

    To Guest:
    You must be part of that group that said (wanted) Obama to be Muslim even though he isn’t. Scott Israel is Jewish. It does not matter one way or the other to voters and it shouldn’t. But these are among Al and Louie’s lies. Those lies narrowly worked last time. This time they have no chance. Scott Israel will be our next sheriff. We are onto the Al/Louie tag team and they are already discredited.

  48. Granteed Con-Artist says:

    During Lou Granteed’s tenure as assistant chief in Hollywood some of the most corrupt and notorious police scandals in Florida history took place right under his nose. Stories abound about his handling of staff and complaints about him. All of that will come out in this campaign because Granteed wants to do for Broward what he did for Hollywood. There’s no chance it will happen.

    We believe Granteed is Al Lamberti’s lap dog because he has nothing but fine things to say about the sheriff. He never discusses why Lamberti should not be re-elected. He never says what he would do that is better than Lamberti. He refuses to state that he will never accept any BSO position so long as Lamberti is sheriff.

  49. James says:

    The Hollywood PD issues had nothing to do with Lou Granteed. When you have a 500 person police agency you are going to have some bad apples. BSO, Miami PD, Metro-Dade, Ft. Lauderdale, etc. all had disciplinary issues and “scandals” that they had to deal with.

    The only negative things that will “come out” about Granteed are lies and false rumors spread by his opponents supporters. He has an unblemished and commendable record and reputation. Lou Granteed was promoted up the ranks from Community Service Officer to Assistant Chief of Police. He works hard and is dedicated to serving the public and supporting his employees.

    You’re right on one point, he does not personally disparage Al Lamberti, or Scott Israel for that matter. He will not stoop to the level of flaming his opponents, it is unprofessional. Lou Granteed will run a professional campaign.

  50. Israel/Deperna/Cacitorie Cons says:

    To Mr. Con-Artist;

    Really, are these posts the best you have to attack Assistant Chief Granteed. Hollywood COPS will not go along with Israel and his groupees attacking our Department like all of you do to the BSO.

    The Hollywood Police Department is an excellent Police Department. Assistant Chief Granteed is a highly professional person and well respected. He has done more for our Department and Members than Israel could ever do anywhere. O yeah… but he never lasts anywhere long to include being on lists for Police Chief’s jobs. Have to make a short list to be considered for a position of responsibility.

    It’s easy to criticize others when you have never had the responsibility and thats what you all do constantly.

    You are all pathetic with your false allegations, lies and made up bull-shit. Does Israel think anyone wants a Sheriff like him. Hell no!!!

    Israel, gets caught shopoifting on duty. Israel lies about being Jewish. Israel lies about having a child and gets sued. Who is the con.. to only name a few things.

    Cacitore, known as the BSO most corrupt COP in history and is Israel’s pick to be the Under-Sheriff. That’s like putting a robber in a bank vault with no employees around. He took 400,000.00 from a murder suspect, to name a few…

    Deperna, fired from the BSO for trying to fix cases for criminal friends, fired from the BSO for ethics, perjury etc., just to name a few….

    Get lost…you are all nothing but CONS…

  51. Israel Con-Artist says says:

    Omg!! You Israel con-artists are so full of yourselves. Israel caught shoplifting on duty, Israel lies about being Jewish, Israel lies about fathering a son, Israel lies about a foreclosure, Israel lies ALL THE TIME!!!

    Ron C. is the most corrupt COp to ever work at the BSO. What about the 400,000.00 he took from a drug dealing murder suspect to hide stuff. What about stealing marine parts off confiscated boats in BSO custody.

    Russ D., fired for ethics, corruption etc.

    Talk about Con Artists, you all belong in the County Jail not trying to desperately get jobs…

  52. IsraelNotReal says:

    The big con is Israel is NOT Jewish. He attends 5:30 mass at my Calvary Chapel Church from time to time. He is a fake… If you believe he is Jewish, you and everyone else is a fool…

  53. Say No To Cons says:

    Scott Israel is the biggest con there is along with his dirty friends. Just look at his friends that all started out as COPS, but have all been fired. I

    In Police work you have to do some pretty bad stuff to get yourself fired, other than having a really big mouth like most of these Israelites do.

    See you all have the expected mud slinging and negative attack mentality and it doesn’t work. You morons always eat your words because you lie, cheat and steal (well at least Scotty steals on duty), and everyone knows it.

    The fact that this is the best place for you to pump up Scotty Boy just shows you have nothing good going.

    You are all running around knowing the outlook is not good for Scotty this time again. The only reason why you can’t get certain things through your thick skull is because you just don’t get it from a fired deputies view. And there is no chance in teh future you will get that look either.

    Down with Israel in 2012. He is a loser with a big capital L…

  54. funny says:

    can you israel bashers come up with new material… 49% of broward voters voted for him with Lamberti and everyone else telling this stuff to everyone who would listen. Its all old news, that message is saturated, you better get new material.

  55. Get rid of de Jesus says:

    What ever you do (to the new Sheriff) get rid of that clown and crook Neal de Jesus, the lying, fake and abusive fire chief appointed by Lamdirty!